Seahawks Claim Josh Gordon

The Seahawks have claimed Josh Gordon off waivers from the Patriots. With that, they’ve added one of the game’s most lethal wide receivers for the home stretch of the 2019 season.

Things have never been simple or straightforward for the simultaneously kind-hearted, troubled, and immensely talented Gordon. This year was no exception.

Gordon had his highs, including six catches for 83 yards in a September blowout of the Jets. Then, unfortunately, came the lows. Late last month, the Patriots placed Gordon on injured reserve due to left knee and ankle trouble. The Pats felt that Gordon would not be able to play again this season. Gordon, meanwhile, says he’ll be ready to play sometime next week or the week after. The disagreement led to divorce, but the Patriots refused to let him go until after Tuesday’s trade deadline, when he would be subject to waivers and, in theory, kept away from contenders.

So much for that. The Seahawks, with a 6-2 record and No. 28 priority in the NFL’s waiver queue, landed Gordon, must to the surprise and delight of head coach Pete Carroll. Quarterback Russell Wilson is elated too – he suddenly has another playmaker to help stretch the field and give fits to opposing defenses.

Gordon, 28, tallied 20 catches for 287 yards and one touchdown in six games this year. At times, he flashed (get it?) the ability that propelled him to an absurd 87/1,646/9 stat line in 2013, a campaign that resulted in Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro nods.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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45 comments on “Seahawks Claim Josh Gordon

    • ckln88

      I wish it wasn’t legal in Mass because that would have been the best line I’ve seen all week.

    • Phil253

      If you hot tackled for a living you might smoke weed too, just saying… and really is there a stigma about weed still? Give me a break. Nfl should progress.

  1. PapiElf

    Are waivers in football similar to the waivers in the MLB where a player can get exposed and anyone can get him? I find it a little confusing.

    • It goes in reverse order of win %. Bengals had first dibs, then Miami, and so on. 27 “worse” teams had a crack at him before he fell to the Seahawks.

  2. phenomenalajs

    I’m shocked he went that far down the waiver wire. Considering what the Dolphins were willing to pay for future picks, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t eat his remaining $1M for a 2021 compensatory pick.

    • vtncsc

      You’re expecting the Dolphins to be smart? However, you’re correct, they should have claimed him. The Bengals as well. Just for the pick.

      • tank62

        The Dolphins dont want him, what if he breaks a few big plays and they actually win a game or 2. Hed screw up the tank job

    • MajorLeague79

      Was thinking the exact same thing. How did he make it to the Seahawks?

      • crosseyedlemon

        I guess no other team is planning a one yard pass if they reach the Super Bowl.

    • I give no fox

      The dolphins plan on spending in free agency so they probably won’t receive any comp picks.

    • puddles

      Don’t know that he’ll make enough in FA to be worth much for comp picks. can’t imagine a lot of teams would rush to give him much in the way of money or years

  3. Thronson5

    I definitely saw that coming. Good pick up for them even though I can’t stand them lol. I was thinking Seattle or GB would ideal for him.

    • semut

      Really? You saw that coming? You predicted that 27 other teams would pass on one of the top receivers in the game? Sorry my friend, but you’re full of it

      • jonnyzuck

        he has upside and I wish my team would have claimed him but he’s too far removed from playing at an elite level to be considered anywhere near the top receivers at this point

        • crosseyedlemon

          He’s probably elite compared to anything you’ll see on the Bears offense this season.

        • semut

          I should have worded it differently. One of the more talented receivers is what I meant.

      • Thronson5

        Yea I literally texted my nephew who’s a Seahawks fan and told him I think his team will end up getting Gordon when he was waived. Did I know he it would be a claim? No, I just thought they’d sign him. Didn’t realize he had to go through the waiver wire. Not everyone in the internet is full of it.

  4. phillyballers

    He got to the Seahawks? Some dumb franchises drafting high passed on another pick for 1M?

  5. osfandan

    So many jokes about a guy that smokes marijuana, none about the dozens/hundreds relying on opiates instead…

    • Polish Hammer

      Marijuana isn’t his only vice, and the guys using opiates aren’t continuing to abuse something they’ve been suspended numerous times and working on “last chance” #97 for.

      • jimmyz

        That’s because the league doesn’t suspend players for opiates as they are given out by team doctors en masse. What’s the real drug problem in America today, weed or opioids? I’ve never even heard of any weed deaths (probably never will), but have been close to several people who died of opiate related deaths. The NFL’s stance on weed is ridiculously hypocritical.

        • compassrose

          Never heard of anyone driving when they are stoned and getting in an accident and dying? We had a college kid that was stoned went for a stroll along the waterfront fell in and drowned. Now you have heard of a pot related death.

  6. SumTingWong

    Imagine the face belichick will be making when the seahawks win the super bowl and Gordon is MVP of the title game

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