Colin Kaepernick’s Agent Not Optimistic Kaepernick Will Be Signed

NOV. 18: Kaepernick’s camp sent the video of the workout to all 32 teams on Sunday night, as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports tweets. Nalley has reiterated his client’s willingness to interview and work out at any team’s facility.

NOV. 17: Prior to Saturday’s much-ballyhooed showcase for free agent QB Colin Kaepernick, two primary points of contention emerged between the league and Kaepernick’s camp: the waiver that the league wanted Kaepernick to sign, and the fact that the league did not allow Kaepernick to bring in an independent film crew to tape the workout.

The waiver issue sparked a great deal of debate, with prominent writers like Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk suggesting that the NFL was trying to back Kaepernick into a corner by making him sign a non-standard waiver that would have had him release any employment-related claims that might have arisen after the two sides settled Kaepernick’s collusion case in February. However, as Mike Jones of USA Today writes, the language of the league’s proposed waiver was very similar to language included in waivers for other rookie camps and free agent tryouts, and after reviewing the waiver itself, Florio did back off of his earlier argument a bit. He believes that, while the NFL’s waiver did not specifically target employment-related claims, Kaepernick’s camp was right to at least be skeptical of certain provisions in the waiver.

But Steve Wyche of the NFL Network, citing Kaepernick’s agent, Jeff Nalley, says that the independent filming issue — and not the waiver issue — was the more pressing concern (Twitter link). The consensus among most NFL writers and analysts appears to be that both the NFL and Kaepernick’s team share some of the blame for the fact that the workout did not go particularly smoothly. Indeed, as Jim Trotter of the NFL Network tweets, the league should not have announced the workout prior to resolving all potential areas of conflict, but Kaepernick should have accepted that he can’t call every shot.

Similarly, Jones opines that Kaepernick did not prove that he can carry himself with flexibility and professionalism, and he did not prove that he can take care of business with minimal fanfare. The fact that he inconvenienced over 20 NFL scouts by changing the workout location at the last minute does nothing to undermine the arguments of his detractors who believe he is not fully committed to playing again unless it’s entirely on his terms.

Perhaps as a result of that reality, Nalley says he is not optimistic that his client will sign with an NFL team (video link via Wyche). Nalley does appreciate the fact that the NFL was able to assemble a large contingent of clubs willing to at least give Kaepernick a look, and he concedes that it could be a step in the right direction.

Ian Rapoport of passes along a scouting report of the workout itself, which is mostly positive except that it suggests Kaepernick’s accuracy and touch were shaky, especially on deep balls (Twitter link). The report indicated that Kaepernick is good enough to be on an NFL roster, but probably as a backup.

Meanwhile, although the Bills were initially reported Sunday morning as the “mystery team” that followed Kaepernick to the new workout location — only eight of the original 25 clubs that agreed to attend at the original site made the trek to the new site — Schefter says Buffalo did not, in fact, have any reps in attendance (Twitter link). As such, we’re still awaiting word on who the mystery team was.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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63 comments on “Colin Kaepernick’s Agent Not Optimistic Kaepernick Will Be Signed

  1. Warriors

    let’s talk about football players not a drama queen. This should go on the back page of the local trash companies newsletter.

  2. hopsecutioner

    Maybe if he had some realistic salary demands that were more inline with the average, back up QB that he is instead of looking for starter money….

    • kevin

      agreed. but I for one don’t care to see em back in the nfl n I will not watch any game that he’s playing in . he’s already screwed himself in my eyes

  3. yoyo137

    Man, i understand that his deep throws aren’t the most accurate but neither are Lamar Jackson’s. Don’t get me wrong, Lamar has improved incredibly as a passer, especially with deep balls, but with Greg Roman as OC, the Ravens are showing what can be done to maximize the skill set of an extremely athletic, explosive running quarterback with a cannon arm that isn’t the most accurate, but is still a weapon. Kaep being just a backup in scouts eyes speaks to the fact that they only see his potential fit in a standard NFL offense, not an offense like the Ravens that plays to the strengths of and builds around their quarterback. Like, Josh Allen is leading the Bills to the playoffs with his legs and a similar innacurate cannon arm. Like, Kaep led the 49ers to the Superbowl. I understand teams want to draft the next young stud QB, but for middling teams who have no choice but to try to make the playoffs, he’s a starter.

    • Greg M

      He’s got the talent to play in the NFL for sure. The problem is that he is not near good enough to exceed the level of distraction he would bring to a team. The NFL is a business and Kaepernick would be bad for that business.

      • maximumvelocity

        Eagles signed Mike Vick. Once they started winning, no one cared. Same would happen with Kap.

