Odell Beckham Jr. Reportedly Wants Out Of Cleveland

Odell Beckham Jr. has been in the news a lot this morning. We heard earlier today that the Browns wideout has been battling a hernia injury all season and may be headed for offseason surgery, and Jay Glazer of FOX Sports (h/t Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk) reports that OBJ wants out of Cleveland.

When he was asked about his future with the Browns several days ago, Beckham was non-committal. He said, “I couldn’t sit here and tell you whether I’m going to be here, want to be here, don’t want to be here. This is exactly where I’m at now and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. God has a plan. In the offseason, everything will figure itself out. I feel like I’ve been here before, answering questions about the next team when I’m on a team already. That’s just something I’m going to tune out for right now. Catch me in the offseason and we’ll see what happens.”

But Glazer says Beckham has approached opposing players and coaches before (and even during) games this season and has told them, “come get me.” And considering that Glazer was the one who said the Giants would trade Beckham when everyone within the New York organization was saying they wouldn’t, that carries some weight. Glazer said, “I don’t see that relationship ending well for [the Browns] after this year.”

Of course, trading Beckham would be a tough pill to swallow for the Browns, who gave up first- and third-round picks in the 2019 draft along with Jabrill Peppers and Kevin Zeitler to acquire the star receiver and Olivier Vernon. The fact that Beckham has had a disappointing year (by his standards, at least) and would have basically forced his way out of two organizations would obviously hurt his trade value.

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45 comments on “Odell Beckham Jr. Reportedly Wants Out Of Cleveland

  1. crosseyedlemon

    You go out and buy a clothing outfit like that and then wonder why your being tested for drugs so frequently Odell?

    • iamhector24

      I didn’t realize that buying clothes and being tested for drugs had a correlation. I’m going to guess that you’re a straight white male who has one of them “police thin blue line American flags” on your Facebook profile.

  2. JoeBrady

    Gee, another ‘me-first’ player isn’t working out. How could that have possibly been predicted?

  3. 5028892

    No he dosen’t no dismay in the game and the announcer still haven’t mentioned it

  4. Ed "The Mythical One"

    Odell was then asked about his attire and he commented, “Man, I couldn’t stand here and tell you whether I am gonna be wearin’ this suit, that this is the suit I want to wear or don’t want to wear. This is exactly the suit I’m wearing right now and God has a plan for this suit. When it is time to change outfits everything will figure itself out. I feel like I’ve been here before. People asking me about my next suit when I am already wearing one. That’s just something I’m gonna tune out. Catch me after I change suits and we’ll see what happens.”

  5. Ed "The Mythical One"

    Another diva WR tired of doing his job on a team that isn’t so great but was willing to pay him all the money he wanted. What a shock.

    • crosseyedlemon

      He’d be looking for a championship caliber team that leads the league in cap space but no such animal exists.

  6. julyn82001

    Some of these athletes have no idea what a signed, valid contract entails! Not that some of them care either, it seems. Irresponsible!

  7. InvalidUserID

    Can’t blame him. He has a QB that hasn’t/can’t get him the ball and a team that hasn’t utilized him. By all accounts he hasn’t been a disruption or complained up to this point.

    • of9376

      Can’t blame him? He complained so much in NY which is why he was traded to the lowly Browns.

      He is a cancer.

      • No, he didn’t. He was traded because Gettleman is awful at his job and traded him for less than he should have. I know it’s popular on this site to hate OBJ, but he has a legit claim as best receiver in the league since he came in.

        • Stillers12

          HAHAHAHA. He’s a huge distraction. How many times did he have to change his shoes mid-game this year?

    • To be fair to him, he’s only ever played for terribly run teams in NY and now in Cleveland. His head coaches have been McAdoo, Schurmer, and Freddie Kitchens, all of whom are terrible.

  8. HailRodgers12$

    A. I thought he wanted to go to Cleveland.
    B. Maybe, just maybe, now that he’s unhappy with team #2, it might not be the team’s he’s been on, but himself..? At least a little bit..?
    C. This type of stuff is why I respect Joe Thomas even more. Played for a lousy team his entire career, and even when they offered to trade him to a team with a chance to win it all, he declined.

    • Polish Hammer

      A. He did want to go there, he worked out with Landry and Mayfield and they’ve developed a friendship.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Joe Thomas was still a millionaire after he declined right? Portraying him as a heroic sub skipper that went down with the boat is a bit of a reach.

      • HailRodgers12$

        I reached? I said I respect him for staying when he could have slinked out like so many weasels do, and you jump to ‘heroic sub skipper…’
        Alrighty then.

        • crosseyedlemon

          So a guy who takes a better offer thinking of the future welfare of his family is a weasel? Alrighty then.

          • HailRodgers12$

            Taking a better offer would imply he wasn’t already under contract. A contract that he agreed to while still with the Giants. So yeah, to me signing that deal, then wanting out is weasel-like in my book.

            And I doubt he put much thought into the future welfare of his family (even though I’m sure the $90 mil he got in that deal is barely enough to make ends meet).

          • Stillers12

            HAHAHAHA. He’s a huge distraction. How many times did he have to change his shoes mid-game this year?

          • Stillers12

            What is the better offer? HIs current contract is close to 41mil guaranteed. I think his family is gonna be fine.

  9. sufferfortribe

    I look at that picture of him, and for some odd reason that song from Westside Story comes to mind — ‘I Feel Pretty.’

  10. fieldsj2

    It’s amazing how far 1 great catch has taken this guy! He hasn’t done squat in 3 years and has played on 1 team with a winning record. Not all his fault, but he acts like he’s the greatest receiver in football. He’s more worried about bucking the system than playing. He’s this generations Chad Johnson only not near as durable. He will never even a approach the career Chad Johnson had. Chad was a huge pain, but he played hard and wanted his team to win. OBJ is only worried about OBJ.

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