Drew Brees Expected To Return To Saints

There’s been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Saints’ quarterback situation recently. The consensus seems to be that New Orleans envisions Taysom Hill taking over as their starter in 2021, but that they’d like Drew Brees back for a bridge year.

Given that Brees is facing the possibility of splitting more snaps with Hill and recent comments that he made indicating he’s seriously considering retirement, it seemed very much up in the air whether or not he’d return. That being said, the tide seems to be turning back toward him coming back for one more run at another Super Bowl. Brees is expected by people around him and the team to play in 2020, per Mike Garafolo of NFL Network (Twitter video link).

Garafolo cautions that it’s not 100 percent, but that it’s the “educated guess” of everybody around the situation. Head coach Sean Payton recently admitted it was “unrealistic” to bring back Teddy Bridgewater with Brees and Hill, which could indicate he expects to have his 41-year-old passer.

His numbers were still very solid in 2019, but seemingly everyone has acknowledged that the end is near. He’s said he won’t play anywhere other than New Orleans, so it sounds like 2020 will definitely be his last season if he does play. Brees was sidelined for an extended period due to injury for the first time since 2003 this past season, as he missed five games due to a torn ligament in his thumb.

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12 comments on “Drew Brees Expected To Return To Saints

  1. Rhino

    Saints better sign Hill to an extension for the scenario to become a reality. If they wait to long he will get extremely expensive.

  2. If you know Hill is your guy, why do you need to sit him down for another year? Just get on with it.

  3. bobg529

    The Saints are being stupid. Drew Brees is just about finished anyway. Why in the hell would they let Bridgewater walk, are they that blind? The guy has come back from his injury in 2016. I think Payton is ready to move on but the fans are being nostalgic about Brees. Tayson Hill is a stiff…

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      How are they being stupid? Brees just posted the highest QBR rating of his career, edging out the number he posted the year before. He’s not exactly on q downward career trajectory. I’d hardly call that nostalgia.

  4. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I don’t understand some fans’ urges to push great QBs out the door as they age. Everyone wants the newest thing, until they don’t. The Colts shoved Peyton out, and he won a SB. He retired in 2016. His replacement, Andrew Luck, played exactly 3 seasons longer. Would you rather have a SB, or 3 more shots? I get hindsight is 20/20, and Luck was unfortunately forced into retirement early. The future is always an unknown, however. Enjoy the ride, and watching one of the all-time greats play the game as long as he can.

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