Extra Points: Tagovailoa, Kaepernick

The latest on the two quarterbacks who have been dominating headlines today as we await kickoff tomorrow:

  • Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has already been ruled out for the rest of the season, and there has been some concern his hip-injury could be career-threatening or career-altering. Alabama took the rare step of having their team surgeon release a statement (via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network on Twitter), saying that Tagovailoa is “expected to make a full recovery.” That’s obviously great news, and hopefully it turns out to be more than just wishful thinking.
  • Tagovailoa was widely expected to be taken early in the first-round of April’s NFL draft, and his injury will now have a huge ripple effect. He can choose to head to the NFL and risk a huge dip in his draft stock, or he can still return to Alabama for his senior season. Everyone has been talking about his career being in jeopardy or how far he’ll tumble in the draft, but he also has the option of coming back for the Crimson Tide and proving his health before entering the draft in 2021. To that end, “it would be a complete shock” if Tagovailoa enters the 2020 draft now, opines Matt Miller of Bleacher Report (Twitter link). With such little clarity on a timetable it’s hard to predict anything, but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.
  • Another area of dispute has emerged between the NFL and Colin Kaepernick‘s camp. The league said in statements that Nike wanted to shoot footage from the workout and use it in a commercial, but the apparel company is now denying those claims. Nike “was not on hand to film Colin Kaepernick’s workout,” a source confirmed to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link), who also writes that “Nike is currently trying to get the NFL to retract that statement.”
  • After Kaepernick shifted the workout to a new location, most of the 25 teams on-hand didn’t follow him there. We previously heard that the Redskins, Eagles, 49ers, Chiefs, Jets, Titans, and Lions showed up at the new workout site to watch him throw, and there was apparently an additional mystery team there. Kaepernick’s reps said there was an eighth and as of yet unidentified team scouting, according to a tweet from Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com.
  • There was also a point of contention between the league and Kaep’s reps over the waiver that was asked to be signed. The NFL claims it asked the quarterback to sign a standard waiver, and that his team made unreasonable changes to it. You can view the waiver the league sent out courtesy of this tweet sent out by Dianna Russini of ESPN.com, and in subsequent tweets Russini breaks down the relatively mundane details. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything that interesting in the waiver battle.
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29 comments on “Extra Points: Tagovailoa, Kaepernick

    • kylegocougs

      Wah wah wah. Cry me a river, poor snowflake is triggered by socks and a t-shirt.

  1. twentyforty

    The injury to Tua just saved some unsuspecting GM his job. He’s not an NFL difference maker even before the injury.

    • diller1340

      Your probably someone who thinks one year wonder Joe Burrow is better…… he couldn’t even beat out JT Barrett or Dwayne Haskins at Ohio state.

    • burrdeuces

      Because you know more than an NFL franchise’s GM and entire scouting department? ROFL, super scout…

  2. TheTruth12

    Boomers are funny, they go around calling everyone snowflakes but then get triggered by a man kneeling. They let him live in their head rent free. What’s sad though is the amount of hate they hold towards him.

    • imindless

      Whats even more sad is a nobody(you) that sits behind a keyboard and adamantly attacks others freedom of speech because it differs from your own. People have a right just as much as kaep does to speak their mind.

      • slim7180

        Aren’t you (imindless) technically doing the exact thing you’re accusing TheTruth13 of doing? Are you not on your keyboard attacking someone for using their freedom of speech because you don’t agree with it? If people have as much right as Kaep to speak their mind, than surely that right must also extend to TheTruth12 as well… eh, I digress…

      • eaterofbirds

        Straw man much?

        You just showed the inability to understand your own words: you criticize someone that’s using their right to free speech that’s in a discussion about someone facilitating their…you guessed it… right to free speech while criticizing that original US citizen using his platform to spread a message about racial inequality and police brutality at that time.

        You win sir. That is truly the trifecta of idiocy that drives this argument in the realm of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Take a bow.

        • findingnimmo

          Isn’t that the case with all aspects of politics currently? The left hates the right the right hates the left. At the same time accusing the other side of the exact same thing? Having said that, my favorite part is the left trying to sensor the right in every way possible at all times, and when the right finally gets to speak out, whether by electing a republican president, or by voicing their viewpoint on the kneeling situation and the veterans it effects who lost their lives, limbs, and livelihoods giving clowns the right to kneel, they get blasted. Yet schools riot or protest or kick out any opposing viewpoints from speaking, safe spaces were created to calm and nurse and mother the weak when something doesn’t go their way and people still can’t get over the fact that their candidate is not in the White House (and u wouldn’t have wanted her because wow is she far out their even saying tusi is with the Russians now and thinking she can win the election this time around even though she kinda has a Cincinnati bengals record in presidential elections). If people get upset at anyone voicing their opinions than they kinda have to keep it to themself unless you want to be labeled a hypocrite. I am perfectly willing to debate my opinions without taking personal offense. I’m curious about the other side of the coin. The attacks that come from the left when someone on the right has an opinion, especially when it is born from the action of someone on the left…..by the way I’m not a boomer, and i am independent, but socialism is a scary thing and anyone who truly doesn’t know what free health, school, childcare, etc will do to this country, please do some research on it and if u still love it than wonderful, but if not, please use the freedoms that this whole topic technically is about and voice it without being fearful of those around you ridiculing your or threatening you for thinking against the “popular” point of view (like the undecided did this past election which is why all polling was off as they were afraid to show what they believed because of the backlash that comes with it).

          • crosseyedlemon

            I’m really looking forward to seeing this presented as a “tweet”.

      • TheTruth12

        Calm down boomer, I’m not attacking anyone’s freedom of speech. I was just pointing out something I find funny and ironic but if that’s attacking your freedom of speech well then get over it snowflake cause I’m not.

