Drew Brees: I’ll Only Play For The Saints

Drew Brees may consider retirement this offseason, but he says he won’t be changing teams. The future Hall of Famer tells NFL.com’s Jane Slater that he’d only suit up for the Saints. 

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I have never been in the situation where I was mulling over the thought of [returning],” Brees said. “To me, each one of these contracts, I don’t know how many it’s been with the Saints, I’ve played with them 14 years, it’s not a matter of if it gets done, it’s when. At this stage of my career, it’s not a given that I’m coming back every year, but when that time comes, I’ll always be a Saint.”

It’s no surprise to hear that the 41-year-old isn’t interested in starting over somewhere new. He’s reached the pinnacle of the sport playing in New Orleans, where he’s found unbelievable success in Sean Payton‘s offense. And, even though things didn’t go according to plan in 2019, the QB says the team’s heartbreaking loss to the Vikings has only fueled his fire.

You’ve got no other choice but to move on and get better as a result of it,” he said. “We learn something every time around. We’re not going to be discouraged. We’re not going to take the results of the last three playoffs — with some crazy things happening, obviously, kind of unprecedented things happening — and deter us from still striving to accomplish the ultimate goal. I feel like we have all the pieces in place. We have a great foundation. Great culture. We have all the makings of a championship team.”

If Brees walks away from the game, he’ll have ample opportunities to stay close to the game, including TV.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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23 comments on “Drew Brees: I’ll Only Play For The Saints

  1. imindless

    3 year deal worth 75 million guaranteed. Shatters all records and keeps his name ahead of tom brady even if he doesnt win a super bowl. Dont see anyone breaking that record any time soon

    • crosseyedlemon

      I remember when they were saying no QB would ever get a richer contract than the $400,000 Namath got…lol.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        And unless I’m very wrong, now a first-year rookie has a minimum income of around $435,000.

    • peterdipersio06

      Keeps his name ahead of Tom Brady ? QB’s are remembered for the championships they won! Not for how many yards they passed for!

    • frank858

      The word is Mahomes getting 5 years 200, which is 40 million a year so yes it can happen.

    • CubsRebsSaints

      I love Brees. But there is no way. He may have 1 year left. In fact, I don’t think his arm strength can hold up for 10+ games in a row. They desperately needed a bye this year. He was given a break with the thumb injury. He needs to take less money to surround himself with talent. They have to upgrade at the other WR positions. And they have to have better luck injury wise

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Glad he decided he won’t wear another jersey. He’s obviously one of many iconic QBs who would (or did) look wrong in another uniform. If you factor in all he has meant to the city of New Orleans (his work helping the city recover from Katrina, for example), Brees would be one of the wrongest-looking guys in another jersey ever.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Looking wrong in a uniform once isn’t that bad. Vinny Testaverde, Chris Chandler and Gus Frerotte managed to look wrong in jerseys seven times.

  3. dynamite drop in monty

    He needs to go away and take his incessant in your face Christianity home where it belongs

    • Dodgethis

      As opposed to the in your face atheists who like to pretend they know everything and bully everyone else into parroting the same nonsense? The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I thought the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world the “tuck rule” existed.

      • highplainsdriftr

        Greatest trick the powerful ever pulled was convincing the people God does….

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        Wait, “atheists pretend they know everything and bully everyone into parroting the same nonsense?”

        Have you read ANYTHING about what’s going on in the government of the US recently?!?!?

        • lautrec

          Yes. Which the only reason to explain the hate and evil that is occurring in the US and the American media. Pure, unadulterated, ungodly, arrogant evil.

  4. Paul1989

    Anybody know what Drew Brees and Sean Payton are doing for the Super Bowl; since karma keeps kicking Payton in the twins ever since his year long unplanned vacation?

  5. washington_bonercats

    He won’t retire until Brady does. He may not have the rings but he’ll have the records.

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