Ed Dodds Declines Browns Interview

Over the weekend, the Browns requested an interview with Colts assistant GM Ed Dodds, making him the first known candidate in their GM search. However, Dodds has declined the invite, according to NFL.com’s Tom Pelissero (on Twitter).

Dodds, Pelissero hears, feels there is unfinished business in Indy. Speculatively, one has to wonder if he might also have some reservations about the power structure in Cleveland. The Browns fired Freddie Kitchens after one (disappointing) season at the helm and parted ways with GM John Dorsey despite some savvy moves on Dorsey’s part to restock the roster.

The new structure will see new head coach Kevin Stefanski and the GM TBD each report directly to Haslam. Meanwhile, chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta is expected to carry significant influence in the front office.

Eagles exec and old friend Andrew Berry is also in the mix for the GM job and could be the favorite to land it.

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11 comments on “Ed Dodds Declines Browns Interview

  1. ohiodevil

    Not surprised, he was tied to Saleh if he had got the job. It’ll most likely be Andrew Berry or the Vikings Asst GM that gets the Browns GM spot.

  2. greenguy

    Who would want that job? After all those high end draft choices not working and Hue Jackson putting franchise backwards it’s going to take time to get back on track! Browns fans deserve better

    • sufferfortribe

      Sounds like a perfect reason to want the job. A chance to build a consistent winner and erase the recent past.
      Remember, it’s an exclusive membership, with a limited amount of positions.

      • Steven Juris

        Cleveland needs to fire Haslam and DePodestra first. Worst owner in sports and a guy who knows nothing about sports at all. They are the reasons the Browns suck and will suck and they know that Cleveland likes things that suck.

        • padam

          Knows nothing about sports, yet has/had an executive position in two different leagues. And you have…?

    • ohiodevil

      Whoever turns things around in Cleveland will be a legend in the city and would be a huge accomplishment with how bad ownership has been.

      • After seeing John Dorsey turned out in the streets after building a championship roster (which Freddie Kitchens rode into sub-500 football), who would want to take a Browns GM job?

        There’s no credibility left in Cleveland. There’s a roster of pampered stars many of whom will all be coming off of rookie deals soon and expecting to be paid. Management is chronically unstable. Cleveland is a great place to go to faceplant your career.

        • sufferfortribe

          Dorsey did not build a championship roster. Not even close. But he did destroy the offensive line.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Several candidates that were accepting interviews around the league the past few weeks clearly had no intention of leaving their current team, but there is really no downside to having a resume that shows other organizations were interested in you. I don’t see any benefit to closing the door on opportunities to network as that is how many NFL jobs are filled.

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