Latest On Raiders QB Derek Carr

The Raiders aren’t necessarily committed to Derek Carr. Raiders general manager Mike Mayock told reporters that they’d consider moving on from their quarterback if there’s a “chance to upgrade.”

“Derek played at a high level last season,” Mayock said (via ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Twitter). “I’m very happy with Derek. But as I’ve said before, we will evaluate every position on our roster and if there’s a chance to upgrade, we will look into that.”

We heard earlier this month that teams were preparing offers for the 28-year-old, but the Raiders were still determining how to proceed at the position. There have been rumbling that the Raiders plan to make a run at Tom Brady, but they won’t replace Carr with just any quarterback. Vic Tafur of The Athletic previous noted that he’s “not sure they see [Teddy] Bridgewater as an upgrade over Carr.” Mayock and head coach Jon Gruden have continued to support Carr throughout their tenures with the organization, but it sounds like they’d be ready to move on if the right opportunity presents itself.

While Carr has yet to replicate the team and personal success of 2016, he’s still put up solid numbers over the past few years. He finished last season with career-highs in passing yards (4,054) and completion percentage (70.4) while tossing 21 touchdowns vs. eight interceptions.

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33 comments on “Latest On Raiders QB Derek Carr

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    What an opportune time for a smart GM [Ballard] helming a somewhat stable and sane team, to hoodwink a moronic GM [Mayock] who runs a carnival sideshow.

    • mcdusty49

      Mayock hasn’t done anything to deserve the harsh criticism…so far his drafts have bore fruit and he hasn’t committed to anyone long term that has cost us ridiculous dead money…yes the AB debacle wasn’t the greatest look but you can’t fault Mayock for taking a shot at an elite WR with seemingly everything to gain by balling out

      • Phattey

        He drafted Ferrell at 4 bro that’s about as good as the Daniel jones pick

        • Natergater77

          Maybe you stopped watching NFL after the draft, but the Daniel Jones pick is looking solid

    • highplainsdriftr

      Mayock is the adult in the room. Gruden would trade Carr for any 40 year old veteran

    • RootedInOakland

      Lol damn did Mike steal ur girl or somethin, literally just said they’ll look at possible improvements if possible (see: Brady, Jameis, etc). If ur gonna come with the insults at least make some sense, last time I checked that carnival sideshow went into Indy and beat that stable and sane team last year.

  2. mcdusty49

    This guy kept the boat afloat without a go to WR…let’s get him some downfield weapons to go along with the solid but not spectacular Williams and Waller, along with a solid defense and then cast a final judgement on what he can do for us

  3. ruckus727

    I think DC is a pretty solid QB. He played well last season without a lot of help around him. Jacobs is a nice RB. Good TE. But they need a another solid OL and a number 1 WR. Williams is a nice number 2 or 3. Also, a better defense would go a long way in improving Carr. He is playing from behind too often. I think they’d be foolish to move on from Carr this season at least. Unless they could get Brady which I sincerely doubt. Even so, he’s not a long term answer. Carr could still be that guy.

  4. OCTraveler

    Regardless of how good Carr played what the organization is looking for as they move to Vegas is a high profile player … Brady??

    • Hawktattoo

      Why? Tickets are selling without him. Don’t think they need that….new team will sell plenty of tickets.

      • leprechaun

        The Bears Oline looked worse than it was because of Trubisky. Carr would be a upgrade

      • Iago407

        They definitely have to upgrade their o-line, no question, but if the Raiders made a run at Brady and got him, I could see the Raiders moving Carr to the Bears for Trubisky and a low pick to save some cap space. Makes sense for both teams, so long as the Raiders get the starting QB they actually want.

  5. SpiderManFromMars

    In his 2 years w/ Gruden he’s averaged 4,000 yds, 20 TD to 9 INT, and a 70% completion percentage.

    I think bringing in one of the top WRs in the draft would be far more beneficial than looking to replace him.

    • shawn hemp

      20 tds. While mahomes is averaging 40 and he missed 3 games this year.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        This is by no means any knock on Mahomes, but you’re pairing a career year, where he tossed 50 TDs, with one additional season to come up with that average. If that’s your standard for a QB, you’d be looking for one a long time. Especially when he’s never given a top flight WR.

        Carr is a quality QB, and more than capable of leading the team.

      • mcdusty49

        Mahomes is a different animal…that and he’s also surrounded by more offensive weapons…let’s not throw Carr away because he threw for less touchdowns than a generationally talented quarterback last season

        • shawn hemp

          All I’m saying is let’s not act like 20 tds is gonna get it done. Carr had amari and while AC was in Oakland he was lookin like a borderline bust. He leaves and became a top 5 wr (as far as stats) in the league. It’s about winning a super bowl not being pretty good. Mahomes is a different animal and that’s who ya got to beat for the next decade+

          • Appalachian_Outlaw

            I mean had he stayed healthy, Mahomes probably would’ve tossed 30-35 this year. He’s elite tier, too. Not everyone gets one of those QBs.

            If you’re comparing Carr to Mahomes, of course he’s not as talented, purely. He is, however, a borderline top 10 talent. That’s something very workable if you give him the personnel around him.

            Giving Carr a legit #1 WR, and improving the defense is the way to go. If Carr really isn’t the answer, as you believe, they’ll be in position to get a QB again next year.

            I think Carr is solid, though.

            Plus AC wasn’t all that great during his time in the silver and black.

            • shawn hemp

              Carr is outside the top 15. Both lists. The one year list and the moving forward list. I’m a cowboys fan and I think both him and dak are average at best. The only thing carr has going for him is that his contract isn’t outrageous but he ain’t getting you a ring. If u have a chance to upgrade next year they should if ya don’t upgrade bottom out and hope for trev

  6. raiderfurlife

    As I said before get rid of him he’s afraid of getting hurt again can’t see past three seconds or 30 yards down the field he has no check down watch him on film

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      That’s not on Carr. That’s a personnel issue. Who is he throwing to downfield? Williams was slowed by injury, and more of a 2. Renfroe is a slot guy. There’s no WR on this team that could really work the intermediate or deep routes last season.

      • highplainsdriftr

        Don’t argue with the Carr is scared crowd. It’s their only line. These are the same guys that yell ‘Hit a home run’ with every at bat, ‘shoot it’ every time a star touches the ball, or ‘fight’ the one time in their life they watch hockey. They don’t know the game.

    • bjbdahitman

      I’m trading DC right now if I’m the Raiders. He’s Alex Smith… Game manager. These QB’s don’t win Super Bowls. Not knocking him or Alex either, both capable of winning some games, taking a team to the playoffs but will never win the big game. With Mahomes in that division, I’m trying to find the next Elite young QB to knock them off the top spot. At 28 years old, he’s a guy that could warrant a decent draft pick. There are a lot of quality veteran QB’s out the right now to play now while the QB of the future could be learning.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    A bigger problem for the Raiders is the lack of depth behind their starting QB. They need to dump Glennon, Kiser and Peterman for one guy who is at least somewhat capable of winning.

    • mcdusty49

      Might not be a bad idea for Gruden to draft his type of guy to bring along behind Carr

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