Poll: Do You Want A Longer Regular Season?

The NFL and NFLPA continue working towards a new CBA, but a resolution still appears far beyond the horizon. There’s been an industry held belief for some time that these negotiations were likely to drag out to the buzzer and very well could lead to a work stoppage.

Reports from current negotiations do seem to suggest that the league and the players’ union are closer to expanding the season beyond a 16-game regular season than they ever have before. While it’s unclear how likely any expansion plan is to be implemented, the sides appear to be exchanging rollout terms per reports.

Obviously, ownership would be able to reap large increases in revenues from a lengthened regular season and players would receive a larger share of revenues to compensate them for the added work and injury risk.

But, do fans want a longer regular season? Let us know in the poll below.

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44 comments on “Poll: Do You Want A Longer Regular Season?

  1. Nope. Adding a game will lead to single season records being broken due to an extra 4 quarters of football. All new records will need to be accompanied by asterisks.

    • Senioreditor

      Same as when they went from 14 to 16 games, who cares about career numbers it’s the NFL not MLB.

      • Perksy

        Exactly. Stats do not have the same meaning in football as in baseball. So I am all for extending the regular season. Start the season a week later. Add a 2nd bye week, and we have the NFL stretched out into late Feb, which is awesome.

  2. DarkSide830

    im not the biggest fan, but i feel like the extra game of injuries may not be worth it. nice for tiebreakers maybe, but injuries are a big issue unless you add at least two byes.

    • kaehlaone

      I want 17 regular season games but only 2 preseason games. I could care less about season records as all were broken when they went to 16 from 14

      • kaehlaone

        I meant to add I’m for the two bye weeks in the regular season which is why I want only two preseason games

        • dynamite drop in monty

          I don’t believe you guys who so haphazardly desire preseason games to just disappear really understand what roster construction entails.

            • crosseyedlemon

              Everyone knows the first week of the college football season is essentially a tune up week for the ranked teams as they all go off as 30 or 40 point favorites against some no hope cupcake opponent.

  3. JJB0811

    Heck ya! Let them smoke pot, cut out preseason; whatever, but give us more football! None of us care about the XFL, or AFF, or whatever pretend league comes out. We love high school, college & the NFL for football.

  4. braotis1585

    I have two takes on this.
    1) only do it if each team gets another by week to help with injuries this would move the schedule to 19 weeks.
    1a) Make Thursday’s double headers with divisional rivalry night. Have the teams that play Thursday have there by weeks the week before so they get sufficient rest before Thursday to help prevent injuries. This will extend the schedule by 1 week turning it into a 20 week schedule if you follow the above 19 week schedule idea.

    2) Clearly the NFL wants to extend to a 17 game schedule with one to two by weeks for a 18 week or 19 week schedule so that it can expand and add 2 expansion teams.
    2a) The NFL is also looking to expand beyond the USA. There best bet is Canada.
    2b) So don’t just add 2 teams, add 8, absorb the CFL, keep 4 teams in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary), move 4 teams to the US (Hawaii, Salt Lake City, Saint Louis, Oklahoma City) making a 40 team league. Each division would need to be restructured and have 5 teams per division.
    2b1) This would expand the NFL and expand internationally, with a 20 Week schedule as above this would work out great.

    3)this would push the Super bowl to March 1st.
    3a) More teams, more competition, more games, longer schedule and better rest and more by weeks. This is what the NFL should do.

  5. jonnyzuck

    I wouldn’t mind giving each team an extra bye week that comes right before their Thursday night game thus extending the schedule to 18 weeks and helping to keep players healthier but the NFL season is really good as it is, don’t mess up a good thing by playing 17 or 18 games

  6. crosseyedlemon

    The focus should be on improving the quality of games…not the quantity. I’m an old dinosaur who actually remembers when players could execute the basic fundamentals of blocking and tackling that are becoming extinct today.

    • Tackling is mostly illegal these days. Almost every well executed tackle is flagged now. Quarterbacks enjoy a ridiculous situation: whistles late on in the grasp, penalties for lightly hitting the quarterback whether he has the ball or not.

      If a defender doesn’t take the quarterback down, he can scoot away for twenty five yards. If the defender does tackle the quarterback, it’s a fifteen yard penalty and an automatic first down.

  7. kenly0

    Absolutely, I want more football. But, with an extra game. There should be an extra bye week.

  8. cleve1969

    No Poll link available … my response to a longer season is “NO … NO … NO”

  9. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Nope, I don’t want a longer season. The guys who play the game give enough of themselves on the field as is, and I’m not going to ask for more. This is simply billionaire greed.

  10. sundevil86

    I think 17 or 18 games with no pre-season games would work well, or maybe just one pre-season game where all the backups play. If you do 18 games, the 6 inter-division games would only make up a third of the season.

  11. phillyballers

    Already is long and has lulls. Thursday Night games blew mostly the last few years.

  12. clubber_lang84

    I would say add two games, steroids for all, and no penalties. Expand rosters to 75 and let the inmates run the prison

  13. anthonyd4412

    Im a Gen X troglodyte so I say no. But if the they do, reduce a preseason game and add a bye week. And remove the inactive list.

    • Whateverworks77

      You cant remove the inactive list. Game day actives are designed to level the playing field. They should increase roster size and number of actives though.

  14. Whateverworks77

    How many season ticket holders want a 17 game regular season and 2 game preseason (maybe with a week of joint practices and a scrimmage). We all get shafted for the preseason, which isnt offered at much of a discount. preseason should be $10 games and not forced on the season ticket holder.

  15. earmbrister

    Absolutely NO! Just another example of the owners’ greed. The players are beat up enough and take an extraordinary amount of punishment over the life of their careers. Also, there are too many crappy NFL games now; adding a week won’t result in more marquis matchups just more lousy games, further diluting their product. Law of diminishing returns.

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