Patriots Discussing Long-Term Deal With Joe Thuney

The Patriots caught many off guard by assigning the franchise tag to offensive lineman Joe Thuney on Monday. Many (including yours truly) speculated that the tag could be step one towards a tag-and-trade scenario, but that might not be the case. The club has discussed a long-term deal with the 27-year-old, according to Albert Breer of The MMQB (Twitter link).

With that, it’s at least possible that the Patriots will lock Thuney down for the long run. Still, it’s not in the Patriots’ nature to pay top dollar for players who are on the road towards open market riches. Even though Thuney will not get to explore his options this year, he’ll enter negotiations with plenty of leverage. If he were to stay with the team on the one-year tag, he’d either be in line to go into free agency unfettered next year, or force the Patriots to bump up his pay even further with a second tag.

The Patriots have a few months to hammer out a long-term deal with Thuney and ample time to explore trade scenarios. In the meantime, they’re feverishly at work to try and replace Tom Brady, who announced his departure from the team on Tuesday morning. Soon after his announcement, owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick issued statements to thank Brady for their many years together.

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8 comments on “Patriots Discussing Long-Term Deal With Joe Thuney

  1. bhd360

    Why? Tom is gone and they have no QB for him to block for. I’d be trying to get the Lions to bite in a trade for him. Lions get Thuney and a pick(s) and the Pats get #3 and take Tua. Win/Win.

    • Michael Chaney

      The Lions are not trading the 3rd pick for a guard, even if the Patriots threw in their first rounder. There’s less than a zero percent chance of that happening.

    • I give no fox

      Why not trade him to the bengals for the top pick. In the land of make believe, where guards net you top 5 picks, everything is possible

  2. GMB 883

    Maybe Belichick thinks Winston or Newton can get it done. Who the heck knows. He’s probably going with Stidham and a young draft pick to challenge him (maybe) w/ a veteran in case they both fail. Better build a really good defense and special teams similar to last year. Has 11 draft picks. Big year for the draft for Pats.

    • Ramon Garciaparra

      Patriots went 11-5 with a qb who was a backup in college in the year Brady went down with knee injury. In fact they won 6 Super Bowls with a qb who shared the qb position in college. Belichick has known for awhile that the end was coming for Brady. I’m sure he will figure this situation out and enhance his legacy even further.

  3. crazylarry

    The magic is over in bean town. Everyone knows it except Belicheat. The days of him bullying players and “ One Patriot Way” and guys wanting to play for a winner , that guy walked out the door this AM on his way elsewhere. Enjoy your 6-10 season Bill Egocheck

  4. Z-A

    I think the Franchise Tag should have been amended to — A week before the legal tampering period, you can exclusive tag on Player 1, and you have 48-hrs to figure out a LT deal, if you can, you are allowed to use the tag on Player 2 during legal tampering period, if not then you’ve used your tag on Player 1.

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