Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Interested In Owning NFL Team

The CEO and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is interested in purchasing an NFL team, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. While Bezos is most associated with Amazon, the mogul also recently purchased the Washington Post. The multi-billionaire is one of the richest people in the world and would not have trouble finding the capital necessary to buy an NFL franchise.

According to La Canfora’s report, Bezos has built close relationships with a number of current owners and watched last year’s Super Bowl in commissioner Roger Goodell’s suite. Considering all new owners need to receive approval from current ownership groups, it bodes well for his chances if he has allies in the league.

Bezos has become especially close with Washington’s owner Dan Snyder. His relationship with Snyder coincides with his own move to Washington, where Snyder remains a polarizing figure. Snyder, of course, has been trying to build a new stadium in downtown D.C. and given Bezos’ expanded role in the area, the two could team up on the project.

While no teams are currently up for sale, La Canfora speculates the Seahawks and Broncos as two that could be headed to the market soon. Bezos has been based in Seattle for many years, making the Seahawks a prime target.


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17 comments on “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Interested In Owning NFL Team

  1. snotrocket

    He should buy a few so he has extras if one doesn’t work right.

    • jopeness

      it’s a shame, cause the Brown family really tried hard to do well for that franchise. even though the team has been bad, I feel as though they’ve tried much more than other owners. however I’m not very intune to the inner workings so perhaps I’m completely wrong. they definitely held too long with Lovi. the days of Boomer and Icky are long gone

  2. mikey

    Dan Snyder is probably the worst nfl owner, so I wouldn’t mind if he was bought out, even tho I think Snyder isn’t gonna just let it go.

  3. sufferfortribe

    Dude needs to buy the Browns and put all their games on Amazon Prime Video.
    Then I’d be able to watch them out here in SoKal.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Why is there no story about my interest in owning an NFL team…just found 2 quarters a dime and a nickel under the cushion of my couch…and I’d probably be no worse than Dan Snyder.

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