Head Coach Search Updates: Rivera, McCarthy, Panthers, Candidates

Former Panthers head coach Ron Rivera will not be unemployed for long. An earlier report noted that Washington had “strong interest” and Ian Rapoport of NFL.com reports that sources close to Rivera expect an agreement to form quickly and could even come together in the next couple days. Aside from Washington, Rapoport notes that some teams that are considering firing their head coach (like the Giants) have Rivera circled as a top target if they do create an opening.

Rivera served as the head coach in Carolina from 2011-2019 and led the team to a 73-63-1 regular season record and a 3-4 postseason record. A linebacker in his playing days with the historic 1980s Bears defenses, Rivera has always been a defensive-minded coach. Prior to his time with the Panthers, he had served as a linebackers coach with the Eagles and Chargers and as the defensive coordinator for the Bears and Chargers.

Here’s some more notes from the NFL coaching carousel:

  • As the Panthers look to replace Rivera, former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has emerged as a one of the leading candidates to take over in Carolina. According to Rapoport, McCarthy has already interviewed with the Panthers twice and did very well. Given the strong reputation of Rivera, a candidate like McCarthy, with a long resume (that includes a Super Bowl title) may be more desirable to franchise brass. With that said, Rapoport noted that Carolina plans to interview some younger coaches as well including Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Baylor head coach Matt Rhule, and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy among others.
  • While some teams have already begun their head coaching searches, the hiring search process will heat up as soon as teams complete the regular season. For an in-depth primer on the wide variety of coaches that could be in line to become head coaches this season, take a look at Rapoport and Tom Pelissero’s detailed list of coaches to know, which includes short descriptions on the most prominent names. The list breaks candidates into categories from former NFL head coaches to first-timers and even examines some college coaches.
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17 comments on “Head Coach Search Updates: Rivera, McCarthy, Panthers, Candidates

  1. Tazza

    McCarthy to Rams,
    Riley to the Browns,
    McDaniels to the Panthers,
    Harbaugh to the Giants,
    Rhule to the Jags,
    And lastly Rivera to the Cowboys

    • Natergater77

      McVay isn’t being fired no matter how many post you make

      Riley isn’t leaving no matter how bad Baker wants


      Giants only make move for Rivera who worked with Gettlemen

      Marrone gets another year

      Cowboys go with Meyer or McCarthy

      • Tazza

        Riley to browns is a great fit for both team and coach. McDaniels would be great for fixing the offence and building around McCaff. Harbaugh would be great for the Giants. They have a few good young pieces and he would get that respect and be successful, good legacy move. Cowboys should go for Rivera who would clean up that defence and he a good leader

        • Natergater77

          Just bc you think that doesn’t make it happen.

          Riley isn’t giving up a great job for the unstable Browns position

          McDaniels I can see

          Harbaugh isn’t a New York type if they move on they’ll go Defensive mind most likely

          McCarthy is better fit for Dallas

  2. crosseyedlemon

    No Super Bowl winning coach has duplicated the feat with another team. Here is a list of those who made an attempt.

    Lombardi with Redskins
    Stram with Saints
    McCafferty with Lions
    Flores with Seahawks
    Ditka with Saints
    Parcells with Patriots, Jets & Cowboys
    Seifert with Panthers
    Johnson with Miami
    Holmgren with Seahawks
    Shanahan with Redskins
    Vermeil with Chiefs
    Gruden with Raiders

    • Natergater77

      Holmgren and Parcells made it to Super Bowl and loss.

      A lot of those spent 1-4 years with one other team.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    What is special about Rivera? Nothing. He was a milk toast DC in SD. I said good riddance when he left. He has had a lot of talent in Carolina and underperformed. The coaching job in the super bowl was awful! He is PC and players seem to like him…if that is what you want….

  4. ChiSoxCity

    Pace and Nagy should have been fired immediately after the game today. As is tradition, the Bears will wallow in this for years before the next incompetent front office is brought in. Watch them extend Tribusky to a six figure contract even though everyone can clearly see he’s a third string QB. F’ing Chicago.

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