Broncos To Hire Pat Shurmur As OC

Pat Shurmur wasn’t out of a job too long. Less than two weeks after being fired as head coach of the Giants, Shurmur has agreed to become the new offensive coordinator of the Broncos, sources told Mike Garafolo of NFL Network (Twitter link). 

Garafolo notes that the deal isn’t officially set yet, but that Shurmur has accepted the job. Despite getting run out of New York he was a pretty hot name. We heard recently that four different teams had expressed interest in Shurmur as an OC, and the Redskins were reportedly sniffing around before hiring Scott Turner. Denver surprisingly elected to fire Rich Scangarello earlier today, and they moved quickly to lock up Shurmur.

Shurmur’s reputation took a hit during his time with the Giants, but it wasn’t too long ago that he was receiving a ton of praise for his work in helping guide Case Keenum to the NFC Championship game with the Vikings. That performance landed him the job in New York, but he flamed out while going 9-23 in two years.

Shurmur is a veteran play-caller, and has served as an offensive coordinator with the Rams and Eagles as well as being a head coach with the Browns for two years in 2011 and 2012. Denver started three different quarterbacks last year, but they hit a bit of a groove down the stretch with rookie Drew Lock under center. Shurmur will now be responsible for Lock’s development.

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31 comments on “Broncos To Hire Pat Shurmur As OC

    • cr4

      wasn’t really his fault his a great coach definitely the best move browns have made

    • rct

      I am by no means a Shurmer defender but he had no receivers, a rookie QB, the TE missed a huge portion of the season, and Saquon missed games and was not 100% for most of the season. What exactly should he have done differently or better?

  1. JJB0811

    I’ve never been a big proponent of the Rooney rule. But seeing the Skins interview 1 guy (HC), Dallas 2 (HC), and both OC’s & DC’s hired after 1 interview, its pretty clear, it nothing more than a friend’s network. It took all of 1 hour for Den to hire an OC?

    I understand the frustration.

    • lyle

      What does the the Rooney rule have to do with the Skins? All the rule says is you have to interview a minority candidate. Ron Rivera is a minority. For once they didn’t do anything wrong.

      • JJB0811

        When you interview 1 candidate for a HC job, you simply aren’t trying to learn new ideas and people. After their SB run, the Panthers were 3 out of 4 seasons under 500. And 1 interview is enough? Sorry, but that’s BS. It’s a lazy effort by Dan and simply avoided the Rooney rule by hiring/interviewing a ‘minority’.

          • JJB0811

            They avoided doing any work by interviewing 1 person for a +/-$5M a year job. Could you imagine if they only interviewed 1 white person? It was a lazy process by both the Skins and Cowboys.

            No one on any of the playoff teams deserved to be interviewed? I just watched KC run up 50+ points in about a quarter in a half. But Eric B shouldn’t even be interviewed? Lazy.

            • TJECK109

              It may have been lazy but it’s not against the rules. If you own the franchise and you have a guy that you want, then you go get him. Maybe after Gruden they didn’t want to go unproven

                • georob1976

                  Minority doesn’t mean black, it means minority. Hispanics are also minorities, would you be upset if they would have only interviewed a black coach or are you upset because they didn’t interview a black coach?

                  • JJB0811

                    I’m not upset. My point is I understand why black coaches think it’s a rigged process. They are brought in to satisfy a rule, not to be heard.

                    I’ve been working long enough to know any executive position open for hire has more than 1 (Skins) or 2 (Boys) candidate(s).

                  • sufferfortribe

                    Exact, georob1976. I’m white, live in Southern California, and I’m actually the minority here now.

                    • rct

                      You’re only a minority in that very specific area, so I’m not sure what on earth your point is.

            • amk3510

              All that says is they liked Ron Rivera which is fair with his solid track record. Bieniemy should absolutely have got a head coaching job but that blame is on the Giants/Vikings than the Redskins. Redskins did nothing wrong with their hire, which is a rare change of pace for them. I know its cool to think every time Synder breathes he is doing something wrong but in this case your being ridiculous with that reach.

                • JJB0811

                  To each their own. Redskins have sucked for 20 years under Dan. I don’t expect this hire to change that history.

                  My entire point to this conversation is I understand why black coaches are pissed off. They aren’t being taken serious.

        • cuban1

          Maybe because they already knew who they wanted. If they go ahead and interview a bunch of other candidates they dont want, simply to interview them and hire Rivera, they would be doing everyone else a great disservice, and wasting everyones time.

          • JJB0811

            You can’t interview coaches during the season. They interviewed 1 candidate. When Jay was fired, no one was interviewed until the end of the season. Even Ron wasn’t interviewed until Jan. Why not? He could have been hired in Dec after he was fired.

        • wordonthestreet

          JJB … you want to try that again? Your comment makes no sense.

    • DarkSide830

      what are you on about? the point of the Rooney rule is to assist minorities. it never was about hiring outside of your network.

      • JJB0811

        1 interview is assisting? Sorry, I don’t buy it. besides Ron’s dad was an US army officer, real minority figure right there.

  2. azcrook

    If a team has their sights set on one particular coaching candidate….why go through the charade of interviewing anybody else…..minority/non-minority….just to please the NFL trying to P.C.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I respect JJ but now he’s going to have to explain to his wife why he interviewed a dozen other naked females before deciding to marry her…lol.

    • Thomas Bliss

      So what are we thinking now screw Lock and keep developing him to sign Eli Manning and Tom Brady?

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