Titans Confident They Can Beat Out Patriots For Tom Brady?

The Titans have moved into another level in one of the most complex free agency processes in recent NFL history. Not only are they one of the central teams navigating the CBA-related uncertainty, they are now juggling multiple quarterback plans.

Two months after beating the Patriots in a wild-card game, the Titans are confident that if it comes down to a head-to-head matchup between they and the Pats, they will be able to lure Tom Brady away from New England, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com said during an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up! (video link).

The Titans are simultaneously negotiating with Ryan Tannehill, Fowler adds. The latter is believed to be seeking a contract in the $30MM-per-year range, per Fowler, who notes a mystery team is in play here as well. Several other teams have been mentioned as Brady suitors — from the Buccaneers to the 49ers, Chargers and Raiders — so it is unclear if there is a true mystery team in the mix or if one of the previously mentioned franchises is competing with the Titans and Patriots.

Tennessee has Tannehill, Derrick Henry and Jack Conklin as free agents. If the new CBA is ratified by March 12 at 11pm CT, teams that have used multiple tags must rescind one. The Titans are hoping to use both their franchise and transition tags, in order to keep all three of their marquee UFAs, but have not used one yet.

If Brady is truly in play for Tennessee, which has a Patriots alumni power structure of Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel, then it would appear Henry is the better bet to be tagged. But the Titans also run the risk of not tagging Tannehill and losing both he and Brady on the market. The Bucs are also investigating Tannehill. With nothing major coming from the initial Brady suitors — the Chargers and Raiders — this situation may be trending toward the Titans as the top threat to battle the Patriots once the tampering period begins. Tennessee and New England are projected to hold $50MM and $41MM in cap space, respectively.

Brady and Bill Belichick spoke about the quarterback’s contract for the first time this offseason. While that conversation produced conflicting reports, the Pats and their all-time great do not appear much closer to a resolution. The legal tampering period begins March 16. The Pats are still the Las Vegas favorites to sign Brady, but the future first-ballot Hall of Famer is certainly making this interesting.

From a Titans perspective, this marks familiar territory. They finished second in 2012’s Peyton Manning pursuit and saw Brady’s top rival thrive with the Broncos. While Brady is seven years older now than Manning was then, and the Titans feature a better quarterback option in Tannehill compared to Jake Locker in 2012, the organization nevertheless appears to be strongly considering a run at another high-profile starter.

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44 comments on “Titans Confident They Can Beat Out Patriots For Tom Brady?

  1. Carson

    They have Conklin and Henry to re-sign if they’re smart so good luck with that

    • jkoms57

      No clue why they’d want Brady after Tannehills breakout season.

      Just doesn’t make any sense. Franchise tag Ryan and see how it goes.

      Brady is washed up but makes sense for desperate chargers or bears and of course Pats

  2. tiredolddude

    Brady is the best QB of all time. The Titans are a good team. Had this been five years or more ago, I guess this would be more earth shattering. Sometimes the best move you make…is no move at all

    • jkoms57

      Yep this would be like the Yankees letting aaron judge walk to sign Barry bonds based on career stats

  3. beantownmassacre

    I’ve always been told to never work with family or friends. As someone who works with family it can be difficult sometimes especially if you have an argument.

  4. h0wmyd0ing

    The Bucs letting Jameis walk and signing Tannehill would be the most Bucs thing to Buc.

    • jkoms57

      Would be a great move. Did u not see Tannehill last year?

      I dont get the hate for RT he was mediocre on the Dolphins which makes him an pro-bowler elsewhere.
      But seriously hes never been that bad.

      Jameis is terrible. Nothing between the ears

    • Patpatriot

      Exactly. Was buying the titans as a Brady destination till the counter plan was 30mil for Tannehill.

  5. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Seems like their should be an award for the QB each season who turned an unconventional promising run of decent games into a future albatross contact…

    • rkmarx

      Off the top of my head: Flacco, Keenum, Foles, Tannehill (?). Who else am I missing?

      • tiredolddude

        Flacco deserves to have an award in his honor. I mean, one SB run equates to a five year/$20m per salary. Whoa

      • DarkSide830

        I may be an Eagles fan, but Foles would have done better if he was healthy and the Jags didnt get a pop-up QB of the future in Minshew.

        • seth3120

          I can tell you I thought Foles got a bad rap in St Louis with that joke of an offense they had when he was there. He helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl when Wentz got hurt. I’ve seen him make some really good throws. Sucks he got injured right out of the gate I think he has more than a lot of people think he does

              • loota.

                Stafford is the 10th highest paid QB in the league and has as many playoff victories as you or I do. Tim Tebow has more playoff wins and he’s playing minor league baseball now.

                • loota.

                  Cousins, 7th highest paid QB, 1 playoff win. Jacoby Brissett was the 8th highest paid QB last year!

                • funkadillo2

                  This isn’t tennis or golf. You don’t win playoff games if the rest of your team sucks.

    • jkoms57

      Mike Glennon and Matt Flynn

      Tannehills really not that bad and has all the tools to succeed as a top 15 qb or better

  6. goldenmisfit

    Kind of hard to believe this. Last week all we heard was about them wanting to franchise Tannehill. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • jkoms57

      Agreed RT will get the tag. Brady is either gonna go Hollywood or stay with Pats

      Would be pathetic if Brady signs w the team that beat him

  7. Marner#16

    I could drink and smoke the funny stuff and still know this will never ever happen . Sam Robinson as If they pay you to write this bs you should be ashamed of yourself new guy!!!!!

    • realsox

      So Sam is a new guy. I didn’t know that. Perhaps he will accept a bit of constructive criticism. Review pronouns used as objects of prepositions. In your article, for example, it should be “between them and the Pats,” not “they and the Pats.” You might want to take a look at the use of pronouns as direct objects, too. It should be “losing him and Brady,” not “he and Brady.” I hope this helps.

        • realsox

          No, of course not. Nobody cares how you write your comment or how I write mine. Sam Robinson, though, is a professional writer who earns money for what he writes. I’m sure he wants to write well. My suggestions were for him, not for you.

          • Marner#16

            ESPN TSN markets like that are professional not some has bin site like this.Dude take that stick out of your tight you know what !

            • bungfinger

              triggered much?

              ‘has been’

              i see now. you’re just irritated because your illiterate..

  8. Big Angry Baby

    Brady isn’t going anywhere. I’d tag Tannehill and Henry if possible.

  9. g8752

    It’s obvious Brady is going to Tenn. It’s obvious Belichick thinks he’s too old. It’s obvious the Titans have a better team with Brady than the Patriots do. Brady wants to win. That’s why he goes to the Titans.

    • Rondon

      Wrong. There is no future with Brady. This is all gamesmanship in negotiating with Tannehill.

  10. Tony B

    Can’t see giving Tannehill $30m/year based on one good (partial) year and the most run-centric offense in the league (not counting the Ravens whose leading rusher was Lamar Jackson). Teams key on Henry, which makes the job for any QB easier.

    But also can’t see signing Brady. Watching him last year, it seems clear that there is not much left in the tank — no surprise at age 42. Second half of the season, he just wasn’t very good at all.

  11. SumTingWong

    the way things are happening currently in this country the NBA, MLB, & NFL seasons may all be suspended /cancelled. so talking trades/free agent signings may be a moot point

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