Terrell Suggs Only To Play For Ravens?

DEC. 15: At least one team other than the Ravens is poised to claim Suggs, as Ian Rapoport of NFL.com tweets. Rapoport confirms that Suggs is not certain to report if he is claimed by a club other than Baltimore, but again, teams may simply want to keep the future Hall-of-Famer from reuniting with the 12-2 Ravens. Rapoport speculates that the Titans, who employ Suggs’ former Baltimore defensive coordinator, Dean Pees, could be the interested team. Jason La Canfora of CBS sports says Tennessee is, in fact, interested in Suggs, along with the 49ers (Twitter link).

DEC. 14: An interesting showdown is setting up between pass-rusher Terrell Suggs and NFL teams. Suggs, released earlier this week, only wants to play for the Ravens and will “strongly consider” not reporting to other teams who claim him, sources told Adam Schefter of ESPN.com.

Suggs started his career with the team, and wants to return to Baltimore to finish it out. The only problem is that since the Ravens have the league’s best record they have the lowest priority waiver claim, so all 31 other teams will have to pass on him for him to get his wish. Suggs “has told some people that he is unlikely to report anywhere other than Baltimore,” Schefter writes. Suggs can be claimed at 4pm ET on Monday, so we’ll know his next destination in the next couple of days.

Even if a team knows that Suggs will retire rather than play for them, they might still be inclined to claim him just to block the Ravens from adding some help right before the playoffs. It would certainly make sense for a fellow contender to want to spoil Baltimore’s plans, and Suggs is only owed $350K for the rest of the season.

The longtime veteran was drafted tenth overall by the Ravens all the way back in 2003. He spent the next 16 seasons with the team and became a franchise icon, winning Super Bowl XLVII with them and making the Pro Bowl seven times. He remained reasonably productive with seven sacks last year, but the Ravens let him walk to Arizona. He inked a one-year, $7MM deal with the Cardinals, and ended up finishing with 5.5 sacks and four forced fumbles in 13 games with them.

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27 comments on “Terrell Suggs Only To Play For Ravens?

  1. bumpy93

    I would to see him in eagles green, but going back to Baltimore is the next best thing since I live in b-more

    • Connorsoxfan

      If you’re a team like the Pats isn’t it worth 350k to not have him out there for Baltimore in the AFC championship? Every little thing makes a difference…

  2. Natergater77

    No one will claim him. He has earned the respect of every GM in the league.

    They will allow him to go to BAL and let him have a chance to retire with Super Bowl win.

    • CubsRebsSaints

      If Belichick doesn’t claim him, it’s because he thinks it won’t get in his way of winning the Super Bowl. The only reason.

    • mitchrapp

      Business don’t work like that gator. Someone will claim him just so he doesn’t end up in Baltimore. He can sign a 1 day contract after the season to retire a Raven.

  3. greg7274

    Claim him and trade him to Baltimore for a free late round draft pick.
    …everybody wins

    • crosseyedlemon

      Uh…if he could be traded to Baltimore for a pick the Cardinals would have already tried that before waiving him.

      • greg7274

        I guess I was thinking AFTER the season.
        But I that’s probably not something he’d want either, as he’s probably looking to retire this year.

  4. GMB 883

    The trade deadline was Oct 29th. He can’t be claimed and traded. Some team will claim him most likely so that the Ravens won’t have his help. They are obviously playing great football. This is a non story. Suggs is not much of a factor any more and he’s no likely to play even if the Ravens were able to clam him. Harbaugh would probably have him watching from the sidelines assuming they would pay the $350K to claim him.

  5. He walked from Baltimore for $$$$$$, loyalty be dammed. Now why should the Ravens cut a spot on the team for him? A very good team, the Ravens don’t need him!

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