Jalen Ramsey Hasn’t Changed Stance, Not Committed To Playing Week 6

Pump the brakes on Jalen Ramsey‘s return to the Jaguars’ lineup. Earlier today, Jags owner Shad Khan said he expected Ramsey to play in Week 6 after having a “heart to heart” with the young cornerback. However, that’s apparently far from guaranteed. Ramsey is still just “going to listen to his body,” and nothing has changed in terms of his trade demand, reports Josina Anderson of ESPN (Twitter link).

Khan continues to publicly express positivity, but it sounds like he’s either a little overly optimistic, or he’s just putting on a good face for the media. When asked about a recent report that Jacksonville wouldn’t take five first-rounders for Ramsey, Khan replied by asking “do you understand value? Then I think you already know the answer.” He also admitted every player has a price, so Khan certainly didn’t rule out a trade, and he added “I think we’ll be able to come to whatever makes sense for all.”

The Jaguars sit at 2-3 and have a pivotal game against the Saints coming up, so they could obviously use Ramsey. The Florida State product has remained steadfast in his trade request, and also is dealing with a back injury. Ramsey visited a back specialist in Houston last week, but the fact that Khan expects him to play would suggest it isn’t anything too serious.

The team isn’t considering trade offers, and Khan has said he wants to give Ramsey a record-breaking contract extension. Ramsey returned to a limited practice Wednesday, but the fact that his camp wanted Anderson’s report out there is a clear sign that they’re not committing to playing this Sunday. We should know more about his status shortly.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 comments on “Jalen Ramsey Hasn’t Changed Stance, Not Committed To Playing Week 6

  1. pappyvw

    Doing his best AB sabotage the situation impersonation. So tired of the players having the power to control everything. Off the field, it’s this nonsense. On the field, it’s dancing and pointing first down after a 6-yard run while down 21. Selfish look at me garbage.

    • myaccount

      Nobody is making you watch. Sounds like you would be better off watching ballet.

  2. imindless

    Players literally do nothing but play a game and are quickly gaining too much attitude towards there teams and the nfl as a whole. Players need to realize without the game they are nothing probably car detailers, mechanics or mailmen. Constantly agree to deals then dont play to the length of them because they want a new deal, its absurd. I dare anyone to agree to a set wage at work perform well upon your first review demand a huge raise and stop showing up and still expect to be employed.

    • rct

      You seem to have absolutely no idea what kind of work professional athletes put in.

      Also, chastising the players for not wanting to finish out deals *when their contracts can be terminated at any time for any reason, including injury* strikes me as insanely ignorant.

      • Polish Hammer

        If they don’t like the way contracts are dealt with they can take it up in the next CBA negotiations.

    • myaccount

      Sorry you hate football so much, feel free to tune out and follow another sport.

  3. sports is life

    Let him rot and keep his salary then let his egotistical a$$ figure it out

    Play your contract out

    • rct

      Maybe he would if owners didn’t have to ‘pay’ the contracts out. They have non-guaranteed contracts. This is their only leverage.

    • myaccount

      “let him rot and pay his salary then”

      Yeah, that’ll show him. Keep paying him, let him rehab til he’s 100% healthy, then he can sign a record-breaking deal with a franchise he admires.

  4. CoachSantoni

    Eagles are waiting to make the deal. Two first, a 4th and Sidney Jones for Ramsey and a 3rd

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