Steelers Waive DB Kameron Kelly

The Steelers have waived defensive back Kameron Kelly, the team announced. Brooke Pryor of reported earlier today that Kelly was arrested in the early morning hours on Friday on two counts of terroristic threats and one count of resisting arrest.

Per the criminal complaint, police were called to Mario’s South Side Saloon in Pittsburgh when a man, identified as Kelly, was being disorderly. Police told him he had to leave, and he then became confrontational (he had already physically threatened an employee when his music choice was skipped over on the jukebox). Outside the venue, the arresting officer accidentally stepped on the foot of a woman, which angered Kelly. Kelly said the woman was “his girl” and pushed his chest against the officer’s and threatened him. Kelly then resisted arrest and was punched in the face several times by an officer. He was treated for a busted lip at a nearby hospital and then taken to jail.

Kelly, 23, signed with the Cowboys as a UDFA following the 2018 draft. The San Diego State product was cut prior to the start of training camp and later caught on with the San Diego Fleet of the now-defunct AAF. Kelly signed with the Steelers in April, shortly after the AAF shut down.

He played in every defensive snap for Pittsburgh in the team’s Week 1 loss to the Patriots, but he has only been used on special teams since the middle of the season (though he did record the first interception of his career against Lamar Jackson in the Steelers’ Week 5 loss to the Ravens).

In a corresponding move, the Steelers have promoted safety Marcus Allen from the practice squad.

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45 comments on “Steelers Waive DB Kameron Kelly

  1. Senioreditor

    He was barely hanging on in the NFL and now he’s gone for sure.

  2. GiantsX3

    Nothing worse than being asked to leave the bar when you’re still thirsty.

    • Vin Scully

      There is something worse. For instance getting arrested and losing your job because you are a drunken a-hole.

      • TrollHunter

        Seems to me there’s a good chance the cops were out of line as well!

        I’d like to hear a few eye-witness accounts of how they handled the situation.

        Not that it really matters 70% of cops are worthless and 100% are never held accountable when they break the law.

        • findingnimmo

          Someone is an idiot. Not only just this scumbag football player. I hope u never need police to help you in anyway, but if by chance u do, I kinda would think it’s funny if they don’t respond.

          • ctside26

            Totally agree – I’m a Steeler fan and for me they couldn’t cut Kelly quick enough!!

            This TrollHunter dude sounds like a bigger idiot than Kelly. Typical ignorant response – Football player out drinking at 5am acting like a total fool and it’s the Police’s fault!! Get a clue “Moron”

          • TrollHunter

            What exactly, would I ever need a police officer for?

            If I get robbed? If my car gets stollen? If my house gets vandalized? All they ever do is “make a report!”

            Even murder and rape, only ever get solved if the perpetrator is caught in the act.

            Unless you live in an area that has actual detectives these crimes go un-investigated. Patrol cops both city and state are utterly worthless by and large.

            Oh wait, there are two crimes they go after hard, drugs and DUIs! If it doesn’t directly boost their budget they simply don’t care.

            And as for “excessive force” and “harassment” by the police, those are RAMPANT problems across the country!

            • keyser_soze

              Don’t forget about police officers and their excessive rates of domestic violence among them. Never mind they are SAINTS. I apologize

          • TrollHunter

            None, and that’s the problem! No one can say anything critical of the police for fear of being beaten to death.

            • jsinclair15

              Yes there are bad officers but guess what? There are bad employees in every job. It just so happens that officers are always in the spotlight so like plane crashes when they do occur its all put there for the world to see.

              Not every officer is good but most are. They deal with the scum of the earth in a lot of occasions putting their life on the line every time they strap on the vest only to have jacka$$ like you throw them down.

              It really irritates me when someone has the audacity to talk smack on someone you don’t even know.

  3. goblue5

    Not sure why the Steelers don’t post the following quote from
    Hines Ward in their locker room: “Nothing good happens after midnight on the South Side”

  4. crazylarry

    The Steeler way. Drunk and disorderly. Luckily he already had a girlfriend or he probably would of went all Big Ben and “ assaulted” her in the bathroom prior

    • That’s a stupid remark. The Steelers have been a pretty clean franchise over the years, offering football fans many great teams and great games (Lynn Swann and John Stallworth and Franco Harris was an incredible set of skill players, along with the Steel Curtain and Jack Lambert for instance).

      If you’d like to look for hedonism and drug use, you’d be better to turn your eyes towards Dallas. For violence and cheating, either to Jack Tatum vintage Raiders or the more recent New Orleans Saints with their injury bounty program (HC Sean Payton and DC Greg Williams were suspended for a year or more).

      • deal1122

        I was going to respond to that guy, but he seems like a moron, so there’s no sense in wasting my time

    • ctside26

      Unlike other teams in the NFL the Steelers make an effort to clean up
      there mess.

        • ctside26

          Your saying Antonio Brown was replaceable?? LMAO

          That’s what separates the Steelers- everyone is replaceable.

      • keyser_soze

        Yea, I remember that time they cut the starting QB who got accused sexual assault 2x. OH WAIT! Never mind.

        • ctside26

          Accused is the key word – never found guilty of either charge.

          Not taking up for Ben – It disgusts me that players put themselves in those types of situations.

          Innocent until proven guilty!

    • TrollHunter

      Thug, that’s an odd choice of words to describe a guy getting too drunk and aggressive at a bar! I bet your just substituting “thug” for another word your too scared to say!

      • findingnimmo

        Nope. I think u r the racist one for implying that. A thug is a thug, white or black. Doesn’t matter. An idiot on the other hand, well that’s pretty easy to see what that is.

      • ctside26

        Always looking to call the race card! Doesn’t matter what color – you act like a fool your a thug.

        • TrollHunter

          It’s funny you should say that.

          I seem to remember former HC Todd Haley getting an a drunken altercation at a bar. Yet for some reason I never once heard anyone refer to him as a thug!

          • findingnimmo

            How do u find a way to defend these type of people and at the same time rip on all police officers. I am dumb to even comment about anything you say. I hope you find someone to love you in your life.

          • ctside26

            Anybody can get into a fight. That doesn’t make you a thug. What makes you a thug is when you bow up to a police officer.

            Knowing how the Steelers operate I’m guessing Rooney and Tomlin has the facts before they decided to release Kelly.

  5. oneiblnd

    He’s in a bar with a name containing the word saloon listening to a jukebox. Good times.

  6. Mike7153

    I was at South Side last night, I kind of wish I would’ve saw this happen. For those of you not from Pittsburgh, Mario’s is one of the biggest bars in Pittsburgh and it’s always really crazy there…

    • ctside26

      That’s why they have an Officer there on duty – he asked him to leave.

      I just never understand why people don’t comply – this is why 99.9% of the time the altercation with police

  7. emac22

    What are the terroristic threats?

    It’s actually hard to believe a police officer who beats a drunk person and then books him for terroristic threats.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    “he had already physically threatened an employee when his music choice was skipped over on the jukebox”

    It would be delightfully ironic if his music choice was “I Fought The Law (And The Law Won).

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