Cowboys Could Keep Kellen Moore

New Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is a fan of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, Ian Rapoport of hears (on Twitter). McCarthy hasn’t made any firm decisions on his staff, but it seems like McCarthy is more than open to keeping Moore in his current role. 

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Moore, 31 this summer, took over for Scott Linehan prior to the 2019 season. The Cowboys’ offense lacked consistency throughout the year, but McCarthy isn’t necessarily placing the blame at Moore’s feet.

Marvin Lewis – the other only known candidate for the Cowboys head coaching vacancy – was reportedly eyeing Hue Jackson as his OC. The hiring of McCarthy means that Moore will have a chance to stay in Dallas, despite the departure of Jason Garrett.

Speaking of McCarthy – Rapoport hears that he has landed a five-year pact with the Cowboys. The financial terms of the deal are not yet known.

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25 comments on “Cowboys Could Keep Kellen Moore

  1. gosodpoodles

    I was hoping the cowboys would hire Aikman so I didn’t have to hear him as a commentator anymore lmao

  2. yogineely

    I’m not a fan of the packers or cowboys, so I’m admittedly blind to why the cowboys hiring McCarthy is being trashed by fans. Can anyone fill me in?

    • txjags

      All I can say is that he is a Super Bowl winning head coach, and not many coaches currently in the league can say that.

    • Birdman1182

      No a Cowboys fan either but my read is like Garrett, he is Another doldrums, no fire, play not to lose head coach Jerra can play like a puppet

  3. amk3510

    Hiring McCarthey is such a Cowboys move. Dude was carried by Rosgers and clearly held the Packers back.

      • amk3510

        Because his archaic style if coaching has lead to the Packers underachieving for years. Aka when he decided to shut it down and just run the ball in the NFL title game despite having the best QB in football. Sean Mcvays waterboy has come in and got more out of the Packers than McCarthey did.

        • qbert1996

          Or maybe the fact that the previous regime never spent on free agency until this past offseason? I’d argue the Packers vastly overachieved for years under McCarthy

          • amk3510

            After 2010 they wasted the prime of Aaron Rodgers and sure Ted T was part of the problem but they definitely did not over acheive. 15-1 to one and done. 2012, 2014, 2015 great seasons wasted away by dumb losses. Heck the offense this year is the same group of players as last year and Lafluer is getting better results

              • wordonthestreet

                Many quarterbacks make audibles. Its not ignoring the play. Its changing the play and its common

  4. gosodpoodles

    Best available. People would hate on the cowboys even if they hired the greatest coach ever. As a cowboys fan, I’m just happy to see Garrett gone honestly.

  5. toddkirchenberg

    In Dallas his hands won’t be tied like they were in Green Bay. As a Packer fan we all know that Ted Thompson did him no favors by not getting free agents.

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