Latest On Cowboys’ Coaching Search

Jason Garrett is still technically the coach of the Cowboys, but everything continues to indicate they’ll be moving on with the team already scheduling interviews with Marvin Lewis and Mike McCarthy. Here’s the latest on everything pertaining to Dallas’ search:

  • The Cowboys were conspicuously quiet for a while, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t working behind the scenes. The McCarthy interview news just leaked Friday morning but the former Packers coach was apparently originally scheduled to interview on Thursday before rescheduling to accommodate his Browns interview, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News (Twitter link). That proves owner Jerry Jones hasn’t just been sitting on his hands after the season ended.
  • Garrett, meanwhile, is continuing to lobby Jones for another chance, as Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported in Sunday’s FOX pregame show. Jones has been steadfast in his decision to move on from Garrett, but Garrett is doing everything he can to keep his post. Meanwhile, the team’s interview with McCarthy went so well that McCarthy stayed an extra day in Dallas.
  • Baylor coach Matt Rhule and Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley have also been connected to the Cowboys’ job. The Jones family should have a good read on their potential interest in the job since they have the same agent as McCarthy, tweets Albert Breer of Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network says that Jones will gauge Riley’s interest, but Riley is unlikely to leave Oklahoma at this point (video link).
  • The Lewis interview caught a lot of people by surprise, but there is one interesting link between the two sides. Jones is very good friends with Bengals owner Mike Brown, tweets Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic. Dehner writes that the two men “hold very similar view[s]” on handling their teams. Lewis, of course, was Cincinnati’s coach for 16 seasons and Brown was very reluctant to let him go. It’s possible that Brown recommended Lewis to Jones.
  • Speaking of Lewis, Rapoport says the former Bengals HC would require that the Cowboys — or any club — hire Hue Jackson as his OC (video link). That could be a deal-breaker for the Cowboys given the presence of Kellen Moore.
  • Garrett had told his assistants on expiring deals they were free to start looking for other work. Most assistants were on expiring deals like Garrett, but that notably excluded Moore and offensive line coach Marc Colombo, Breer tweets. The organization thinks very highly of Moore and he generally received positive reviews in his first year calling plays. Since both are still under contract, it’s quite possible the Jones’ will retain them even when they hire a new coach. Breer adds that Garrett hasn’t spoken to any of his staff since Monday.
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22 comments on “Latest On Cowboys’ Coaching Search

  1. WVmilkman2020

    Lewis is just a formality for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones knows who he wants.

    • earmbrister

      Other than the Redskins, what teams have hired Head Coaches? This is like free agency, the candidates all know who needs a head coach, and probably won’t make a decision without exploring the Dallas job, if they are interested.

  2. Tazza

    Targets should be Urban Meyer, Mike McCarthy and Lincoln Riley.
    Ron Rivera would’ve been a good option also but he’s signed up already.
    Jim Harbough is another interesting option, has a 44-19-1 record as an NFL coach, 105-45 as a college coach and is 5-3 in the postseason in the NFL. He had a great first season with the 9ers winning coach of the year, had a great second year taking the team to a super bowl and almost winning, and then was fired after the third season. Only issue would be about control with Jerry liking to always be the boss but Jim would do a great job with this team.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Harbaugh Jr. will be a lightning rod for drama and controversy and he can thank Vic Fangio for his win record looking that good. I just pray the Bears don’t get any ideas about bring him back to Chicago.

    • earmbrister

      Tazza, I’d go in a different direction. Urban Meyer has character issues. McCarthy and Riley are offensive minded coaches, which doesn’t address the inability of the defense to generate turnovers and stops. Dallas needs a defensive guru who can change the mindset and results of the defense.

      • dorfmac

        Riley would fit in perfectly with the Cowboys because he’d still be allowed to choke and lose every big game.

    • Rondon

      If a serious head coaching candidate like McCarthy gets hired by Jones, I’d be amazed. Jones is a control freak and that’s why he hung onto Json Garrett, his whipping boy, for so long. A coach like McCarthy won’t put up with that kind of BS.

  3. TJECK109

    This is a situation where they interview who they want and if they don’t get their target they keep Garrett

  4. greenguy

    Hue Jackson is a cancer, they way he threw everyone under the bus in Cleveland to save himself should make him undesirable. All those high draft picks that he wanted and couldn’t win with also another negative

  5. captainchaos55

    Marvin Lewis is in no position to be dictating that he will only accept a position if Hue Jackson is his OC.

  6. Polish Hammer

    Garrett come on dude, they’re bringing in your replacement for interviews and you’re still begging to keep you job? Move on!

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