XFL Blocks Lions From Signing Josh Johnson

The XFL blocked the Lions from signing quarterback Josh Johnson, according to ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). Johnson, who was assigned to the Los Angeles Wildcats last week, cannot get out of his commitment without the permission of the fledgling league. 

XFL execs, including owner Vince McMahon and CEO Oliver Luck, have spoken about the idea of partnering with the NFL in some capacity to serve as a breeding ground for talent. At the same time, the XFL is understandably protective of its top talents. Johnson, who has been signed by 13 NFL teams over the course of his career, offers the kind of name recognition that can’t be easily replaced.

This isn’t Johnson’s first rodeo in professional football outside of the NFL. He was also a part of the UFL and the short-lived AAF, so he’s encountered similar situations before.

Meanwhile, the Lions will continue to search for quarterback support in the wake of Matthew Stafford‘s injury. Stafford wants to keep playing, but the Lions are reportedly thinking about shutting him down for the year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 comments on “XFL Blocks Lions From Signing Josh Johnson

  1. H3ads40T73

    If only there were another mobile QB available with NFL experience. One that would help us tank. Wears number 7.

    • krillin89

      Kaep doesn’t actually want to play in the NFL. He wants to be a martyr. Absolutely nothing wrong with that though

      • Steven Juris

        The league doesn’t want Kaep influencing other young black males to use the NFL platform as a place to change social behavior.

        • mcdusty49

          Disagree…young black NFL players are very active in their communities, the biggest difference is that they haven’t created a side show and made themselves a distraction to their teams while doing it

    • jb19

      I read that the lions were going to sit down with Kap, but then an hour before the sit down, Kap’s lawyers notified the lions about a change in the location of the sit down and the lions didn’t follow him… or something like that.

    • Polish Hammer

      So by “mobile qb” available you really meant black right? Otherwise this qb had all of 67 yards rushing in his entire career, or about 1/3 of what the nimble and elusive Bernie Kosar had.

  2. mario crosby

    Kap was benched for Blaine Gabbert in his last season in the NFL. Maybe the Lions should try to get Gabbert.

  3. angelbear135

    Maybe daddy Oliver Luck can get Andy Luck to take Johnsons place on the XFL team so Josh can play for the Lions.

  4. Rich

    HaHa! The Lions got slammed by Vinnie Mac.

    Signing Kaepernick would do more for him than the Lions. This season is a bust for Detroit. CK would not be a long term solve once Stafford is healthy next year. Detroit should finish with about 5 wins assuming they don’t make Tampa Bay and Denver look heroic.

  5. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Josh Johnson is what is going to get all of those fans into the XFL stadiums and have them glued to their TV’s.

    Can’t let him go.

    • seth3120

      He’s a fringe NFL player and qb. Exactly what the XFL is looking for

  6. crosseyedlemon

    This is like Kermit the frog showing up at Miss Piggies house expecting to have a prom date and being told she isn’t available…lol. The Lions FO has always been a bit of a Muppet show.

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