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The Taysom Hill momentum has continued to the point Sean Payton expects his gadget quarterback to receive an offer sheet, perhaps even if the Saints apply a first-round RFA tender to Hill.

Drew Brees has not confirmed he will return yet, but signs point to the league’s all-time passing kingpin coming back for his age-41 season. The Saints, assuming they can retain Hill, would have a chance to prepare for a potential Brees-to-Hill transition plan. If the Saints tender Hill as a first-rounder and do not match an offer sheet, they would receive that team’s 2020 first-round pick.

Yeah, I think someone is going to make him an offer,” Payton said during an appearance on The Peter King Podcast (via NBC Sports). “But the first thing the fan has to understand is … if we tender Taysom as a one, the team that makes the offer on him and signs him to an offer understands they’re going to give up a first-round pick if we don’t match. That’s easier to do if you’re pick 22, 23, 24, 25. We might very well see it if it’s a team in the second half of the [first round].”

Even being tendered at the first-round level would represent a remarkable rise for Hill, a 29-year-old ex-UDFA with 13 career regular-season pass attempts. Hill, however, has proven immensely valuable for New Orleans. He’s frequently taken snaps and either logged carries or given handoffs to Saints running backs in what’s been a more complex New Orleans ground game. Hill also caught six touchdown passes this past season.

Despite only entering his fourth season, the BYU alum will turn 30 before Week 1. He believes he has franchise-quarterback talent and wants to play for a team that categorizes him as such.

I definitely view myself as a franchise quarterback,” Hill said, via the Associated Press’ Rob Maadi (audio link). “I think as you look at the other questions — is it New Orleans? Is it somewhere else? — as you go into free agency, this is the time that you start to find out how people view you.

… I think as you get to free agency there’s no denying that I love my time in New Orleans. I love coach Payton; I love [OC] Pete Carmichael. Do I want to leave? The fact of the matter is, no, I don’t. But as you look at free agency, you have to find the right opportunity for you. You have to find the situation to take care of your family. I want to play quarterback in this league, and if New Orleans doesn’t view me that way, then I have to leave.”

A first-round tender will likely bump Hill’s salary north of $5MM next season. Payton has said it is unrealistic to bring back Brees, Hill and Teddy Bridgewater for next season. Given all that’s come out of New Orleans early this offsason, Hill is probably the best bet to be Brees’ backup in 2020 — if the 19-year veteran returns. Hill is due to be an unrestricted free agent in 2021.

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21 comments on “Latest On Saints, Taysom Hill

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    Still can’t for the life of me understand the fascination with this gimmicky gadget player.

      • dynamite drop in monty

        Guys thrown 13 career passes. Is it 2002? When every team thought a wildcat offense was going to be the new status quo and Ray Lucas had a job?

    • CubsRebsSaints

      You didn’t see him play against Minn then. If they had continued to give him the ball? New Orleans wins. Period.

      • cka2nd

        I did. One game with four carries and one pass does not a second rounder justify, let alone a first. Clint Longley, Matt Robinson and Gary Hogeboom all come to mind as guys who actually had more of a track record than Hill, at least as a passer, and bombed after being traded for a pretty high price.

  2. Tazza

    So he’s going to be 30, he’s never thrown a touchdown but has thrown an intercept.
    Has only thrown for 119 yards with a passer rating of 47.

    Yet he’s worth a first round pick??
    I’d be happy with a second or a third for him to be honest

    • twentyforty

      Don’t forget the long, long injury history when he actually plays full time.

      • Phattey

        As well as his ability to run the wildcat (which basically any 3.4 speed player can do)

  3. aias

    Sean Peyton strikes me as a guy who thinks he’s so much smarter than most people.

  4. Whateverworks77

    Payton simply trying to talk a team into Hill being great to snag a 1st round pick

  5. wolfgineer

    an RFA tender is interesting for sure. but why? I will give Taysom more credit than everyone else in these comments. he is on the starting lineup on top 5 winningest team the last 3 years competing at several positions. There is a ton a value there considering how cheap he can be. But who would legitimately be interested in giving up a 1st for someone who may not be a 1st rd talent at any position, but a 3rd or 4rth at several. Plus, why would Sean be into that option. you cant say your hope and trust is in a Taysom Hill ran offense in a year and then be considering letting that go for a mid 20s draft pick. Do you think he is a franchise qb or not, because those 2 statements are complete opposites and me, if I’m Taysom, would consider leaving.

    offensively, if he was a qb, the saints would be looking at baltimore as a scheme. A Kamara and Taysom mixed run game with a strong TE in Cook, and most consistent wr in the game. They would already have the pieces and already have been transitioning from those 40+ pass attempt games to mid 20s with Brees. I am just surprised the inconsistency in trust in apparent future franchise quarterback

    • “he is on the starting lineup on top 5 winningest team the last 3 years”

      No, he isn’t. He’s not even second string. At QB, he’s third string behind Brees and Bridgewater. Even with Brees out for 5+ games, Hill only threw 6 passes all year. At RB, he was fourth on the team in attempts (only 27 carries). At WR, he was seventh on the team in receptions (only had 19). He had zero punt returns and only one KR for 12 yards.

  6. kenly0

    Please let someone give the Saints a 1st for this guy. A win win. He’ll get to start somewhere and the Saints get a nice pick.

  7. flipsithflop

    Whatever they decide it will work out to be a bad move on the Saints, they should have addressed the Brees replacement question @4 seasons ago and been grooming a replacement. Going after garapolo should have been the move…. but they will ride this horse in the ground before making a smart move.

  8. CubsRebsSaints

    He loses value as soon as he can’t bulldoze defenses for TD’s. If he is JUST a QB, he isn’t that valuable. Not right now.

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