Cowboys, Dak Prescott Resume Contract Talks

The Cowboys and Dak Prescott have resumed contract talks for the first time since Dallas hit their signal-caller with the franchise tag, Ed Werder of reports (via Twitter).

There has never been any doubt that Prescott would be under center for the Cowboys for the foreseeable future, but negotiations between player and team have moved at a snail’s pace. There was talk just before the 2019 regular season that a deal was imminent, but Prescott’s hot start to the season reportedly made him more inclined to play out the year in the hopes of landing a fatter contract. Around the time of this year’s scouting combine, Dallas put forth an offer with an average annual value of roughly $33.5MM, but that proposal didn’t gain much traction.

One of the holdups has been the Cowboys’ desire to have Prescott sign a longer-term pact, while the QB is shooting for a shorter deal that will allow him to hit free agency sooner. Per Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Dallas is still pushing for a five-year contract (Twitter link), but Yahoo’s Liz Loza hears that a four-year deal worth $35MM per year is in the offing (Twitter link).

That would be a huge win for Prescott, as it would give him the term and the dollars that he has been seeking. The two-time Pro Bowler has his detractors, but he has clearly established himself as a quality QB who may not have hit his ceiling just yet.

The Cowboys have brought back Prescott’s top target, wide receiver Amari Cooper, and though the team lost center Travis Frederick to retirement, the O-line should still be a strength.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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27 comments on “Cowboys, Dak Prescott Resume Contract Talks

    • Why? So we can have another 8-8 season
      Jerry should hold his ground! Like he does in free agency! Jeez

  1. progina

    The cowboys had the number one offense last year and whether that was because of prescott or not it doesn’t matter. #1 is #1 and he was the Qb. The defense and coaching disappointed last season, so prescott deserves his money.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      #1 offense? Yawn… 8-8 last year, and those 8 wins came in 6 games vs. teams picking 2-5 in the upcoming draft (ranked 25th, 27th, 30th and 32nd in defense) and two 9-7 teams at home. Dallas couldn’t move the ball vs. anyone of note. Dak Prescott shines brightest when the lights are dimmest.
      The shorter the contract the better, sooner or later Jerrah will figure it out….. Dak Prescott is fools gold!

      • earmbrister

        Cowboys scored 44 vs the Rams, 24 vs the Vikings, 37 vs the Eagles, 24 vs GB … The problem is they couldn’t stop anyone. Couldn’t stop the run (Aaron Jones FOUR TDs in one game, GMAFB), and never generate turnovers. Prescott doesn’t play D. He also had a bum shoulder going down the stretch last season. Dallas fans also didn’t appreciate Romo, who also was hampered by a lousy D.

        • AndyMeyer

          Dak and company also couldn’t score a touchdown against those same Eagles when it mattered most

      • heartbrokentexassportsfan

        Boom! Still think a tag and trade should happen and us take our chances with Cam.

        • earmbrister

          Prescott is a leader. Newton is a sulker, who acts like a child when things don’t go his way.

          No Thanks.

          • AndyMeyer

            Newton also won an MVP and went to a Super Bowl
            Where was Dak’s leadership when the team lost respect for Jason Garrett? Couldn’t even beat an Eagles team with guys they pulled off of the street. In a game to win the division. Leader? My ass

            • earmbrister

              Newton hasn’t done crap since his Super Bowl appearance, which is why Carolina was happy to part ways with him. His QB Rating the last four years was 75.8/80.7/94.2/71.0. He was downright AWFUL last year before being benched. Now Newton was hurt last year, but so was Prescott in that second Philly game. He was hurt in the Ram game and only had 7 pass attempts in the second half vs LA. A sprained throwing shoulder is just “a bit” of a factor for a QB. A bad game when you’re injured doesn’t make you a bad leader. Newton is only a good leader when things are going his way, otherwise he sulks.

              DP has a career QB Rating of 97.0. CN only has one year better than DP’s average rating, his SB year with a 99.4. CN’s career QB Rating is only 86.1. NFL teams don’t walk away from quality QBs without good reason.

        • seth3120

          It’s very difficult to release someone like Newton for a team like the Panthers. He’s been there face and an MVP bringing them to at least play in a SB. If they are giving up for similar money in Bridgewater beware. Maybe Newton revived his career but I wouldn’t be pinning all my hopes on it

        • sherrickc

          think I’d rather give Steve deberg a holler first …Dallas one of the few teams he didn’t play for

  2. phillyballers

    Would rather go with Jameis Winston. Dak has better TD Int ratio and completion % sure. If he isn’t signing 35M then what’s the point? Didn’t the Cowboys learn anything from Lawrence? Paying top dollar for a dude that isn’t elite is throwing money away.

  3. dmarcus15

    Cowboys should have transition tagged Dak seen if they could have gotten the draft picks then traded for a veteran QB like Andy Dalton or Stafford.

  4. JJB0811

    Jerry wants to win prime time games not SB’s. That’s been clear for over 2 decades.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Dak is in full control right now.
    He’s just been tagged meaning he’s only on a 1 year deal and can talk to other teams.
    Cowboys are chasing his signature on a big deal now because he Haas control.

    If he chooses to sit out let’s say 3 games next year then the cowboys who’s ceiling is 10-6 goes to about 7-9, which means another year wasted for everyone.

    After this year no matter what, Dak is going to get offered a big deal 35mil will be a sure thing either with or without the cowboys. That’s just how the QB market is in the NFL.
    Jerry Jones could’ve signed Dak early before Zeke at around 28/30mil but now Dak is worth more and it’s really upto the cowboys to chase him now. Dak gets to sit back and wait until the right number comes up.

    I think because Dak is smart he will decide to stay eventually. He will get 36mil or close to it, but the main reason he stays won’t be because of the money it’ll be because 1. He’s got protection with one of the best o lines and 2. He has options with both Cooper and Zeke.
    If he was to leave he might get 1/2 mil extra a year but he would add even more pressure to preform and he wouldn’t have the people around him that he does.

  6. earmbrister

    Winston completes as many passes to the defense as he does to the offense. Also have no use for rapists, be it him or “little” Ben.

    Prescott is clearly better than Andy Dalton (really?) or Stafford, who’s better days are behind him.

    Prescott is a well above average QB. Pay him now before Mahomes resets the market.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      Why does Dallas need to pay Prescott before Mahomes resets the market Earm? Whatever Mahomes signs for should have no bearing on Prescott’s next deal.
      Mahomes is a former MVP, SB Champ and the face of the NFL for the foreseeable future.
      Duk is a 8-8/10-6 (avg) QB with one playoff win in his illustrious career. He needs to thank his lucky stars that he’s in a great situation, take Jerrahs $, and keep shooting those commercials in January/Feb when real QB’s are earning their $.
      Please Earm I don’t care when you compare Duk to any other QB’s, but when you mention Prescott/Mahomes it makes me want to vomit.

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