Patriots Will Not Re-Sign Antonio Brown

The Patriots could really use another playmaker on offense. Quarterback Tom Brady lashed out at his teammates on the sidelines during last week’s loss to the Texans, and his frustration is understandable. As Mike Reiss of observes, Brady is averaging the fewest yards per attempt (6.72) since the 2002 season, and part of the reason is that his receivers just aren’t getting open. Per NFL Next Gen Stats, Brady has thrown the most tight-window passes over the past three weeks, completing just 30% of them.

Ian Rapoport of (video link) says that Brady has been spending a great deal of time with his wide receivers in the team facility and that he has tried to be more of a leader than he has been in recent seasons, and if the Pats are going to turn things around on offense, the improvement will have to come in-house. Rob Gronkowski is now ineligible to return this year, and as Adam Schefter of writes, the Patriots will not bring back Antonio Brown.

Schefter’s report hardly comes as a surprise, as New England beat writers had the same news in over the past several weeks, and Brown’s recent social media post questioning Patriots owner Robert Kraft‘s desire to win didn’t exactly endear himself to Kraft (who hadn’t shown an inclination to re-sign Brown anyway).

Still, recent reports indicating that Patriots players and coaches would welcome Brown back invited public speculation that a reunion could be in the works, even though the NFL’s investigation into the sexual assault/rape allegations against Brown is still ongoing. Brown could be suspended when the investigation finally does conclude, and given how close we are to the end of the season, it wouldn’t make much sense for any team to sign Brown at this point.

Schefter does says Brown will find work once the league has issued its decision, and he notes that Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has maintained regular contact with a handful of teams. But that work won’t come with the Patriots, who, as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes, are heading for a major organizational change in 2020. Many expect 2019 to be Brady’s last year in New England, and La Canfora suggests that head coach Bill Belichick and/or high-profile members of his staff could also be on the move.

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26 comments on “Patriots Will Not Re-Sign Antonio Brown

  1. Polish Hammer

    “Rob Gronkowski is now ineligible to return this year”

    Should say NOT instead of NOW.

  2. madmanTX

    How is Bwady’s frustration understandable when it is coming from him but not from anybody else? The media cuts this d-bag too much slack given his declining abilities.

      • So Brady finally has to play like every other QB in the league now.

        Damn having rules created for you, having to play in probably the easiest division to play in for your entire career (you easily win 5 games a year), having a tremendous offensive line that gives you 5+ seconds a play, one of the best defenses to back you up year in and out, and probably one of the best HC in the game ever is not enough.

        Just admit you need all pros to be around you or you are finally showing your age and skills are not as sharp. The team has already shown that it is changing with as much as the team runs the ball between last year and so far this year.

    • bradthebluefish

      Can’t throw to people who aren’t open. Brady’s skills are still there so that’s not the problem. The problem is the lack of talented receivers. Hence why many Pats fans want Antonio Brown back.

      • How about the Giants? Jets? Jaguars? etc etc … are you saying that they have all pro QBs because hardly any of their WR are open either.

        I think they made a great observation during the game today. Without having both Gronk and Edelman commanding constant double teams/attention none of the other receivers are open. I dont recall too many teams having the pieces to do that. Also there is about 2 or 3 passes before halftime where Brady completely missed it with wide throws and the guy was wide open.

        So if you are saying Brady hasnt lost any skill then maybe he isnt actually that skilled to begin with and was more a product of the team construction. Where he needs multiple HoF / Pro Bowlers to be efficient where the elite QBs can make their receivers better than they truly are. Look who Garappolo has had to throw to before sanders came on board.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    The only people pushing for a return of AB are the lazy media hacks who don’t want to bother reporting on relevant players.

  4. Oh man this is some truly shocking news. On par with the sky being blue and water being wet.

  5. steelshu

    Poor poor Tom. Suggest he resource to his other weapons, just cheat… sure has worked in the past

  6. EvilDeadpool

    All of you guys are Closet Patriot fans. Why else would you go to another team write up to talk about Tom Bra y. I dropped the “D” because you all are sucking it. 8====D

  7. GMB 883

    Looks like a lot of Patriot haters. Too funny and it’s obvious TB and his team have been kicking their teams ass year after year. What Brady’s doing this year at 42 years old with only one receiver that can get open (Edelman who is double teamed) and an inconsistent offensive line (terrible today) is absolutely incredible. It’s obvious Roll has no clue what he’s talking about. Most of the throws Brady misses are due to the constant pressure in his face. I guess he’s so bad that the Patriots are 10-3 with the #2 seed. Based on how good the defense and special teams are performing, the “haters” better hope that TB and his receivers don’t figure it out. If they do there will be a lot of people crying. TB and his Coach are GOAT’s for a reason.

    • He had a nice easy crossing route on 4th down with time to spare and missed it.

      Also if you read my first post, i gave credit to the team and even the coach. Also if you remember correctly the patriots actually went 11-5 with someone that couldnt cut it as a starter anywhere else in Matt Cassell.

      This year the defense is carrying this team similar to the year the Broncos won it with Peyton Manning at QB. They are pretty much number one or two in every defensive category. I am saying he needs to admit he has lost a step and he is not the QB he thinks he is.

  8. GMB 883

    Roll, the only reason the defense is carrying the team is Belichick decided to spend most of the cap $ on the defense and special teams. Gronkowski retired and he was not replaced unless you think 38 year old Ben Watson is a suitable replacement. Ben was retired. N’Keal Harry was drafted in the 1st round and he got injured in training camp. He went on IR for more 8 games plus 2 more to get ready. Antonio Brown, well you know that story. He’s has some serious personal issues. That man needs help but he is extremely talented. So finally Belichick trades for M. Sunu and he catches 11 from Brady in his first game, then he’s injured with a high ankle sprain. Phillip Dorsett got a concussion and has never lived up to being a first round pick by Indy. Did I mention their starting center and left tackle got injured and went on IR at the beginning of the season. No big deal right. Only 2/5ths of the offensive line. So throughout all of this, the Patriots are 10-3 and the #2 seed in the AFC. If you don’t think Brady is a magician at 42 years old, you either know nothing about football or your just a hater. And yes Belichick will win games when TB moves on or retires, but unless he signs, trades for or develops an elite QB, they won’t be winning 6 SB’s etc. That 11-5 year your referring to was with Matt Cassel. How did the Patriots do in the playoffs that year? Oh wait a minute, they did not make the playoffs that year. This season is on BB. Brady needs receivers that can get open. He is 42 so he’s not what he was 5 years ago but it’s remarkable what he’s doing. Just because you have a great defense doesn’t mean you don’t need to score points against really talented offensive teams like the Chiefs, Saints, 49’s, Seahawks etc.

  9. crosseyedlemon

    It’s annoying enough to have wannabee’s rant and whine but must we also have to listen to future Hall of Famers cry too?

  10. GMB 883

    Yes but only if it’s legit.

    So today there is a report the Patriots are cheating again – Lol. Only to find out the Patriots sent a reporter/video employee to do some film on the series “do your job”. Someone noticed the guy filming and decided he was there to spy on the Bengals. Gotta love it. You can’t make this stuff up. The haters will hate and franchises run like the Patriots, Seahawks, Saints etc. will continue to succeed.

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