XFL Projects $55K Salary For Players

Outside of the NFL, professional football doesn’t necessarily equal millions. In the XFL, players will earn about $55K per year, on average, as Mike Garafolo of NFL.com tweets

In a memo to agents of prospective players, the XFL disclosed that players will be paid $2,080, bi-weekly. There will also be game checks during the season of $1,685 and win bonuses of $2,222. Including in-season bonuses, the league projects an average salary of $55K for each player.

The players who join Vince McMahon‘s league will be considered full-time employees. After the XFL championship game on April 25, they’ll be free to sign NFL contracts, giving them an opportunity join rosters before the 2020 draft.


The XFL’s own draft is slated to will take place on Tuesday Oct. 15 and Wednesday Oct. 16 with roughly 1,000 players up for grabs.

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