Extra Points: Brady, Dalton, Dolphins, Lions

Tom Brady news figures to be a rather common occurrence in this unusual offseason for the 20-year Patriots passer. Set for free agency for the first time, Brady is not expected to re-sign with the Patriots before free agency opens. The Chargers have surfaced again, with Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports noting that Brady will have the Bolts atop his list — if, in fact, he decides to leave New England. This is not the first Brady-Chargers link, but JLC adds that the 42-year-old quarterback would have a short list if he did legitimately decide to test free agency. The Chargers’ Los Angeles headquarters, which have not been especially beneficial to the franchise thus far, would appeal to Brady. The future Hall of Famer holds offseason workouts at USC and has previously lived in L.A. The Chargers are set to move into their new stadium, along with the Rams. Brady would certainly help on this front, with the team struggling to generate attention in its new market.

Here is the latest from around the league:

  • Andy Dalton and new Bears offensive coordinator Bill Lazor remain close, and JLC can envision this being a factor in how the quarterback dominoes fall during what could be a complex offseason at sports’ marquee position. Dalton “loved” playing for Lazor during his time as Bengals QBs coach and OC, per JLC. Although the Bears have committed to starting Mitchell Trubisky next season, he certainly has not lived up to his No. 2 overall draft slot and could be pushed like 2015 No. 2 pick Marcus Mariota was this season.
  • Patriots free agents Devin McCourty, Joe Thuney and Kyle Van Noy will likely have many suitors. One is expected to be the Dolphins, with Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald writing that Brian Flores holds McCourty in high regard and that the team will pursue Thuney and Van Noy. All three are unrestricted free agents-to-be. Van Noy and McCourty played under Flores during his time as de facto Patriots defensive coordinator (2018), linebackers coach (2016-17) and safeties coach (2012-15). Van Noy and Thuney may price themselves out of New England.
  • Raekwon McMillan‘s 2019 season also helped sell the Dolphins on his long-term stock, Jackson adds. The Dolphins are interested in keeping the linebacker around long-term. McMillan rated as an upper-echelon linebacker, per Pro Football Focus, this season and became extension-eligible at season’s end. Under the Flores-Chris Grier setup, the Dolphins have already extended a few holdovers from the previous regime.
  • Damon Harrison revealed at the regular season’s end he is considering retirement, and the Lions are still waiting. They will likely not know Snacks’ plans for at least another few weeks, per the Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett. Thanks to the one-year add-on the Lions gave him in August, Harrison is under contract through 2021.
  • The Lions are expected to promote defensive assistant Steve Gregory to secondary coach, Birkett adds. The Lions hired Gregory, who played under Matt Patricia in New England, in 2018. Detroit fired DBs coach Brian Stewart after the season.
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24 comments on “Extra Points: Brady, Dalton, Dolphins, Lions

  1. jonnyzuck

    Is Brady really a QB that could be an upgrade to someone for next year at this point? To me he’s average at best and has a lot more downside than upside at his age

    • He would be an upgrade at QB for quite a few teams in the league, however almost all of those teams are not good and therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for Brady to want to go there. Nor would it make sense for a bad team to get an old QB who will only last 1-2 years.

    • ChiTownFanTilDeath

      Can’t see how much better the Chargers would be with the switch from Rivers to Brady. Both are too past their primes to be worth the time to think Brady will solve the issues with the Chargers.
      Chargers would be better off giving Tyrod a look.

          • thetech

            I’m a Pats fan and can agree Brady is “maybe” a top 10 QB at this point. But I think many fan bases would flip the switch if he was on their team.

        • Natergater77

          At this point yes. TB has no mobility and limited down field capabilities.

      • peterdipersio06

        You don’t see how much of an upgrade from Rivers to Brady it would be ? How about 6 more super bowls than Rivers has !

        • ChiTownFanTilDeath

          Brady during his 6 SB run vs Rivers at any point is no comparison. Brady at this stage of his career vs Rivers at this point of his career doesn’t seem like much of an improvement. Both past their prime.

    • kzoobrewcrew

      As a guy with truly no dog in this fight…. i have to say that anyone who considers Brady (at this point) to be average at best really has their head lodged in their ass

  2. Birdman1182

    Brady going to LA would be slaughter. He would go to a team with a far weaker OL and WRs that only really thrive off a deep ball, which Brady really cant throw any more. His best situation, outside of NE, would be Tenn or the Colts.

    • dcahen

      Brady will leave NE for only one reason, money. Tennessee has Tannehill & even though he’s definitely an upgrade over Brissett, Indy will not fork over big bucks for a 42 year old QB. Might be Brady’s best situation, but not the Colts.

    • fishy2022

      The Chargers WRs are way better than NE’s, they just had old man Rivers throwing to them. I don’t think Brady would be an upgrade from Phil. Brady can’t throw it down field anymore and his cylinder blocks aren’t going anywhere. Brady should’ve retired.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Dean Spanos: “Glad to have you joining the Chargers Tom, where is your luggage?”
    Tom Brady: “Luggage…what are you talking about?”
    Dean Spanos: “Didn’t they did tell you we were relocating to London?”

  4. Rumncoke

    If Brady signs with Tampa. They could be Superbowl bound. You heard first here.

    • peterdipersio06

      Nope! Although I Like Tampa Bay, they do not have the tight end type that Brady Covets!

  5. davidkaner

    Brady should retire. He’s the GOAT but the new kids on the block are in the Super Bowl & there are 6 other young QB’s ready to make their mark. No one wants to see Brady get paid 30 million for one year that is more likely to end in abject failure. However, he will continue what Manning Montana Farve did by going to another team & look out of place. Only Manning won again but he wasn’t the reason why they won and was almost the reason why they lost. Manning was awful in the final year but that team was awesome despite Manning.

  6. thatsright

    Brady has wanted to leave NE for a long time. He has always wanted to play on the west coast near where he grew up. The reason he hasn’t done that is because he realized his best chance to win has been with Belichick. If and when he leaves NE it means he is no longer committed to winning. Buyer beware!

    • Vin Scully

      thatsright.. Or maybe NE don’t want him anymore so he is looking for his next job?

      • frank858

        Brady being a free agent was his idea not the Patriots, in fact Robert Kraft said he’s like a son to him and would sign now if he changed his mind

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