Dolphins Considering Joe Burrow Trade-Up?

Considering how their season started, the Dolphins surprised most by winning five games. As a result, the first of their three first-round picks comes in at No. 5. But the team long expected to draft a quarterback high this year is intrigued by the top prospect available.

The Dolphins covet Joe Burrow, per Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who adds owner Stephen Ross is driving the bandwagon for the player expected to go No. 1 overall. This obviously may be academic, with the Bengals also needing a quarterback and fans of the LSU record-setter as well. The Bengals have backtracked on a report they will not trade the top pick, however.

It would take a massive trade haul for the Dolphins to move up to No. 1, but they do have the necessary draft capital to make such a move. The Dolphins also hold the Nos. 18 and 26 picks. However, it is quite possible Tua Tagovailoa — long linked to the Dolphins — will be available at No. 5. The Alabama quarterback has hovered as a top prospect for far longer than Burrow, and the Dolphins may embrace adding him for no extra cost rather than using their draft war chest for a Burrow move.

Miami started 0-7 but rallied to win five of its final nine games, moving the team into a less certain spot to land a quarterback. As it stands now, the rebuilding team may need to pay close attention to the respective draft stocks of Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert. Other interested teams will surely consider moving into the Nos. 2-4 spots — occupied currently by the Redskins, Lions and Giants — to trade in front of a franchise known to be fixated on passers.

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19 comments on “Dolphins Considering Joe Burrow Trade-Up?

  1. DarkSide830

    Bengals shouldn’t simply deny any idea of trading that pick. even if Burrow is good, they could get a haul this year and select another QB, or maybe go after someone else next year. something they should consider – if Miami gets Burrow, they wolnt take Lawrence next year, which helps if they pick 1st in 2021 and Bengals fall to 2 (and theres a distinct possibility they could fall farther, but maybe be behind Tua’s team)

    • echozulu88

      The risk here would be let’s say you accidentally win games (like Miami did this year) and don’t land the #1 pick like you planned for Lawrence or maybe even miss out on fields or someone at #2.

  2. fmfish12

    If you’re the Bengals, and you like someone else like Tua or Herbert, you should consider snagging the two extra picks.

  3. JJB0811

    So much for the ‘rebuild’ if Miami trades up. Sorta like their division rival Jets trading 3 two’s for a QB (Sam D) who doesn’t have a line, or WR’s to throw to.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think you nailed it in one of your recent posts when you stated that there’s a reason certain teams are always bottom feeders in the NFL. You could give these teams a dozen first round picks and they would still find a way to botch everything.

  4. king beas

    If I’m the bengals I’m asking for all 3 1st they have this year plus their first next year. Burrow is far superior to the rest of the qbs in the draft. Spend the 3 1st on building a defense tank again get trevor

    • petersdylan36

      I would even take on Rosen as a flyer for the bengals. Wouldn’t hurt

      • FromTheCheapSeats

        Rosen would have no value for the Bengals. If the Dolphins wanted to unload him to dump salary, he could be included. Otherwise, though, no thanks.

        The question here is what kind of grade the Bengals have on Herbert, Tua, and maybe even Fromm. If they have them anywhere close to Burrow, they should take the deal.

        They get AJ Green back (hopefully). And they get their left tackle Jonah Williams – last year’s #1 pick back, too.

        • phillyballers

          I wouldn’t put any value in Rosen either but I would take him as throw-in + 3 1sts.

    • afsooner02

      Meh….I wouldn’t go “far” in that assessment but I’ll agree he’s the best of the bunch, especially with Tua coming off injury.

      But if you pass on him, there’s zero guarantee that you end up with Tua or Trevor next year and then you’re back where you are currently. So if he’s truly the once in a few years type of QB, then you gotta take him.

  5. Pokeli

    Bengals need a rebuild because one good QB won’t change anything. They won’t accept three 1st rounders, Burrow will get pummled behind that o-line and they’ll waste a promising QB’s best years

  6. nutznboltz

    It doesn’t take a whole lot to rebuild an issue offensive line. A stud
    free agent a stud in the draft and there you go.

    • phillyballers

      Easier said than done. Castonzo is the best Tackle on the board, and he was contemplating retirement. Conklin needs a crutch to be effective i.e. a TE to help block. Scherff has been injured for 2+ yrs. Pat’s wont let Thuney go. So you’re looking at two old tackles in Whitworth and Peters. Drafting a stud OL is hit or miss outside the Top-10.

  7. phillyballers

    JJ calculator… 3000 (#1) vs 1600 (#18 & #26) so looking at a 3rd 1st rounder at minimum to get ‘equal value’.

    The only way I would do this if I were the Bengals if they were content with another year of Dalton, or had plans of signing Mariota, Winston, Rivers, etc. and pursuing a tank the following year for Sunshine from Clemson.

    • I give no fox

      With Miami’s #5 pick, 1700, the bengals are getting surplus value.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I have a barber friend with a sly sense of humor. He wanted to be part of the “Black Friday” sales excitement so he put a sign in his window that read: BUY ONE HAIRCUT GET A SECOND CUT FREE.

  8. mstrblstr2

    Lol – those Dolphins are so intelligent. How are you going to move in front of the #1 team and take their obvious draft choice, when they aren’t trading the pic. But, this story makes for good writing and gives Dolphin fans hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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