Cardinals Owner Backs GM Steve Keim

With eight total wins over the last two seasons, Cardinals fans are feeling antsy and some have pointed fingers at GM Steve Keim. In an interview with 98.7 Arizona Sports on Wednesday, owner Michael Bidwill made it known that Keim has his full support, despite the club’s recent lack of success.

He just picked a Rookie of the Year,” Bidwill said, referring to No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray (transcription via the team website). “He had a lot to do with hiring [head coach] Kliff Kingsbury. He’s done a lot of things right. I feel like we’ve certainly turned, and for as much as the Cardinals are going in the right direction, Steve Keim deserves a lot of credit for that. I hope fans realize that was a lot of his decision-making.”

Bidwill admitted that Keim’s draft record has been less than sterling, but he also pointed out some highlights of the GM’s resume, including the trade to acquire running back Kenyan Drake. Many questioned the wisdom of that move, given that the Cardinals were out of the playoff hunt and Drake is due for free agency in March. Still, Drake delivered, rushing for 5.2 yards per carry in his eight games with Arizona.

He has received his fair share of criticism,” Bidwill said. “Some of these draft picks didn’t work out. But you look at this last year, look at the number of starters who were not available for the defense and had they been available, things could have been, on the defensive side of the ball, much different. That had to do with injuries and other things you can’t blame the general manager for.”

Keim, with support from Bidwill, has nearly $54MM in cap space to work with, as of this writing. He’s also armed with the No. 8 overall pick in the draft as the Cardinals look to climb out of their rut.

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10 comments on “Cardinals Owner Backs GM Steve Keim

  1. JoeBrady

    I’m not sure why they are giving him credit for drafting Murray. When you have the #1 pick, you don’t have to do any fancy maneuvering to move up in the draft.

    And, of course, you don’t get that #1 unless you are the worst team in football.

    • afsooner02

      If he was involved in moving on from Rosen and fleecing Miami out of 2nd rounder, then he deserves a little credit.

      ….now if he made the dumb move to draft rosen the year prior…then yeah, he sucks.

  2. ron swanson

    He must have some really damning audio or video on the owner to still be around. Should’ve been canned after his DUI.

  3. crazylarry

    Bidwell is just another clueless owner. A lot of teams keep making progress and the Cardinals continue to tread water. They will always be that lower tier club. Keim has no plan or direction into what he wants to do and things will continue that way.

  4. JJB0811

    Can we go back to making fun of the Bidwell’s as terrible owners again, or is the death if their 1st still too soon?

    • crosseyedlemon

      If your still upset that you got flamed for taking a cheap shot JJ them maybe your conscience is trying to tell you something. We all make mistakes.

      • JJB0811

        I mock those that are upset by my comment saying the Cardinals & Bidwell’s have sucked for well over 50 years. Keep trying though

        • crosseyedlemon

          C’mon JJ, we both know that it wasn’t your opinion that upset people…it was your lack of sensitivity to those grieving that offended. Don’t know why your too stubborn to admit you made an honest mistake.

          • JJB0811

            It wasn’t a mistake. All I said was the Bidwell’s are terrible owners. What is wrong with that? The family has proven well over 50 years, they don’t care about winning. They scam their fans out of money year in & year out.

            But because 1 died, we’re supposed to say ‘Golly what a wonderful man. He’ll be missed’ for a while before all of us go back to ragging the organization.

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