    • 58camsnightmares

      Nice talking point. It’s not just boomers though.

      “Triggered” is used for people like you who get upset about every little thing, comparing it to not respecting the sacrifice that went into this country is a little too serious to be called “triggered”.

      It’s this fairy tale that “America is racist” and all of your problems can be blamed on someone else.

      Reality is, the poor in this country are better off than most in any other country and most are also better off than the richest were just 100 years ago.

      If you’re poor and really struggling in America you either have a mental health issue the left refuses to treat OR you’ve chosen to be that way and it’s entirely a situation of your own making.

      Whine in one hand, crap in the other – let me know which fills up first.

      • jorge78

        You sir have written several things that are just nor true
        but I will defend your right to say them in a respectful manner. This is America.
        We all have a right to be smart…..or not.

    • Justin Miller

      Millennials are the absolute worst, myself being one. Luckily I was raise right and don’t want the government to just pay for everything for me…

      • earmbrister

        Nothing is free in this world. The question is who, and how much, would you rather pay for your health insurance? You can pay more by continuing to pay your health insurance company. And continue to be surprised when they deny you treatment. Or you can take the entire health insurance industry layer of cost out and pay less to the government for your coverage. As much as people don’t trust the government, do you trust your health insurance company more? My health insurance companies have screwed me every chance they could. I’m ready for better alternatives. People in Canada and Europe are getting better health outcomes at less cost.

        • JoeBrady

          The people in Canada and Europe are healthier than us. The only way for Americans to have better health outcomes is to have better health.

          Add 1% to your medical insurance for every pound overweight, and add a $5,000 surcharge for smoking and vaping, and our health outcomes will become far better.

          • compassrose

            Joe you are so wrong about Canada. I live on the Canadian Border. We have one of the best cardio surgery units in the nation. We have one of the best surgeons in the nation. Why is that? Because Canadians come down in droves and pay cash for life saving surgery they can’t get up there.

            They have to wait too long and would more than likely be dead. We also have some of the top surgeons in most other fields too.

            I asked my ortho surgeon why he came up here. He said he makes as much as he did in Seattle he works less and the cost of living is less. It is also a much better place to raise kids. The reason he makes more is because they charge uninsured people more to make up what they lose to ins co.

            The taxes the Canadians pay is also outrageous and the free ins as so many think covers going to the Dr so he can tell you you have a cold. That also takes enough time the cold is gone. They also have to buy supplemental car ins but a diff topic.

            Don’t think their care is better because you think it is free. You pay for it in taxes have to buy more ins to get simple procedures done and leave the country to get big ones done. Also don’t think I don’t know what I am talking about because I have had many surgeries from open heart to four back and a neck surgery. I have sat in waiting rooms talking to and listening for many hours waiting to be seen. Your assumption they get better care is incorrect.

    • snotrocket

      Boomers run the world. Millennials complain about gender. Nobody that matters cares about you.

  3. dust44

    So out of the 8 teams who reportedly showed up maybe 1 the Titans need a QB next year? The Skins just drafted Haskins, the Jets have Darnold both on rookie contracts that need to develop. And the other 5 r self explanatory. The team I’m surprised we aren’t hearing connected is Tampa. And the only team I could c really making a run at him this season would b Pittsburgh. And that’s only if Rudolph stinks it up again next week and the Ravens r still within distance to catch. Miami is trying to position themselves for Tua, even tho that may of just got a lot easier with his injury. And the Bengals r drafting Burrow 1st overall. Besides those 2 and Tampa the other QB needy teams aren’t for this season. They r for the future and Kaep is 32. Not really a long term replacement. I did forget about the Broncos. But I think they will go with Lock once he’s healthy enough to c if he’s the answer moving forward. Which I think he might b.

    • Steezy

      Everyone wants a cheap capable backup qb. It’s becoming a more important position than some starting posotions.

      • JoeBrady

        If I needed a starter, I’d think about Kap. But for a backup, the added maintenance probably isn’t worth it for a guy that might not play, and might not play well if required.

      • compassrose

        He wants to start and wants $20 mill a year. They deny that but it came from numerous camps. Why do you think he came to Seattle and didn’t get a workout? He does have a sister here maybe he wanted a free ride to see her.

  4. jmac2121

    Here’s hoping that Burrows (Bengals) and Tua (Dolphins) are drafted in 2020 and somehow, someway, Colts can get Lawrence in 2021!

    • JoeBrady

      I’d never root for an injury, but as a Raiders’ fan, if two QBs go early, and two QBs are around when we pick ours or the Bears 1st round, we could be in a position to trade both picks down. That’d have some nice value.

      • compassrose

        If I were a GM and has 2 first round picks I would trade them for as many picks as possible maybe firsts the next three years plus.

        I would then wait and see where they fell and who I wanted between Lawrence and another guy his name escapes me. Some say will go before Lawrence. Use as many picks as you can to move up and get one of those guys.

        Maybe you get lucky (I am not wishing injury on anyone with this comment) and a team with an established QB gets hurt and has the top pick. They would be crazy not to trade that pick away for the haul they could get. Unless they want a QB on a rookie salary. Any team that plays in the Bar area or just moved from the area ignore this. You don’t need to make any good picks on the top 3 rounds. You need to pick players rated in the 5th on down with your first picks. Jedi hand wave.

        • JoeBrady

          There was a good article, and a bit complicated, showing that the best value for draft picks was the 2nd & 3rd rounds. It probably depends on who is available. Sometimes you have a difference-maker at the #5 pick, but a lot of times, I’d prefer a desperate team looking to trade up. I want the Trubinsky trade.

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