Patriots, Colts Interested In Marcus Mariota

Although Marcus Mariota‘s benching helped accelerate the Titans’ first trip to the AFC championship game in 17 years, the former No. 2 overall pick will have options on the market.

Several teams are interested in the five-year Titans quarterback, Tony Pauline of notes, adding the Patriots and Colts are two of them. This continues a QB rumors cycle that is starting to frequently feature the Colts and Pats.

The prospect of the Patriots losing Tom Brady is increasing, and the Colts appear to be doing due diligence. They have met with Brady’s representation and look to be the early favorites for Philip Rivers. Mariota may be a consolation prize but would certainly cost far less than Brady or Rivers would. The Colts have Jacoby Brissett and Brian Hoyer under contract for 2020, but Jim Irsay has left the door open for major quarterback moves.

In a complex situation, Mariota’s Patriots place could go in several directions. Mariota could be a Brady replacement at a much cheaper rate. The 2014 Heisman winner could also be thrust into a competition to be Brady’s replacement with a higher-profile name. The Pats used rookie Jarrett Stidham as Brady’s backup in 2019 but could be eyeing a Brady-Mariota setup, with Mariota then settling into a developmental role while the future Hall of Famer plays his final season(s).

Pauline notes teams could be preparing quarterback competitions are eyeing Mariota. It would then stand to reason the Bears are among the interested parties. They are preparing to bring in a veteran arm to push Mitchell Trubisky.

The Titans benched Mariota during a Week 6 shutout in Denver and saw Ryan Tannehill pilot them to playoff upsets in New England and Baltimore. Mariota has struggled since a 26-touchdown pass 2016 season but did help the 2017 Titans into the playoffs, where the Patriots routed them in a divisional-round game.

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15 comments on “Patriots, Colts Interested In Marcus Mariota

  1. DarkSide830

    forget Dalton to NWE – Mariota goes to NWE and his true potential is finally unlocked

    • h0wmyd0ing

      If they don’t upgrade the talent around him it will look just like his time with Tennessee. So so OL and no WR weapons.

      • mcase7187

        We don’t know what we will get from Henry and we still have Edelman and I’m sure they will draft a TE and WR

      • Tazza

        I hate this no receivers at the pats noise.
        They have Edelman, Dorsett, Sanu and Harry that’s more than most teams

        • seth3120

          I’m just asking but what do you attribute their lack of production to last year? Brady?

          • mcase7187

            Truthfully ya he wasn’t good last yr he was throwing the ball to low or to high and his attitude was horrible he just didn’t seem like he wanted to play for them MY OPINION

            but what ticked me of the most is last Brady had lil training camp in Cali with Gronk and JE but he didn’t invite Henry to try and build something with him

            • elscorcho the marlin

              Truthfully, yeah,… year. He… too low, or too high, and…horrible. He….them. My opinion.

              But, what…most, is last (missing word) , Brady had a little training camp in California with Gronk and JE However, he didn’t invite Henry to come and try to…with him.

  2. spareman7

    Well Tom thanks for the great memory’s but if you don’t want to play for the Pats anymore so be it. I’m sure we will be happy to beat you know matter who yo play for.

  3. Tazza

    100% I bet TB12 will leave the Pats. But funnily enough there is a lot of talent to replace him.

    Rosen could be traded for at a very cheap cost, Jacoby Brissett, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Nick Foles and Derek Carr could also all be trade options. In free agency you have Mariota, Winston and Dak if you want to go young and if you want someone older you could chance your arm at Phillip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Tannehill, and so on and so on.

    Not to mention you have Jordan Love who could fall to you in the draft, you have plenty of options and not to be rude to the GOAT but many of these guys could surprise you how good they are under BB working with Josh McDaniels and playing in this system. Just the defence alone will win you about 6/7 games and then on offence you have targets and you have a couple young ball runners.

    Maybe moving away from Brady is a good thing. In all due respect he doesn’t have a big arm anymore and he isn’t ever a threat to run the ball.

    • seth3120

      There are a lot of options although about half of those you listed I’d want no part of with a team competing at a high level right now like the Pats. Bridgewater would be high up there for me

    • Tazza

      Rosen would cost nothing, rivers Winston Dak Mariota Bridgewater and Tannehill are all Free agents so the opposing teams get no say in them.

      For me the cowboys should be looking at Dak, Mariota, Dalton, Carr and Foles.

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