Latest On Browns, Odell Beckham Jr.

To say there’s been some drama with Odell Beckham Jr. since he joined the Browns might be an understatement. There were reports toward the end of the season that he wanted out of Cleveland and was asking rival teams to come get him, although he emphatically denied those

The Browns gave up a lot to acquire him from the Giants, so it was unlikely they would’ve been too receptive to a trade demand. Now the old regime of Freddie Kitchens and John Dorsey are out, and Kevin Stefanski and new GM Andrew Berry are in. Although neither of them were involved in acquiring Beckham, it sounds like they very much want him around. The new duo in charge “don’t want to trade him” and “don’t plan to trade him,” according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter video link).

That being said, Rapoport made it seem during his NFL Network hit that the plan isn’t necessarily set in stone, and could change depending on Beckham’s decisions this offseason. In his tweet, Rapoport says the team wants to keep him in the fold, but “how present he is this offseason and for OTAs may go a long way in determining that.” Interestingly, Rapoport says Stefanski recently met with the star receiver to “lay out some expectations” moving forward.

The Browns apparently want to see “some level of engagement” from Beckham as Stefanski installs his offense, which includes an “increased presence at OTAs” and an “increased presence at offseason conditioning.” Last year, Beckham skipped almost all of OTAs and didn’t report until the team’s mandatory minicamp. It’ll be interesting to see if that changes this time around, and it could be an indicator of whether guys on the team are buying into what Stefanski is selling. It still seems like it’s not quite guaranteed Beckham is a Brown in 2020.

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17 comments on “Latest On Browns, Odell Beckham Jr.

    • Michael Chaney


      Whether his hernia is to blame or not, he clearly wasn’t on the same page as Baker last year. Getting more reps to establish some chemistry is exactly why he SHOULDN’T skip OTAs.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        If he’d like out of Cleveland though, skipping them would be the path to take, right?

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    OTAs are supposed to be voluntary, correct? I feel like the team is maybe failing to grasp that concept here.

    • braveshomer

      I can’t tell you how many company parties or events I’ve been to that were ‘voluntary’; yet had to go cuz it was ‘frowned upon’ if you didn’t go’…no such thing as voluntary when it comes to corporations

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        I know it happens in all walks of life. They need to call a spade a spade though, and just say it’s mandatory. Eat the hit.

        They can’t here though because they bargained for this to be voluntary. So as the NFL tries to push for a 17th game from these guys, and morr risks to their well-being; I have zero sympathy for the team that feels upset or jilted because a player skipped a voluntary OTA.

    • Dodgethis

      The difference is he is supposed to be a star and team leader. Nobody cares if the drones come to the company event, but everyone expects management and key staff to be there. It’s apart of making that too tier salary

    • axisofhonor25

      While that may be true, if a player truly wants to get the best rapport with coaching and quarterback, as well as knowledge of the playback and the hunger to win games, OTA’s aren’t voluntary.

    • axisofhonor25

      Tom Brady never skipped OTA’s up until the last two years in which he cited family reasons. Even then the guy has appeared in 9 Super Bowls and won 6. OBJ has nothing to show except flashy number which means he need to put in the time. He needs to show up to the OTA’s.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Everyone isn’t motivated by the same things though, axis. Besides, being real, if OBJ does all those things you said, is it really guaranteed he’ll win in dysfunctional Cleveland?

        Calvin Johnson comes to mind as a guy who gave everything to Detroit, and got nothing for it.

  2. sufferfortribe

    “….. and it could be an indicator of whether guys on the team are buying into what Stefanski is selling.”

    Uh, what? That makes no sense.

  3. playicy

    The browns are smart I would trade this cancer to the worst team in the nfl for draft picks and OL

  4. washington_bonercats

    “To say there’s been some drama with Odell Becham Jr since he’s joined the Browns is might be an understatement”

    Really? Didn’t we all agree this might be the least drama OBJ has had basically in his entire career? Aside from the LSU stuff which was away from the team and after the season he’s been tame no?

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