Browns Fire Freddie Kitchens

The Freddie Kitchens era in Cleveland is over after just one season. The Browns fired their rookie head coach Sunday, according to Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of (Twitter link). The Browns are now officially the third team to can their head coach, and more will be coming shortly.

Kitchens’ firing represents an epic rise and fall, as he rose from a little known position coach to be the head man in Cleveland. He started last year as the Browns’ running backs coach, then took over as offensive coordinator after Todd Haley was fired. Baker Mayfield had a lot of success during the second half of 2018 for which Kitchens received a ton of credit, and GM John Dorsey gave him the full-time job to succeed Hue Jackson after the season.

The Kitchens era started off with a lot of fanfare. Cleveland had an eventful offseason, completing a blockbuster trade for Odell Beckham Jr., and there was an absurd amount of hype surrounding the team. Expectations got so high that it would’ve been hard for anyone to deliver, but Kitchens’ tenure was still a disaster by any standard. Things got off to a terrible start with a blowout loss to the Titans in their opener, and they never recovered.

Mayfield regressed considerably, and Beckham was never able to get fully integrated into the offense. There were a number of incidents that created the perception that Kitchens had lost control of the team, like Myles Garrett‘s indefinite suspension or Beckham reportedly telling other teams to ‘come get him.’

It had been widely reported that Kitchens was on the hot seat, and an embarrassing loss to the Bengals in Week 17 seemed to seal his fate. It still came as a surprise to him though, as Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets that an “emotional” Kitchens told him on the phone that he “believed he had organizational support.”

Kitchens was in a meeting with owner Jimmy Haslam and Dorsey, a source told Josina Anderson of, which would seem to indicate Dorsey is safe despite some recent speculation to the contrary. Dorsey later issued a statement through the Browns on Twitter, confirming he isn’t going anywhere.

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58 comments on “Browns Fire Freddie Kitchens

    • compassrose

      Freddy could be the long lost brother of Bubba J with Jeff Dunham. If you don’t know him which would be a surprise look him up. They would ask Bubba J of Jr knows Freddy’s plans. He could say coming over to drink beer. So much info there. If you have a chance to see him live do it. Well worth the money and time. Back to our regularly schedule ridicule of anything Browns football. This could be a whole set with Bubba. Some very funny stuff. Then go into a set on Haslam and his Pilot gas stations.

      Breaking news next year Baker will suck still. Odell will be unhappy which the smart thing to do is trade him. It won’t matter they will still screw the picks up.

  1. paindonthurt

    That was a terrible hire. The 2019 Browns are a train wreck even by Browns standards.

      • 5028892

        should’ve been is we should still be playing, but coaching shot ourselves in the foot

          • No, it’s ‘are’. It’s ongoing. They’ve been a trainwreck for years and will continue to be one. Jimmy Haslem is an idiot and will keep the Browns stumbling around for many more years. The Browns are one of the biggest laughing stocks in sports. There’s no ‘were’ about it.

          • Dodgethis

            The 2019 season concludes with the Superbowl. At least be right if you’re trying to be a condescending clown.

  2. amk3510

    Dude was in way over his head. He should find himself back with Bruce in TB as a position coach.

    • mitchrapp

      Very true. But we got Hicks and Mack so that’s something. Hopefully they bring in one of these veteran qbs that will be available and maybe one catches lighting like Titans qb did this year.

  3. Black Ace57

    Good riddance he sucked. Browns really deserve a quality head coach and with how talented this team is it should be an attractive spot for coaching candidates.

  4. Kitchens did nothing to show that he deserved a 2nd season as a head coach. No growth at all from the team or himself all year.

  5. Marytown1

    Hate to say it Browns fans but the problem starts with your ownership. Best thing they could do is step away and let Dorsey run the team, if he doesn’t succeed-can him. He will succeed if the ownership stays out of his way. No way Dorsey was the one to do the trade for OBJ or Kitchens for that matter.

  6. oneiblnd

    I’m just glad Dorsey didn’t decide to give him another year. Which has seemed to be the theme in Cleveland. There is no tomorrow. Go get a PROVEN coach who has a track record of winning.

      • Begamin

        Dorsey built a talented roster. Thats the job he was tasked with. Why would he get fired for the failures of a HC?

        • TJECK109

          Didn’t he hire the HC? And he built a talented roster from the surplus of picks etc acquired by the previous regime.

          • You wouldn’t fire a GM after a bad head coaching hire. Can you think of a GM that was fired due to one bad head coaching hire?

            • TJECK109

              It’s not just the coaching hire. As I stated he inherited a surplus of picks and turned them into a 6-10 team.

  7. Michael Chaney

    Freddie is a great guy. I really wanted him to succeed. But it was quite obvious that he just wasn’t prepared to be a head coach.

    • cysoxsale

      The dude showed support for a player who should be in prison for assault with a deadly weapon and possibly attempted murder. And then wore a shirt about it. So no. Hes not “a great guy”

  8. nentwigs

    Rumor has it that Joe Diningrooms is under consideration to be the successor.

    • sufferfortribe

      And Haslam finished it. Pretty ironic, considering that Haslam was a minority owner in Pittsburgh before buying the Browns.
      I said back then that when we let the enemy buy the team that things wouldn’t go well.

  9. oneiblnd

    For a 2nd year QB. I didn’t see a thing from Mayfield. I know he needed a better o-line for pass protection but I’d take that kid from Clemson in a second. Trevor Lawrence.

      • oneiblnd

        My point is Mayfield seems content in throwing an interception instead of tucking and getting the 1st down to move the chains. I don’t see the team rallying around him for the so-called face of the franchise.

        • juanpursuit

          Lawrence isn’t draft eligible until next year, so give mayfield another year. But then again, Cleveland would still have to trade up.

          • oneiblnd

            Eh. Maybe. Give Mayfield another year like this one with another 20ish int’s and they will be picking near the top in 2021.

  10. tonyinmunhall

    Should not have worn the t – shirt
    No class . The Ignorant Haslams
    Need to go too

  11. pappyvw

    Nothing more than a redneck high school coach. He was totally out of his element. You shouldn’t let someone like him be a head coach.

  12. axisofhonor25

    Give Kitchens credit for the fact he at least got more wins than Hue Jackson.

  13. phillyballers

    I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. Browns are the People’s Champ! lol

  14. hoosierhysteria

    Who is going to fire the GM that made the decision to hire this guy. Can’t blame Freddie….who wouldn’t take the job. Cleveland….the mistake by the lake. The same GM took Baker #1…..they will have to undo that decision too.

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