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The Cowboys met with wide receiver Amari Cooper‘s reps at the scouting combine tonight, as Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News writes. Because the proposed CBA is looking like it will be ratified by the league’s players in short order, the need to get a deal done with Cooper is heightened, as a new collective bargaining agreement would remove Dallas’ ability to use the franchise tag and transition tag this offseason.

Cooper had been rumored as a transition tag candidate, but given that quarterback Dak Prescott appears increasingly likely to get hit with the franchise tag, the transition designation may no longer be an option for Cooper. Of course, the club could come to terms with Prescott on a multi-year pact in enough time to franchise tag Cooper, but it’s unclear how likely that is.

Gehlken says the Cowboys will probably be able to get Cooper under contract prior to the opening of free agency, and negotiations are expected to intensify over the coming days. Though Cooper does not always look like a WR1, he did set career-highs in receiving yards (1,189) and TDs (eight) in 2019, his first full season in Dallas. He is an indispensable weapon for Prescott.

Recent reports have suggested that the Cowboys will be unable to retain cornerback Byron Jones, who is viewed as the top CB on the free agent market. However, they will at least do their due diligence, as they are scheduled to meet with Jones’ reps tomorrow (Twitter link via Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News).

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13 comments on “Latest On Amari Cooper, Byron Jones

  1. phillyballers

    If someone wants to give Jones 15M more power to em. Good not great. 10-12M is probably doable. Amari, idk what he wants but 20M is not out there.

  2. JJB0811

    As a Skins fan, I don’t have much to cheer about. But watching Dallas fawn over an ok WR & QB is fun! I think the only reason Dallas doesn’t want Cooper gone is because it would show their trade was bad. in Jerry’s view, its better to overpay for a player than accept he made a bad deal.

    • dallasfan1029

      The cooper trade was not bad, Cooper is one of the best receivers and has 3 1,000 yeard seasons (2 of which came from Dallas), Amari and Dak are both at the top of their position and should be paid what they are worth.

      • JJB0811

        Valid points. Everywhere I read, it’s a deep wr group this draft. So get someone cheaper and keep the QB & CB.

      • crazylarry

        Yes and neither are worth what they are asking. “ Top of their position” have you ever watched a game??

  3. mlbnyyfan

    Who cares enough about the Cowboys. Everyone knows Jerry will overpay for Dak. He’s acting out of desperation instead of inspiration.

  4. dallasfan1029

    Dak should take a discount and play for 30M a year, Amari is worth 12-15M a year, and Bryon Jones should come back for around 9M a year. Dallas should also try to keep Micheal Bennett, and Robert Quinn. Dez should also come back

    • heartbrokentexassportsfan

      I agree with you mostly. I’m for the players getting as much as they can but wouldn’t it be worth it to sacrifice a few mil to restore some glory to the star. Play on 28-30 mil, and let the team have some additional cap space to make the team better. I’d almost rather see Byron come back over Amari, but keeping both would be ideal. I’m also for giving Quinn a 2-3 year deal. Bennett can kick rocks, and there are much better options than Dez.

      • dallasfan1029

        Yes I do agree that Dak should play for less because if he really wants Superbowl rings he is going to have to take sacrifices, there are better options than Dez but I would just love to see him come back to Dallas for a year or two and come in every once in a while make a big play. But Dez did create a lot of issues for the Cowboys so I can say I would be okay if he doesn’t come back to Dallas. He was just one of my favorite players back in 2013 when Dallas went 10-6 and DeMarco Murray was leading in rush yards and Tony Romo was still the QB, but I am fully aware that is long gone.

        • heartbrokentexassportsfan

          I think Romo would’ve got us at least two more wins last season and possibly to NFC Championship. He was better than Dak.

      • Jerry has to smarten up if he ever wants to win a ring again. The man is star struck. If Jones keeps overpaying for his “superstars” (who are not so super), the Cowboys will never be able to field a complete team.

        Dak isn’t worth that much yet as he hasn’t shown the ability to take command of a game against top tier opponents (same as Kirk Cousins but not as bad). Due to his inconsistency, Amari Cooper should be at the bottom of the 1000 yard plys receivers.

        • heartbrokentexassportsfan

          I think the comparison to Cousins is fair as far as wins and typical QB attributes outside of Daks athleticism. I’d take Dak for his youth and run ability. Passing game is a wash.

  5. compassrose

    Keep Bennett, Cooper and Dak area top tier players. Bring back Dez. You have me laughing so hard I am having trouble writing this. Romo is even better. What has any of these players done except Romo? Win one playoff game with the best OL in football. There are so many QBs that would have done so much more behind that OL. Wake up and look beyond that star that had you mesmerized. 5

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