Giants Cut Janoris Jenkins

The Giants have released cornerback Janoris Jenkins. The move comes hours after Jenkins used the “r-word” and issued something of a non-apology apology. 

This was an organizational decision,” coach Pat Shurmur said. “From ownership to management to our football operations, we felt it was in the best interests of the franchise and the player. Obviously, what happened this week, and the refusal to acknowledge the inappropriate and offensive language, was the determining factor.”

Rumors have swirled about Jenkins’ status with the team for some time now and his use of an offensive term proved to be the final straw. For his part, Jackrabbit has been frustrated by the constant talk coupled with a lack of communication from the front office about his future. Prior to the trade deadline this year, the Giants discussed deals for the veteran cornerback, but did not find a suitable deal.

Because the release comes after the trade deadline, Jenkins will be subject to the waiver wire, even though he is a vested veteran. Any team claiming Jenkins would be responsible for the prorated portion of his $10.15MM salary for 2019. He’s also due $11.25M in the last year of his deal in 2020, including a $1MM roster bonus in March, but it’s completely non-guaranteed. Playoff teams could give real consideration to Jenkins, if they’re willing to withstand the PR backlash.

Jenkins, 31, logged 84 tackles and matched a career-high of four interceptions through 13 games this year. Across four years with the G-Men, Jackrabbit came away with 12 INTs and one Pro Bowl nod (2016).

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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103 comments on “Giants Cut Janoris Jenkins

        • TheBlueMeanie

          Thank you. I’ve never heard it called that before. Oh the kindergarten country we live in.

          • robluca21

            Seriously…. everyone so darn sensitive. Not to get political but I’m a classical liberal and its stuff like this is exactly why trump won and will win again…all the PC sensitivity nonsense has gone way too friggin far

  1. snotrocket

    PC culture strikes again. A huge meteor needs to hit the earth and kill us all. Start over from scratch. We deserve it.

    • TJECK109

      Well we did have Myles Garrett claim that he was called the N-word as justification for his actions.

      • fastpitchlife

        Just imagine if Baker would have called Garett the “r” word following the “n” word. After hitting him with his helmet, Garrett would have taken his shoes off and stabbed him a few times with his cleats.

    • earmbrister

      Jenkins’ childish language was merely the last straw in a mountain of straws. There’s no reason for this version of the NYGs to keep him. They’re in full blown rebuild mode.

      • Perksy

        Exactly. And he was going to be cut anyway this offseason even if he said nothing all season.

  2. DarkSide830

    glad someone recognizes the gravity of this word. no reason to ever say that.

      • Or you could just, like, not say it? It’s not a big deal to not say something that people feel denigrates others.

        • Ed "The Mythical One"

          Our rights trump your feelings. We have the right to say whatever we want to (so long as it isn’t something like falsely yelling “Fire”) and you have the right to disagree with it. You don’t have the right to tell other people they can’t say things.

  3. mustang

    I was just asking people the same thing
    What’s the r world.

    I came up with an answer but I don’t want to offend anyone or be cut from the site.

    • Misterants

      No, apparently the former medical term for “slow/slowed growth” is a slur now. So much so that you have to sound like a 7yo and say “he said the r-word!!!!”

  4. I had to look up the “r word” myself. it’s probably exactly what you are thinking. FWIW, Joe Flacco said the same word prior to the super bowl back in 2012, and people were shaking their fists at him then too…. but he signed a massive extension right after the ravens won the super bowl.

  5. uvmfiji

    NFL players take a knee for the politics of the left. You reap what you sow.

        • I give no fox

          What does the Soviet Union have to do with this? Are you just regurgitating right wing talking points? You know there is a difference between authoritarian socialism and democratic socialism, right? I know i went too far on a rumor site trying to bring in the most basic of information. My apologies for going political.

    • iamhector24

      Politics of the left… they kneeled because black people are being murdered by cops in droves. I didn’t realize only the left cared about murdering human beings.

    • braveshomer

      all these Left and Right views are offensive to all us Up and Down members of society…don’t even get me started on how offensive it towards the Forward and Back parties either

    • Literally only a handful of players stood with Kaepernick. Jesus you right wingers are so easily offended.

      • Ironman_4life

        Um. How are right wingers easily offended when its the left thats offended by the r word? Hypocrisy strikes again

  6. Natergater77

    Kind of conflicted on this.

    Don’t agree with Jack Rabbit, but feel maybe suspension for this week’s game or even rest of season would be more reasonable.

  7. reno rocker

    Snowflakes can’t handle being told anything non supportive. Need to toughen society up a little.

    • dynasty in boston

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Where does it end? Would “old” be offensive to someone?

        • Jim Bernstein

          I am 70 and am not al all upset if called a “boomer”. We have been called “boomers” for much of our lives as we became known as the “baby boom” generation.

        • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

          Ha! I’m in my late thirties and some SJW Millennial called me a “boomer” for some reason.

          Not mad, just laughed and asked him how mom’s basement feels with $150,000 of student loan debt for a worthless degree feels.

          This “woke” generation is nuts and not very bright. And the deserve all of it.

          • Wow, man!!!! You really got him!!!

            Wonder how empty your life has to be to brag on the internet about verbally slamming a ‘millennial’ and being so easily offended that you have to use ‘SJW millennial’ as an insult. Toughen up, my man.