        • Ed "The Mythical One"

          And Vick completely overhauled the way he played the position to become a pocket passer so that he could fit the existing offense, unlike every team the other poster mentions like the Ravens who have completely changed their offense and some of their personnel to fit their QB.

          You see, in Jackson’s case he is a second year, first round draft pick that the Ravens believe is their franchise guy.

          Kaepernick doesn’t have the arm of Lamar or the legs. He is toward the end of his career as opposed to the beginning of it. He’s a head case who has proven time and time again he makes it all about him. No team is completely changing their offense half way through the season to fit a short term fix at best head case drama queen who lost his job to…..wait for it……BLAINE GABBERT!

          That last sentence is all you really need to know.

        • Polish Hammer

          Tiny difference, the Eagles signed Vick as a 3rd stringer to redeem himself, at 3rd string money and play. He came in and kept his mouth shut, injuries led to opportunity and he made the best of it and eventually cashed in. This clown opted out of a contract and then thinks starter money and PT should be handed to him.

    • dcahen

      You’re confusing year 1 Kap vs Years 2 & beyond. Defenses figured him out & he sucked. No one will sign him even as a backup & put up with the surrounding circus that would accompany him.. he’s not good enough to cover up his drama

  4. yoyo137

    And the 49ers probably would have won that Superbowl if it weren’t for the fact that John Harbaugh outcoached his little brother

    • pileofsandwich

      or if they ran the ball with a future HOFer instead of trying to force a throw.

    • snotrocket

      I got kicked out of a strip club in Austin for throwing a chair on stage when that play happened.

        • compassrose

          That was you jerk I almost had that strippers phone number. When the chair came in she got scared and ran. You ruined my life I could be married to a fairly hot stripper with a lot of silicone.

  5. Paul1989

    Imagine that, not so prominent writer Florio had to back off what he wrote. What a tool. He and Kaepernick need to fade off into the sunset together.

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Florio can’t take any heat either. He makes these stupid claims, you legitimately call out his mistakes and offer your evidence without calling any names or anything and he deletes your posts and if you dare question him more than once or twice he will ban your account from his site. I guess he’s not smart enough to know there are ways around this, but his site isn’t worth it with all the biased garbage coming out of his mouth.

      Like his stupid campaign against the Washington Redskins and not using their name, but then in tags it will actually use the team’s actual name. I mean…hello?

      • Rondon

        Florio is like the rest of the “insiders”- Critics with huge egos who never played the game.

        • compassrose

          Yeah but her has a fat little kid that played HS football.

          Ed how many times did you get banned? I was four then got tired of arguing with his uninformed A**. I got banned here and have no idea why. I make smart a** comments but nothing like some do. I like this site better anyway. Please doing ban me.

  6. JJB0811

    Stephen A Smith absolutely obliterated CK, then went after Reid who tried defending his bud!

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Good. About time somebody calls it exactly like it is. Too many apologies being made for a marginal talent.

    • Dennid

      I rarely agree with Stephen A Smith but he nailed the drama surrounding Kaepernick. If the NFL “blackballed” players for their protests Ed Reid wouldn’t be playing.

  7. InvalidUserID

    That wasn’t the whole point of the “workout” anyways. It was to get his name back in the news.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Both Kaepernick and his agent have probably been aware for a long time that he will never be allowed to play another down of football but they are doing a pretty fair job of exposing the hypocrisy and heavy handedness that exists with the NFL as Goodell tries to shape it into a police state.

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        He can play downs in the CFL, XFL, or AFL. Those are teams that will want him, he could be a superstar there, and get away with whatever kind of SJW bologna he wants to.

          • Ed "The Mythical One"

            I am not against civil rights or equality. I am totally against stupidity and that’s the path Kaepernick and his girl took. He went around the country teaching children to “know their rights.” But instead of actually teaching them about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to show them what their rights actually are, he taught them a bunch of BS like “you have the right to be loved,” and other “feels” nonsense. What a disservice.

          • yourmomsbox

            he wasn’t standing for social justice…he was kneeling for social media

  8. kbrkevin

    His value is larger if he remains a victim which he clearly orchestrated. At the end of his contract with SF the team that paid him well his status was not as a starting QB in the NFL.

  9. maxorange33

    NFL teams want QB’s to perform from the pocket, something Kap isn’t capable of doing. He is strong and athletic but can’t work from the pocket. Add in his baggage and self righteousness and who would want to risk a large salary, team harmony and fan backlash to take a chance on a project. His only hope is to prove he can be an effective pocket passer in either the CFL or XFL.

