17-Game Schedule Holding Up CBA?

Introduced during these collective bargaining agreement discussions, the 17-game schedule has become one of the central components of the negotiations. It appears the talks are progressing, and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports (on Twitter) the revised schedule is likely to be part of the next CBA.

However, were the 17-game schedule not included in these discussions, Florio adds it is believed the league and the NFLPA would have a deal by now (Twitter link). It could then be inferred the parties have agreed to a revenue split figure, which would be a critical barrier cleared.

The owners, who recently proposed a new revenue-split figure, are confident the extra game will be added to schedules. While the 17-game season would not necessarily become a reality in the CBA’s first year, it can be assumed that would be an early-2020s change.

The prospect of a 17-game season surfaced in late September, and we’ve steadily learned what this would mean for the league. Having used a 16-game schedule for 42 years, the NFL moved off its 18-game pursuit during these talks and is attempting to structure a 19-week season (two byes) with a Super Bowl that moves into late February. Each team’s extra game would come at neutral sites, both domestic and international, with the preseason being shortened.

A longer season obviously isn’t an especially popular proposition for the players, though the extra bye week and the NFL’s (known) concessions on marijuana and Roger Goodell‘s disciplinary powers would seemingly help. As would greater cap spikes generated by additional revenue. But it remains to be seen what effect an extra game would have on contracts.

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21 comments on “17-Game Schedule Holding Up CBA?

    • Steven Juris

      The NFL is the only one of the 3 big sports leagues that prosecutes players for using pot. They would rather them use opioids.

  1. Leemitt

    I like the neutral site bit. Gives a lot of people a chance to attend a game who might not otherwise be able to.

  2. Boston2AZ

    Neutral site games are a joke. Is the NFL so full of itself that it thinks that people are going to pay premium dollars to see a game between say, the Cardinals and the Jets? Home team loyalty and season ticket packages are the only thing putting people in seats in a lot of towns.

    • JJB0811

      If you’re dumb enough to buy tickets to either the Jets or Cards in their cities, then their are idiots willing to pay full price at other venues.

      • JJB0811

        I live in Jacksonville. I refuse to go to a game, let alone buy season tickets. Both Shad and the former owner could care less about winning, so why give them even a $1? Same for NYJ & AZ fans.

        • dcahen

          JJB0811 – why are you even on here if you’re such a non-fan? This neutral site idea may save your team from moving to London. You’re lucky to still have a team with the attendance you’ve had. Just tarp the entire upper deck & call it a sell out so it can be on TV & maybe generate some new fans! Seemed to work before, but if SD or St Louis or Oakland want a team again, who is likely to relocate?

  3. Perksy

    I like the idea of the 2 byes with the 17 game season. Football season is too short anyway, and this is a good way of extending without hurting the players.

  4. angels24

    Could super bowl Sunday be on president’s day so that we get the Monday off from school/work???

    • Perksy

      Was thinking the same thing. They should do that. And if they don’t want it that weekend then at least put the super bowl on a Saturday. There’s 2 weeks anyway between that and the championship games so one day less wont matter.

  5. Black Ace57

    The players really have to decide what’s important to them. If they take the 17 game schedule and don’t reduce Goddell’s power just for a higher revenue percentage I don’t have any sympathy for the next player who faces the commissioner’s abuse of power.

    • Perksy

      Put the super bowl on Saturday. I don’t understand why they don’t. 2 weeks off anyway after the championship games. In fact I wish they did one championship game on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    A 17 game schedule is a terrible idea. Only Rod Marinelli and Hue Jackson could benefit from this.

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