NFL Upholds Steelers Mason Rudolph $50,000 Fine

The NFL is finally done litigating the infamous fight between the Browns and Steelers on November 14th of last season. The fight’s signature moment came when Browns defensive end Myles Garrett swung Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph‘s helmet at his bare head. The league’s discipline, which included numerous fines and suspensions for players on both teams, was headlined by an indefinite suspension of Garrett. It was reported earlier today that the league reinstated Garrett and, according to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the league finally reviewed Rudolph’s appeal of his $50,000 fine and upheld their original decision.

When the news of Garrett’s reinstatement originally broke, one of Garafolo’s colleagues at the NFL Network, Ian Rapoport, noted a previous report from Garafolo that Rudolph’s appeal had yet to be decided due to a backlog at the league office. However, Garafolo quickly responded to Rapoport citing “a source” that informed him the decision to uphold Rudolph’s fine had indeed been made.

At the time of the incident, Garrett claimed Rudolph used a racial slur, which sparked his angry outburst. However, per Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the team told Garrett to keep the allegation between him and the league before his disciplinary meeting. The allegation leaked to the media nearly a week after the incident and the league claimed they found no evidence to substantiate Garrett’s claims. Regardless, Rudolph did appear to instigate Garrett in the incident and thus, was fined $50,000.

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13 comments on “NFL Upholds Steelers Mason Rudolph $50,000 Fine

  1. JoeBrady

    Good. Rudolph worker hard to start that fight. I’m guessing to show his leadership skills or toughness, or something. Garrett went over the top, but that doesn’t let Rudolph slide.

    • Flapjax55

      Rudolph worked hard to start the fight? Are you serious? Getting body slammed to the turf unnecessarily instigated that?


      • Flapjax55

        Actually I just watched it again. I retract my statement. I was wrong. Rudolf did overreact. Apologies, JoeB.

    • Flapjax55

      I just watched it again and see that I’m wrong. Rudolf overreacted. Apologies, JoeB.

  2. JJB0811

    So the league can hear anything on the field, yet can’t get pass interference called correctly?

    • Steezy

      He tried to rip off someone’s helmet and kicked Garret in the nuts then punched another person in the nuts. If they could hear anything, he would have been fined more.

      • JJB0811

        ‘The allegation leaked to the media nearly a week after the incident and the league claimed they found no evidence to substantiate Garrett’s claims.’

        I’d say they didn’t hear a thing from this comment.

  3. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    This whole thing is ridiculous. First, Mason played like he belongs on an XFL Practice Squad and was involved in this nonsense.

    Second, Myles Garrett is a Jussie Smollet clone who obviously has some major issues with late hits and rage in general (Roids? Probably). And he portrays on Twitter this “cerebral” guy off the field when the truth is he can barely read.

    Maybe the NFL should just suspend them both indefinitely (for real) and be done with it.

      • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

        Yeah, I actually do carry a lot of disgust for people who falsely accuse others of something like racism, which can negatively brand a person for much of their career.

        It goes to show how pathetic of a human Garrett is, even more so than the helmet thing. But hey, you keep rooting for your Cleveland guys, bucco.

        • elscorcho the marlin
          elscorcho the marlin

          But, yet, you don’t actually know that for sure. If I were to make a comment as definite as yours, I’d make sure there was no way it couldn’t be what I am seeing it as. I don’t know what was said in that pile, but you seem to know for sure.

  4. Big Angry Baby

    The tackle that Garrett made shouldn’t have caused any angry outburst from Mason Rudolph. Mason Rudolph then tries to rip Garrett’s helmet off his head. Not excusing what Garrett did but Mason Rudolph deserves every penny of that fine.

  5. dcrising

    Both Garrett and Rudolph were in the wrong, but Garrett did a no-no in ripping Rudolph’s helmet off. Who knows if Rudolph did use a slur against Garrett. Regardless, Rudolph shouldn’t be on the Steelers next year, not because of this incident but because he’s proven he can’t be an effective QB. With Big Ben back next year, he’s easily replaceable

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