  10. goldenmisfit

    Kaepernick likes being played as if the NFL is against him. The fact of the matter is Seattle offered him a contract to years ago but because he did not like the amount of money he turned it down one year at 7 million. Then there was his demand of wanting 20 million to play for the spring league. The media does not help matters specifically the African-American media if you listen to people who have sports talk shows such as Stephen a Smith and Anita marks they will make Kaepernick sound like that if you did not know who they were talking about you would think they were talking about Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Here is the truth watch any game he started with San Francisco and I can tell you 90% of those games he comes off as an average or below average NFL quarterback who basically has a deer in the headlights every time he sees a blitz. The guy averaged 183 passing yards per game and only 40 rushing yards for a dual threat quarterback 223 yards per game is downright sad. Then he decides to do what he did and pretty much desecrate the national anthem and people are supposed to feel sorry for this guy and when he is given an opportunity to watch out for all teams at the last second he decides to change the venue. To make matters worse they are crying about their own independent film crew not allowed to film the work out why would they? The NFL stated the workout would be videotaped and that video would be sent to all 32 teams the only way he would have a problem with this is if he could care less about football and wanted to use that video to get more sponsorship and marketing deals. Really sounds to me like all he cares about is the attention.

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Don’t forget that before his stint with Seattle the Baltimore Ravens were ready to sign him right before his stupid big mouth girlfriend made a tweet stating that the Ravens owner was essentially a slave driver and Ray Lewis who was campaigning hard for the Ravens to sign him was an Uncle Tom. The Ravens quickly withdrew their offer.

  11. Woodlawn

    Kaepernick is a clown. Isn’t serious about this. Total drama queen. People forget he opted out of his contract. It was his choice. Sour grapes because he was benched for a better QB.
    Dude also wore a Kunta Kinte shirt to his workout, lol, is he serious? Imaging going to a job interview with that “anger” blasted on a shirt. He will just fade away. Good riddance.

  12. leprechaun

    I just wish he would go away nobody is ever going to sign him after that stunt yesterday

  13. twentyforty

    Colin who? Never heard of him. That’s the only response Kaepernick fears.

  14. goldenmisfit

    Could not agree more if there was any doubt if this was all just for publicity stunt he pulled yesterday at the last minute just kind of proved it. Really sick of hearing about the guy even on sports talk radio I wish they would just shut up about it, you have to think if he really wanted to play in the league he never would’ve opted out with San Francisco and would have excepted the contract a year later that was offered to him by Seattle.

  15. Ed "The Mythical One"

    Kaepernick’s agent, Captain Obvious agreed with many, many, many fans of the NFL when he stated that he wasn’t optimistic that his client would sign with an NFL team.

  16. Ed "The Mythical One"

    Florio and #ALLKAEPS need to get a hotel.

    I’ve got advice for Kaep if he wants to get back to playing football for any team in the NFL.

    Go to your local game store or go online and order yourself a copy of Madden 20 for whatever system you got. Put the game in said system, load up the game, wait for some updates, then go make yourself as a created player with whatever awesome stats you think you should have. Then go into the roster editor and sign yourself to whatever team you want to play for.

  17. nathans

    Colin Kaepernick was declining as a player before he started protesting and he has been out of football for two years. He would be better off going to training camp with a team next year if he really wanted to return to the field.

  18. findingnimmo

    Honest question. Will he kneel if he plays again? Or is his paycheck worth kore than the injustices he protests for? Honest question.

  19. Kolukonu

    No team is going to pay him what he is wanting to be paid, because he is not worth that amount. If he was willing to take backup QB salary, he would have a possibility to get signed.

  20. madmanTX

    He won’t be. In spite of the obvious needs of some teams like Chicago, this whole workout thing was pure PR and lip service by the NFL that has no intention of helping Kap get back into the NFL.

  21. mstrblstr2

    After a BS stunt like that. I wouldn’t be particularly optimist that my client is signed any time soon. Who is his agent – Louis Farrakhan?

  22. metsie1

    This is all about Colin Kaepernick. Dude is a total phony. Once again, the media fell hook, line and sinker to publicize the fraud.

    • Polish Hammer

      Yes, nothing says I want a chance just me a chance to showcase my talent by refusing to show up at the scheduled location, crying because you can’t film it yourself and allow Nike to use it in a commercial and wearing a Kunta Kinte T-shirt. Great job Colon, you really showed them you just want a chance to play. You already got your go away hush money from the NFL, now just go away…

  23. I don’t understand how the “blackface” narrative doesn’t apply to CK wearing the Kunta shirt. He has way more Caucasian blood in him than African American.

  24. So, so many sensitive safe-spacers on here crying and making sure everyone knows how much they don’t care about Kaepernick. Yet you’re all here on every article, reading and commenting about him. You’re all deeply offended by someone kneeling at a football game. Pathetic.

    • Not as much as I am offended by selfish people comparing the NFL to slavery. They get paid to do something they choose to do. At any given time they can use the free education they received and pursue better employer relations. I’m sure they’re ancestors who were actually slaves would laugh at them as well.

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