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There were two major reports concerning Odell Beckham Jr. on Sunday. First, we heard that OBJ has been battling a “serious and painful” sports hernia that may require offseason surgery. Then, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, who has been tuned in to Beckham-related happenings in the past, dropped something of a bombshell when he reported that Beckham wants out of Cleveland and has told opposing players and coaches to “come get me.”

Per Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, two sources close to Beckham confirmed that Glazer’s report is accurate, at least as far as Beckham’s comments to opposing teams are concerned. Interestingly, one source said that Beckham made the comments during “at least” one game in October, and the Browns’ October schedule included games against the 49ers and Patriots, both of whom were in the market for wide receiver upgrades in advance of the trade deadline.

Beckham would have liked to play for the 49ers, and he holds San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan in high esteem and has developed a friendship with Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo. According to one source, OBJ was in disbelief when he was traded to Cleveland, especially since San Francisco had made several attempts to acquire him in 2018. While he tried to see the silver linings in the deal — the Browns were loading up for a championship run, he would have the opportunity to play alongside close friend Jarvis Landry, etc. — he was unsure about his fit with the Browns.

Robinson’s sources say Beckham is still uncertain about his fit — his relationship with the coaching staff and his role in the offense make him continue to question his place on the team — and that issue, along with his injury and the fact that he is not playing to the standard that he is capable of, have left him “lost” and looking for redemption. “Fame got to him, he made bad choices [and] now he has to redeem himself,” one source said. “And the road to redemption isn’t an easy one when you have an ego.”

As Robinson notes, there is no indication that the Browns have any intention of parting ways with Beckham, and even if they did, it’s unclear whether any team would offer the kind of package that would make GM John Dorsey trade an immensely talented receiver on a reasonable contract (the 49ers, with their tight salary-cap situation and relative lack of draft capital, no longer profile as an OBJ suitor). And if the Browns shake up their coaching staff this offseason, perhaps OBJ’s potential could be unlocked.

Current Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens, when asked on Monday about recent reports concerning Beckham, said that there has been no discussion of shutting OBJ down for the season due to his injury (Twitter link via Mary Kay Cabot of With respect to his relationship with the star receiver, Kitchens said, “Until I hear something from Odell…mine and Odell’s relationship is fine. What I’ve seen from Odell is nothing like the reports would indicate” (Twitter link via Cabot).

Perhaps as part of his quest for redemption, Beckham did gift the entire team with Nike Air Max 720 shoes on Monday, as Cabot tweets.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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23 comments on “Latest On Odell Beckham Jr.

  1. Vin Scully

    He is a shell of his former self. When he was good his selfish clown act was palatable. He will end up broke and in prison in 5 years.

    • antsmith7

      That last sentence seems like you got some hate in your heart. Why would you even say that?

  2. I’m a browns fan, and I’ve watched all the games this year. OBJ and Baker aren’t on the same page and they don’t seem to know why. My guess is that OBJ didn’t participate in mini camp or preseason games. I also think the offensive game plan is horrendous week after week, even against the bengals, Kitchens ran the ball 6 times in the first half. I think OBJ is a great talent, I really do, but if Baker can’t get him the ball consistently, the browns should trade him so Baker can do more with lesser talented WRs he has greater success with. Two first round picks and a 2nd round pick from the 49ers will probably get it done. Niners picks are going to be 20+ the next couple years, may as well get what you can and move on. Or Freddie should go (I think he will) and the offense can change the playbook to better fit OBJ.

    • zpgreen

      Are you honestly going to sit here and tell us you think OBJ is worth more now than he was when the Browns traded a 1st and 3rd for him? 2 firsts and a second would be outlandish, not to mention the post says the 49ers don’t possess the draft capital to get him.

      • The browns traded #17 overall. The 49ers could do nothing, and draft in the late 20s or even the 30s the next 2 years. Same concept with the 2nd rounders. These are late picks, not comparable to that 17th overall pick.. browns also traded Jabril Peppers in the deal. I believe the 49ers can trade for Beckham and will be able to fit him in their cap situation relatively easily. Looking at spotrac, 9ers have $18MM in cap room in 2020. They can cut McKinon and decline Juszczyk’s option, among other moves (like releasing Solomon Thomas) to create an additional $20MM in cap space. Beckham I believe is owed $17 million per year for another 3 years. With no first rounders to pay, this would be the most impactful move a contender like this could make.

