Vikings, Kirk Cousins Agree To Extension

The Vikings will make a major move before the tampering period begins. They have reached an agreement on a Kirk Cousins extension, Ian Rapoport of tweets. It’ll be a two-year deal worth $66MM, bringing the grand total to $96MM over three years, with $61MM guaranteed at signing.

This could be a significant help to a franchise that is annually up against the cap. The Vikings authorized a historic three-year, $84MM fully guaranteed Cousins pact two years ago. This move will help bring down their quarterback’s $31MM 2020 cap number.

While a Minnesota-Cousins re-up was rumored, this stands to change the Vikings’ near-future outlook. Cousins had one season left on his initial Vikings contract. The soon-to-be 32-year-old passer is now signed through the 2022 season. This will put to rest any further rumors of a Cousins-Kyle Shanahan reunion. With the 49ers also passing on Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo again appears to be in the clear.

Minnesota already cleared cap space by cutting Linval Joseph and Xavier Rhodes, going from over the 2020 cap to $15MM-plus under it. This Cousins accord will create additional space for the team in free agency.

Cousins has played fairly well since choosing the Vikings in 2018. He has thrown 56 touchdown passes compared to 16 interceptions. The former fourth-round pick, however, has only finished 14th and 13th in QBR during his two Vikings seasons. The Vikings did win a playoff game in 2019, but their offense accomplished little in a divisional-round loss to the 49ers.

Nevertheless, this deal will keep Cousins in Minnesota for the foreseeable future. While it is likely not a fully guaranteed contract like the 2018 deal was, Cousins surely did well again. Given where the quarterback market has gone since Cousins’ landmark deal, it’s likely this contract will come in north of $30MM per year.

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20 comments on “Vikings, Kirk Cousins Agree To Extension

  1. ron swanson

    2 more years of not accomplishing anything! Throwing away more money just to lower his cap hit.

  2. alb44b

    This is madness at its finest. Invest 150 mil in a QB that has never been past the second round of the playoffs, has a dismal record of disappearing in big games, lacks pocket presence and leadership, this is shaping up to be a worst move than the Herschel Walker trade. As a Vikings fan since 1968, my spirit and expectations are at all-time lows.

        • cka2nd

          I don’t watch Chargers games, but did his description pretty much fit Philip Rivers? Or Tony Romo, for that matter?

  3. Hannibal8us

    Weren’t going to get a better QB in free agency unless they were going to chase another aging great like Brady (who looks more done than Favre, Cunningham or Moon did) and does anyone really want them drafting a QB with their abysmal history of it? I’ll take the guy with top 10 stats and hope with a reworked defense and a reworked OL and a better offensive coordinator (Stefanski sucked he was outcoached in every big game other than the Saints game, sorry Browns fans) that he’ll have more success.

    • JD396

      It’s hard to watch the Vikes O-line week in and week out and shriek about the QB being the problem.

  4. wrigleyhawkeye

    Is the $61M guaranteed part of the $66M extension or the whole $96M (which already guaranteed next seasons salary)?

  5. alb44b

    The guy is soon to be 32…its not going to get any better for Cousins. To retool takes at least three years..if a 29 year old Cousins couldn’t take us anywhere…what are the chances a 32, 33, 34 year old Cousins takes us any farther? As for stats…look where Cousins’stats took the Redskins! The guy is no leader or winner. Fat bank account is commendable tho.

    • cka2nd

      How about you look at the Redskins defense and running game when Cousins was their starter?

      Earl Morrall, Craig Morton, Jim Plunkett, Brad Johnson were all 32 and up when they went to their first Super Bowl, and the first three were pretty much on the ash heap when they did it.

    • astick

      A qb’s age is relative to them, only. Citing their early to mid 30’s isn’t the same like it is in other sports or nfl positions. QBs age differently. He is a passer, only.

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