5 Key NFL Stories: 11/10/19 – 11/17/19

Colin Kaepernick has workout: Kaepernick had his highly anticipated workout over the weekend, and it didn’t go smoothly. Shortly before it was set to begin, Kaepernick announced he was pulling out and moving the workout to his own location. There were numerous points of dispute between the free agent quarterback and the league, and only eight teams ended up having scouts at his workout. That being said the actual workout seemed to go pretty well, with one exec telling Adam Schefter his arm talent was “elite.” Kaepernick’s agent said this morning that he isn’t particularly optimistic about his client getting signed.

Eagles sign Jay AjayiThe Eagles brought back a key piece of their Super Bowl team, signing their former running back. Philly has had an inconsistent ground game the past couple of seasons, and they clearly weren’t satisfied with only having Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders. Ajayi has been productive in the past, but there have always been major concerns about his knee. He tore his left ACL last season, and it took him a while to find a new team. He was one of the biggest names left on the free agent market.

Daren Sproles out for season: The reason the Eagles likely signed Ajayi was the bad injury news they got on Sproles. The veteran change of pace back was ruled out for the rest of the season with a hip injury. After missing most of the 2018 season with a broken arm and a torn ACL, Sproles is having another season cut short. Sproles had said after last year he didn’t want to go out with an injury-ruined campaign, so maybe this will persuade him to come back for 2020. That being said, it seems likely the 36-year-old is headed toward retirement. It’ll be very interesting to see if he decided to hang them up.

Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely: You can’t talk about the past week around the NFL without mentioning the Browns/Steelers brawl. After Myles Garrett swung Mason Rudolph‘s own helmet and hit him in the head, he was suspended for at least the rest of the season and will have to meet with the commissioner to apply for reinstatement for 2020. Garrett will appeal the ban, which will be heard early this coming week. Steelers offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey was suspended three games and Browns defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi was suspended for one, while Rudolph was fined.

Eagles, Brandon Brooks agree to extension: The Ajayi move wasn’t the only major deal the Eagles made this past week. They also gave guard Brandon Brooks a massive extension that will pay him $52.4MM over four years. Brooks is now the second-highest paid guard in the league behind only the Cowboys’ Zack Martin. Brooks got $30MM guaranteed, and the Eagles have now extended each member of their interior offensive line this year.

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21 comments on “5 Key NFL Stories: 11/10/19 – 11/17/19

  1. dodgersvictoryagain

    Wow. The comments here suggest what garbage ya’ll really are. Unbelievable how this gets posted.

    • Polish Hammer

      Garbage is waiting 3 years to have a public workout and showing you’re anxious to work and put the nonsense aside then changing all 0lans at the last minute and then showing up in a Kunta Kinte T-shirt.

      • Orangejedi23

        The “public workout” was clearly the NFL trying to save face. See the different waivers from each group. They are both out there.

        • Polish Hammer

          Same waiver everyone else signs for their workout. And bypassing the NFL facility to go do it at a high school flies in the face of that.

          • Orangejedi23

            Not the same waiver. They are on the internet. Plus not doing the workout on Tuesday with only 5 days notice. NFL was trying to PR the story away. All they did was prove they are bs.

  2. phnxdark23

    It seems to me that there was nothing at all to be learned from the Kap workout – a “they are who we thought they were” situation. Everyone on both sides of the issue knew he has ability (except for the far end of the extremest “he sux” crowd), the question has always been about whether he can minimize the non-football distractions. And when given a chance to show that he’s ready to do that, instead he decides at the last minute to skip out on the occasion and host his own, apparently for the sole reason of not being able to bring in his own camera crew to film a commercial. Does that sound like someone who’s all-in on making someone’s football team better? He may still want to be play football, but only if it’s 100% on his terms, and that’s just not how NFL teams operate.

  3. maxorange33

    He wants more money than he’s worth, has a ton of baggage, is still extremely self righteous, he obviously is still very bitter and would destroy the harmony of any team because he’s a major distraction and finally he can’t operate from the pocket, which is required by every NFL QB.
    Oh yeah, teams will be jumping at the chance to sign him!

  4. maxorange33

    I forgot to mention that he’d cause the polarization of a team’s fan base.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Haha…can only laugh at a comment this ^ ridiculous. Why not blame him for global warming while your at it?

      • JJB0811

        Easy enough. Flying on a plane, then using suburans for him and his crew to drive in. Isn’t that the biggest complaint causing global warming?

  5. mstrblstr2

    Kaepernick – no matter what you do, no matter how many years you wait, you can’t dress up garbage and call it a flower!

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