Jaguars To Retain HC Doug Marrone, GM Dave Caldwell

The Jaguars will retain head coach Doug Marrone and GM Dave Caldwell for the 2020 season, as Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reports (via Twitter). There were conflicting reports over the weekend as to what owner Shad Khan would do, but for the second year in a row, Khan has elected for continuity.

Of course, Khan did fire executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin on December 18, and he indicated in a statement that he would not be filling Coughlin’s role. Instead, Marrone and Caldwell will continue to report to Khan directly, just as they have been doing since Coughlin’s dismissal. That means that Caldwell, who lost final say over personnel matters when Coughlin was hired in 2017, will regain that authority.

Khan said he met with Marrone, Caldwell, and their respective staffs in recent days, and it was those meetings — not the team’s 38-20 win over the Colts in Sunday’s meaningless finale — that led to his decision. However, Khan stressed that the team’s last-place finish in 2019 was not acceptable, and it sounds as if both Marrone and Caldwell could be on a short leash moving forward.

And that stands to reason, as neither man has set the world ablaze during their tenures in Jacksonville. Marrone is 22-28 since taking over as the club’s head coach towards the end of the 2016 season, and the Jags are 36-76 since Caldwell was hired as GM in January 2013. Of course, everyone remembers the run Jacksonville made in 2017, which nearly culminated in a Super Bowl berth, but even though that was just two years ago, the regression the club has seen since then makes it feel like a lot longer.

Marrone himself was not considering any major changes to his coaching staff, though as Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network tweets, it’s unclear whether his meeting with Khan will have changed his stance.

Khan’s statement may be found in its entirety here, courtesy of the team’s official website, but it reads in part as follows:

“The 2019 season was unacceptable and I’ve made my dissatisfaction clear. While many unusual circumstances influenced our season, none can fully explain or defend our second-half collapse with first place in the division within reach on Week 9. At the same time, there were positive developments and contributions that should not be overlooked.

We came out of our AFC Championship Game season of 2017 by making a four-year commitment to the collective leadership of our football operations. Only two seasons have passed and one change from that leadership team has already been made. I want to see what we produce under a new organizational structure in 2020. Goals have been established. Accountability will be paramount.”

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16 comments on “Jaguars To Retain HC Doug Marrone, GM Dave Caldwell

  1. julyn82001

    Good for both of these gentlemen they have a job still but why the “soap opera” whether they were going to be retained. It’s ludicrous and unprofessional.

  2. Ronk325

    Marrone will be fired by week 6 next year and Caldwell will be fired before the end of the season, similar to what the Redskins did this year. It’s amazing how bad teams never learn from their mistakes

    • Big Angry Baby

      I don’t know. Khan has the patience of JOB and (I think) would retain Staff until the season ends regardless. The Godfather got fired (and rightly so) because of the damage he did to the players as reported by the NFLPA. Khan would have been stupid not to have fired Coughlin as fast as he did. It’s surprising that Khan was not aware of the damage that Coughlin was doing via his excessive “discipline” and fines.

  3. goldenmisfit

    The Jaguars were horrible this season and you get rid of the top executive but you’re going to keep the general manager and head coach? Yeah, good plan! On this date a year from now we will be hearing Jaguars fans say “we should have fired them last year“

  4. I’ve said it on other Marrone-related articles here, but I’m not opposed to Marrone being back.

    Despite the sideline arguments, I do think the players on the team liked and respected him. The Jaguars’ offense has been terrible, and Marrone does deserve blame there (and I think the scheme needs to be updated too), but it really isn’t that surprising considering Blake Bortles’ terribleness and what happened this year. Foles getting hurt last year obviously throws a wrench into any plans the offense had and it was a bit ridiculous to expect Minshew to keep up his play through the rest of the season as opposing defenses would slowly adjust to him. And while Marrone isn’t blameless, I think the team’s struggles the past two years had more to do with Coughlin’s alienation of players and Caldwell’s poor GM’ing (specifically drafting, which extends beyond Marrone’s stint as HC). Would’ve much rather see the Jags fire Caldwell and let the new GM decide on Marrone’s fate than to see Caldwell given another year to have a poor draft for the sake of continuity. Marrone probably is out of a job by this time next year anyway, but I just don’t think he’s been given the best hand to deal with either.

  5. crazylarry

    Definition of Crazy is doing the same thing and thinking it is going to change.

  6. Big Angry Baby

    WOW … so, the Jaguars are keeping a GM who has shown his incompetence since being hired and a HC who was hired with a losing record and who still has a losing record. Well Mr. Khan, you get what you pay for ! I predict the Jaguars are cellar dwellars again next year and then it will be more excuses. SAD to be a Jaguars Fan.

  7. Big Angry Baby

    My co-workers, a Colts Fan and a Titans Fan are giddy with joy at this decision. Thanks Shad Khan.

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