          • lautrec

            I’m offended by all of you. Every word everyone says is offensive, mean spirited, alt right, alt left, socialist, communist, fascist, liberal, conservative, impeachy, non peachy, GoNadler, Schiff Show, Rachel Madcow, Hannity, Trump, Obama, THE Clintons, joe Stalin nasty. Stop speaking. Discussion in general should be eliminated. I feel unsafe. Your white, brown, green privilege is attacking me with micro aggressions.

          • Vin Scully

            When I’m called a boomer I embrace it. I point out my personal wealth, young retirement age, and carefree lifestyle. Drives them insane.

  8. jonnyzuck

    I can’t imagine there will be much of a PR backlash for a team picking him up. Sure the Giants cut him because of this but I think they were just looking for any reason to dump the guy to secure a top draft pick

    • ghostrobot

      Ya he will totally be embraced in San Francisco and he will be able to be himself

  9. graysondecker

    The bottom-of-the-division Giants probably were going to cut him at the end of the year anyways. They wouldn’t have been contending by the end of Jenkins’ contract anyways, so why pay all that money when the contract is non-guaranteed. This move just makes them seem like the good guys for bowing down to PC culture

    • fieldsj2

      No joke! We live in a ass backward world. Kind of makes you see where Marshawn Lynch was coming from. One slip up in an interview or tweet and your jobs gone. It’s ridiculous!

  10. mntwst

    The R word is almost as bad as the L word. As in Liberal Lunantic. The same Lunatics that have taken over our media!

  11. leefieux

    So to call JJ a ‘bleeping N-word R-word’ for his actions would be about as non-PC as you could get??? (I’m being sarcastic, btw).

  12. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I don’t understand the confusion here…

    Hasn’t it now been well established that the NFL is a private employer who has the right to hire and fire who they see fit, especially when individuals might hurt a team’s image or brand?

    • iamhector24

      Yes. But the old white folks are looking for any reason to complain how soft people are today. Right after they’re gonna cry because someone says “ok boomer”.

      • Dennid

        Grouping people together and stereotyping? And old white folks are not looking for reasons to complain about how soft people are today. We don’t have to look too far.

      • They get offended when people tell them that using straws is kind of wasteful. They get offended by AOC even though she’s one of 500+ people in the House (ie, she’s basically powerless) and represents a district they’ll never set foot in. Most easily offended generation in history.

      • Vin Scully

        I love being a boomer. I actually remember a time when we weren’t involved in a war. I have a huge house, 3 cars, a boat, RV and I retired at 50. I spend my days doing whatever I want. Meanwhile you guys have 4 roommates in a studio apartment and eat Top Ramen. By the way my wife is an ex figure skater that can still do the splits. I win.

  13. Matthew Heywood

    So let me get this straight here most are against this but fine with Kaepernick getting black balled for kneeling ?

    • bobtillman

      Kaepernick is being “black balled” because he stinks. Jenkins got cut because he stinks (a least, has, this year).

      If Kap played even like Cam Newton, he could kneel on both knees, and start a bonfire with American flags. If Jenkins played anywhere close to his contract/reputation, he could say the “N” word, the “R” word, and the “Q” word.

      • earmbrister

        Kapermick is better than half of the backups in the NFL and some of the starters. Look at what the Redskins rolled out there last year at the QB position. There’s no comparison.

          • Natergater77

            I was a Kaep supporter until he pulled what he did in Atlanta.

            He could have “tried” out in front of over half the teams in the league. Has he not got an offer then he could have said “look” but he wanted to be a media star not a gridiron

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      Well, there was the whole supporting BLM who chant anti-police rhetoric and endorse killing said individuals, then he wore socks with images of police officers as pigs, and then in his most recent try out for the NFL he wore a certain shirt (Kunta Kinte SP?) which of course we know was a slave. Making yet another statement.

      You pile that on top of the fact that he lost his job to Blaine Gabbert and here we are.

      He also could have had a job in Baltimore, but his racist girlfriend couldn’t keep her mouth shut and cost him that opportunity by calling the Ravens owner a slave driver and Ray Lewis an Uncle Tom.

  14. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    I just watched “There’s Something About Mary” which is a hilarious comedy where they use this word.

    They’re words folks. If words harm and irreparably traumatize you, you probably aren’t really fit for this world.

    Because you’re going to be dealing with much, much harsher things, snowflakes.

  15. sufferfortribe

    Lucky for lots of folks on here that they were born after All In The Family.

    • Ed "The Mythical One"

      “Would it make ya feel any better little goyal if dey was bein’ trown outta windahs?”

  16. bobtillman

    Sadly, “All in the Family” would probably never make it on the air today. It would offend too many snowflakes.

    And I’m a lifelong old-fashioned liberal Democrat (ya, there’s still 50 of us alive, I think) who detests snowflakes. That’s NOT what being “liberal” means.

    • enricopallazzo

      All in the Family? The Office would need to alter many episodes/jokes. Alot has changed in the last 10 or even 5 years with “sensitivity”.

    • Vin Scully

      I watched an episode of Green Acres yesterday where they called someone a Wet back. That would warn someone the death penalty today.

  17. crosseyedlemon

    Huge sigh of relief in Washington by those who worried that the r-word might be Redskins.

  18. Cosmodogs

    I have never understood who actually decides which words are derogatory and which aren’t? Do they take a national poll? Is there a special committee somewhere making these decisions?

  19. lettersandnumbersonly

    You all offend me. Now acknowledge that immediately or you’re all fired!

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