Teams To Inquire About Trading For Derek Carr?

One of the most interesting storylines to monitor during the 2020 offseason is what the Raiders do at quarterback. There have been some rumors as the team prepares to move to Las Vegas that they might not be entirely sold on Derek Carr, and for the first time we have some real reporting that other teams think the Raiders might be inclined to move on.

There is a “growing sense” within the league that teams are preparing to inquire about trading for Carr, according to Vincent Bonsignore of The Athletic (Twitter link). However the Raiders are still looking at their available options before determining what to do with Carr, Vic Tafur of The Athletic cautions in a tweet. The last public comments from the Raiders on the situation came about a month ago, when GM Mike Mayock gave an interesting interview.

“As far as what the future holds, I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told you last year. About every position. And that is, my job is to evaluate every position and try and make us better. And if I can, I will, and if I can’t, I won’t. And that holds true at every position,” Mayock said of Carr at the time, very clearly hedging on his future with the team.

Of course, there have been reports that the Raiders plan to pursue Tom Brady. That’s still a bit of a long-shot though, and they might have to end up choosing between Carr and one of the second-tier available options. To that end, Tafur added in his tweet that he’s “not sure they see [Teddy] Bridgewater as an upgrade over Carr.”

It seems like things are still in flux, but that Carr playing elsewhere in 2020 is a very real possibility. Whatever happens, this offseason is shaping up to have the wildest game of musical chairs for quarterbacks in quite some time.

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19 comments on “Teams To Inquire About Trading For Derek Carr?

  1. JJB0811

    Pretty soon Jon is going to run out of McKenzie players to cut. Then he’ll have to be responsible. Good thing he has another 8 years on that contract!

    • crosseyedlemon

      If Chucky is going to rely on great QBs like Glennon, Kiser and Peterman it will be a very long 8 years for Raider fans.

  2. highplainsdriftr

    Carr deserves a fresh start. I’m a Raider fan, and although he may not be the potential star he looked like a few years ago, the fan base unfairly goes after him as the cause of the lack of success. It’s comical, a team that has been disfunctional for decades, he is the best QB to play in the second stint in Oakland behind Gannon. Coaching changes, trade ng Khalil Mack, AB, all organizational changes since his break out year have led to the team going nowhere. But I believe dude can play. Send him to Tampa with Arians, or to NE if Brady wants Vegas, and watch what he could do on a good team. Promise. Raider fans will miss him when he’s gone.

    • bowserhound

      His breakout year was because he played without fear. Ever since he broke his leg at the end of that season he has been scared on the field. That and dude throws the ball 5 yards every time, even on 3rd and 15. It’s football not hot potato. Guys got to go.

      • RootedInOakland

        Exactly, give me a gunslinger like Jameis over a Checkdown Charlie like Carr any day

      • Steezy

        He didn’t play fearful last year, he way improved. He extended plays and took way fewer sacks. His y/a was a career high, which was good for 9th in the league. He’s not perfect, but it’s not all his fault when the coach doesn’t want you throwing down the field more than 5 yards and doesn’t make adjustments to put his qb in positions to succeed.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Who’s he throwing downfield to?! Renfroe is a slot guy, Williams is a #2, thrust into a lead role… I mean come on, how you going to blame Carr for making the choices he had?

    • JoeBrady

      I agree as well. We just don’t have a #1 WR. We got guys that can catch, but not that stretch the field. I’d like to add one more top-tier WR before passing judgement. Waller & Renfroe have looked pretty good with Carr.

    • jjabrony

      He makes about 25 mil/yr which in today’s market is actually not that bad. He quickly went from the highest paid to middle of the pack and after this offseason it’s gonna get even better after Dak and a couple of others gets paid

  3. raiderfurlife

    Car can’t see down the field or the 5 yards because it afraid of breaking his leg again. Even though he has one of the best lines in football be scared somewhere else!

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