        • yourmomsbox

          no thanks. Cutting the best FB in football, a major part of our offense and losing draft picks for a guy that is so unprofessional and a head case is not of interest to the niners. We have Hurd and Taylor coming back , would rather sign Sanders for less with Deebo Samuel as our #2. obviously we don’t need OBJ to win as we also have the best TE in the game too. again, no thanks on your horrible trade idea. The Raiders have taught all the teams the lesson of trading the house for a head case

          • 49ers tried to trade for OBJ in 2018 and Lynch admitted he would have been interested in trading for OBJ if Gettleman made it known OBJ was available in 2019… you can cut Kyle J and resign him to a lesser deal. No FB would sign for $6MM+ per year. Talk about a ridiculous contract… but yea, you have Hurd and Taylor (whoever that is). You had Garçon and Pettis too, what happened to them? Bunch of nothings compared to OBJ.

      • I was referring to Higgins and Perriman. I like Landry. He’s been much better than Beckham this year. For a career though, Beckham has been better.

      • No, he doesn’t. This is the only season Landry’s been on OBJ’s level and OBJ has been hurt most of the year. You say this on every OBJ article but it’s not remotely true.

  3. DarkSide830

    just curious about the whole “come and get me” thing. what is the inflection? are teams intentionally taking his quotes out of context to lower his cost for a trade? seems like a weird statement to say if you actually want said team to trade for you, no?

    • Dennid

      I believe that he did the same thing to the Cowboys when he approached Jason Garrett and you can read his lips.

    • So insane that you’re a Browns fan who can’t wait until they get rid of a serious receiving weapon. You’ll be wishing for him next year when the Browns are even worse.

  4. crazylarry

    The need to change their name to the “ Clowns” with OBJ and Mr. “ I can’t hit an open receiver “. What a joke they are. Add in John Dorsey being a jerk and Haslam clueless I feel sorry for Browns fans

  5. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    I just listened to a press conference in Cleveland with Baker Manziel on WTAM.

    He dismissively said he’s not talking anymore about how he threw his team’s medical staff under the bus. Then said his teammates need to step up.

    Then, said that “he” is 4-1 in the last 5 games, but should be 5-0.

    Is there a bigger d-bag in sports today than Baker Manziel???

    Hey baker, go fetch your wife a lemonade. And get her a straw this time.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    If NFL players have to submit to drug tests then these “unnamed sources” should have to submit to polygraphs. It seems the more ludicrous a report you can file for sites like PFR the more kool-aid you can get people to swallow. It’s true that I’m guilty of being a cynic but the “seeking redemption” angle is beyond absurd.

  7. redkloud94

    49ers getting OBJ would be a nice addition but not sure if we are willing to meet the demands of the browns. He’s had a underwhelming season maybe this years 1st 4th and next years 2nd maybe can get it done I wouldn’t offer anything else then that.

  8. compassrose

    You have to feel sorry for Browns fans. They have the ugliest color scheme in the NFL if not all of sports. The team has been run like a joke for many years. They draft Faker and get fooled into thinking he is good.

    Then trade for a huge head case who does nothing this year and if it is true he has a sports hernia aren’t smart enough to have him get surgery to have more time to heal.

    Oh and the best for last they hire the 3rd string water boy as the HC. This great hire as HC on a good day looks like he hasn’t showered for a few days and just rolled out of bed from a 2 day bender. As a Mariner fan I understand a team being poorly run for years. There is at least a glimmer of light for the Mariners.

      • compassrose

        Ok Angle fan in two years we will see you at the bottom still while we compete for a play off spot. Then after the Astros get busted down to the bare walls we will take the div. The players are coming. By the way I spelled it right because the Angels are upset you use their name and play like crap. Angle fans will always be looking for another pennant and will be mad when Dipoto takes this team there first.

  9. californiatribesman

    I guess he realized Faker Mayfield isn’t good enough to get it done. Welcome to the rest of the NFL, Odell.

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