Redskins Will Try To Trade For Steelers’ HC Mike Tomlin

Here’s some pie-in-the-sky fodder for your Sunday morning. Per Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Redskins owner Dan Snyder — who recently fired head coach Jay Gruden — is expected to make a strong push to acquire Mike Tomlin from the Steelers this offseason. La Canfora adds that Snyder, who has long admired Tomlin, is prepared to trade draft picks to Pittsburgh to bring the Super Bowl-winning HC to Washington.

Although there is a large contingent of Steelers fans who are unhappy with Tomlin, his standing within the organization seems just fine. Pittsburgh did raise some eyebrows when it gave Tomlin a one-year extension in July instead of the usual two-year re-up, especially since his new extension does not have an option for a future year. However, he is still under contract through the 2021 campaign, and team ownership has never expressed anything less than full confidence in him.

On the other hand, the Steelers may be nearing something of a crossroads in franchise history. Although Ben Roethlisberger is expected to make a full recovery from his recent elbow surgery and reclaim his starting job in 2020, the team is likely going to need to usher in a new quarterback era in the next couple of years, and GM Kevin Colbert is only under contract through May 2020 (Colbert apparently wants to go year-to-year, which means Pittsburgh may also be looking for a new top personnel exec in the not-too-distant future).

Plus, the Steelers are short on high-level draft capital in the 2020 draft as a result of their trades for Devin Bush and Minkah Fitzpatrick, so an offer for Tomlin could be more appealing than it otherwise might be. Sources close to Tomlin suggest the Redskins’ job could appeal to him, particularly since Snyder is willing to give him a top-of-the-market salary and full authority over personnel. Tomlin also has relationships with Washington team president Bruce Allen and GM Doug Williams.

But when weighing the Steelers’ record of stability and status as a perennial contender against the Redskins’ history of dysfunction and misery under Snyder, it is difficult to imagine a trade like this coming to fruition. If Snyder is unsuccessful in his pursuit of Tomlin, La Canfora says current Buccaneers DC Todd Bowles would be a top alternative, and we recently heard that Washington OC Kevin O’Connell will also receive strong consideration.

Adam Schefter of neither refutes nor supports La Canfora’s report, but he does say Snyder will be patient in this process and will not begin his head coaching search until after the season. Snyder will give interim HC Bill Callahan and O’Connell the remainder of 2019 to prove their worth without any additional distractions.

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31 comments on “Redskins Will Try To Trade For Steelers’ HC Mike Tomlin

        • Polish Hammer

          Maybe the Foreskins think if they get Tomlin he’ll bring AB and can continue to keep him in line.

      • madmanTX

        Preferably someone who doesn’t have a worn out “Head Coaching in the NFL for Dummies” hidden under his clipboard.

      • troll_smasher

        Yea… maybe cowher could repeat .500 season he left with. Listened no to all of the Steelers fans you would think Cowher won 4-5 Super Bowls. He did even less with talented rosters.

        • madmanTX

          You’re a moron. Cowher won when he got a franchise quarterback. If you think guys like Kordell or Maddox were that talented…

  1. Tomlin would be a fool to sign in Washington (an extension, after they trade for him that is) without an extremely irregular contract structure. Such as if he’s fired during the term of his contract, he gets a huge buyout—$25M? Or if Synder and company grant him autonomy and then meddle in decisions, he’s granted a percentage of the franchise. Players have different clauses in their contracts to protect the team and owners, desired coaches should as well. (Not that it’ll ever happen.)

  2. DarkSide830

    i think Tomlin would be smart to get out of Pittsburgh while he can. as bad as Washington is right now, Pittsburgh is going nowhere fast with their big playmakers gone and Big Ben under the knife. he could parlay just a few wins into a better job if he can produce any good headlines in Washington.

    • madmanTX

      Yeah, just what Tomlin did when he got into the job with the roster Cowher put together and got a Super Bowl win with no coaching effort. Now, that the talent has moved on with not as much talent to replace it, Tomlin hasn’t been able to do anything except let the team fall apart. He can go do that with Washington and good riddance.

      • emac22

        Using the term no coaching effort identifies you as an idiot.

        Probably not a good idea to say things like that when you’re in the process of insulting someone else.

    • cubsfanbudman1908

      It makes me wonder how good the recent Steelers teams could have been if Tomlin was actually putting together game plans like he is now (without Big Ben). He hasstrictly relied on talent up to this point. In an obvious lost season, he is returning to “Steelers football” and making it fun for passionate fans to watch the scrappy team again.

  3. chieflove42

    why would anyone who can have an NFL HC job want to work for that ownership?

  4. afsooner02

    if your tomlin….why not get fired (or ask to be released) and go to the skins. why go to a team that has to give up much needed assets to get you….you’re hurting yourself long before you ever get there….

    • madmanTX

      Because the Steelers will laugh and say no. And Synder can’t wait til Tomlin’s contract is up.

    • emac22

      Is this AB?

      Look up integrity in the dictionary. It’s an important add for your long term goal list.

  5. metsie1

    Even if the Steelers were going to fire him what makes anyone think Mike Tomlin would go to one of the worst organizations in football. Just isn’t happening.

  6. clemente3000

    Great opportunity for the Steelers to re-load the draft. If Skins want to overpay for a coach Steelers would be stupid to not listen.

  7. qbass187

    Of dumb things that could be thought of, THIS, by far is one of the dumbest.

  8. steelshu

    Thinking get bill cower to replace Colbert in a few years as he has a good reputation for finding talent

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