Latest On Browns’ Coaching & GM Search

The Browns have their new head coach in Kevin Stefanski, but they still need a new GM after firing John Dorsey. They recently requested an interview with Eagles exec Andrew Berry, and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports tweets that he’s “at the front of the GM candidates.”

Robinson notes that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam once said he considered Berry a future GM, and that he has a relationship with chief strategist Paul DePodesta. In a separate tweet, Robinson explains that it may come down to whether or not Berry wants to take the job. He notes that Berry, who used to work in Cleveland under former GM Sashi Brown, is only 32 and in a good situation in Philly. He also writes that Berry will likely get other calls if he passes on the job.

As for the search that ultimately ended in Stefanski, Robinson has some interesting new nuggets. He tweets that Josh McDanielswanted a specific structure with the Browns” and that he “wasn’t going to an org where DePodesta or anyone else was a ‘side jury’ reporting to Haslam.” If that’s the case, then it sounds like McDaniels never got too close to landing in Cleveland despite his lengthy visit. The Browns and Haslam have caught plenty of flak for their odd reporting structures, and it sounds like that was an issue once again this time around. 

Robinson also tweets that both Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh “had very good interviews” and that he thinks they were the finalists along with Stefanski. Both should be hot names during next cycle. As for Stefanski’s staff, Robinson tweets that the rookie head coach will likely target either Gary or Klint Kubiak. The Kubiaks were on staff with Stefanski in Minnesota, although Robinson thinks the Vikings will try to retain both. Either could be a candidate to be Cleveland’s new OC assuming Stefanski hires one.

Finally, Robinson tweeted about the future prospects for assistant GM Eliot Wolf and VP of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith. He thinks the Haslams are open to both staying, and that Wolf will have a conversation with whoever the new GM is about a role.

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21 comments on “Latest On Browns’ Coaching & GM Search

    • Michael Chaney

      I’m a little iffy about it too, but other teams have started to do the same in the past and this at least ensures that the front office is on the same page as the coaching staff

      • playicy

        Tell me which other team than this losing organization that hasn’t got nothing right since 1995 with Belichick! I would do gm than coach so there are no friction between the two guys a top of your organization

        • tylerall5

          Maybe the new GM won’t have the traditional role, everything I’ve read seems to point at DePodesta as the head honcho in the front office.

        • sufferfortribe

          Seattle and SF have both done the coach first, GM second. Seems to be working just fine for them.
          But keep on hating…..

          • crosseyedlemon

            Also the Raiders and Jets. It’s an unconventional approach but if you get good people who can work as a team then there are many ways to achieve success.

    • hoosierhysteria

      Since both coach and GM report to jimmy/Dee……it doesn’t matter about the hiring sequence. Creative conflict destroys organizations….every time. Browns need teamwork and synergy.

  1. TJECK109

    McDaniels playing hardball with the idea he will get the Pats job when BB retires.

    • dynamite drop in monty

      I know it’s spiteful but I’m really going to enjoy when BB finally walks away and the entire franchise implodes when toxic McDaniels is given the reigns.

  2. jb19

    At least McDaniels was forthcoming about his intent to be the only person reporting to the owner by eliminating executives. He wants to be BB so bad, but hasn’t had any of the accomplishments to earn that position.

  3. jorge78

    How does Podesta have all these “relationships” with all
    these coaches? Are they all
    Masons or something!!??

  4. jorge78

    Alonzo? One of Jimmy Johnson’s Miami college players
    Is he the same one?

  5. jorge78

    Andrew: why is there a big gap in the comments sections?
    It keeps happening especially
    on the baseball side…..

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