49ers Shopping Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander

The 49ers are shopping several notable names in advance of the draft, according to Mike Lombardi of The Ringer (on Twitter). Execs around the league tell the former GM that edge rusher Dee Ford, linebacker Kwon Alexander and safety Jaquiski Tartt have all been made available for the right price. Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, who was dangled earlier this year, also remains on the block. 

The level of interest in those four players isn’t immediately clear, but the Niners are exploring every avenue in advance of the draft. Ford is set to enter his second season with San Francisco, just one year after coming over via trade with Kansas City. He’s in the midst of a five-year, $85MM contract and coming off of an injury-riddled season.

Thanks to knee, quadriceps, and hamstring issues, Ford was limited to just eleven regular season contests. And, when he was on the field, the 49ers had to ease the 29-year-old into action. All in all, he played on just 22% of the defensive snaps.

Alexander, 26 in August, has three seasons left on his four-year, $54MM deal. The off-ball ‘backer is remarkably tough – he suffered a torn pectoral muscle in November and somehow managed to return for the Niners’ playoff run. Alexander also battled a biceps injury that required surgery in February. These maladies emerged after he missed much of the 2018 season with an ACL tear. They will also drop his potential trade value.

The 49ers used rookie Dre Greenlaw for much of the season in Alexander’s place but reinstalled the highly paid outside linebacker in the starting lineup in the playoffs. Greenlaw has three years left on his rookie deal.

San Francisco had initially constructed Alexander’s contract to make it easier for the franchise to move on from him after 2019. But after a November restructure, that becomes more difficult. The 49ers added void years to Alexander’s contract to create cap space. Because of this, Alexander does not become a realistic cut candidate until 2022. But it appears the 49ers are trying to offload the former Buccaneer’s contract on another team and move forward with a younger player at the position.

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27 comments on “49ers Shopping Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander

  1. jeremy

    i mean they only have 7 picks and 5 of them being 5th round or higher. but im surprise they want to trade either. but if the dee facts are true then we need a healther DE. but i dont get the alexander one

  2. Not_My_President

    Not a single part of any of this makes sense besides the Goodwin part.

    • claude raymond

      C’mon, every team in every sport makes a player(s) “available”. This isn’t news.

      Teams like to gauge their players’ value as how other teams value those players. $10 says Tartt got the most interest. He’s easily the best of those 4 imo. And the most valuable

      • claude raymond

        My comment should have been done using “leave a comment” and not as a “reply” to Notmy. I agree with your post

      • semut

        Tartt is more valuable than Kwon and/or Ford? They played without Tartt and he was replaced without too much dropoff. But the team when Ford was out was a lot weaker on D – Ford = sacks for Bosa. And damn, Kwon was THE fire on that team. It was massively different without him in versus having him (and there’s no way he was even 100% in the postseason when he came back)

        Don’t get me wrong, I loveee me some Tartt. But to say he’s the better of the three is crazy. He’s not even more durable

        • claude raymond

          I didn’t say he was better. I said more valuable. Dline and linebacker was not as weak as DB in the super bowl. And tartt was the best Niner db in that game. So I believe the most valuable of the 3.

          AND I don’t think ford plays as well without Buckner there.

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      Sure it does.
      Alexander has been hurt past couple seasons. 49ers want to clear cap space.

      Chargers could opt to just swap Denzel Perryman for Kwon Alexander.

      Perryman is 26, in final year of his deal, and isn’t a healthy option himself, but isn’t as expensive as Alexander. Chargers take a risk acquiring Alexander (who’s been hurt past 2 years), a year younger, and better than Perryman imo. But 49ers get his contract off the books.

      The 49ers did just fine without Dee Ford last year. Again, if they can clear cap space trading him makes sense..they have a pretty underrated guy in Ronald Blair plus picked up Kentavius Street and Bosa last year in the draft. Ford’s got a pretty hefty contract, but Bills, Cowboys, Falcons, Giants, Jets, Seahawks, Texans, Titans all have edge needs. 49ers would have to cover some of the contract, but if you got 60% to 75% of the contract off the books 49ers create a lot of room going forward.

      They should also try to deal Coleman and McKinnon for whatever they can get to remove as much salary as possible.

      • claude raymond

        Coleman yes. But they need McKinnon to prove he’s healthy enough for another team to have interest. Imo Breida has more trade value.

        I agree with the rest of your post. You didn’t mention tartt which I agree with also, he’s too valuable to trade

      • semut

        The 49ers sack numbers were way down when Ford was out. When he was in guys had to choose which one to double, him or Bosa. When Ford was out Bosa’s sack numbers dropped a lot

          • claude raymond

            But, it can be argued that losing Blair and jones greatly affected the pass rush just as much cuz depth gives relief so players stay fresh

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I’m feeling even more confident in my prediction that the Niners have a SB hangover and suffer a major regression this season.

    • claude raymond

      Why? And use facts to predict not a hunch or a feel please. Not saying ur right/wrong, just explain that

      • Afk711

        They had a cupcake schedule last year. Losing Buckner, Saunders and a 1st place schedule could very well lead to regression. Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they went 9-7

        • claude raymond

          Ok. Let’s add to that their division is probbbly the best in football. But I’m gonna say 11-5 or better.

          • crosseyedlemon

            Probably not a good idea to mention the division. Until last season the Niners had lost 8 straight meetings to the Cardinals (a team getting close to having a breakout season now that Murray has a bit of experience and they have added Hopkins).

            • claude raymond

              Genius cross eyed, I mentioned the division as a reason for a possible regression…to kinda agree with you. Why would I say it’s possibly the best in football as a reason for them to NOT potentially have a regression. And then say “but I’m gonna say 11-5”.

              Clearly I’m saying this, YES they won’t be 13-3 again BUT they’re still gonna have a good year 11-5.

              Try reading all the words or try fixing ur crossed eyes.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    It makes sense in the fact at the moment they have 2 first, one at 13 and one at 31.
    They could draft Javon Kinlaw and one of many WRers and these two players that they draft would be a lot cheaper and could start over these guys.

    Currently they have 4 DE, Bosa, Armstead, Ford and Thomas. Thomas has been moved into DT because of the Buckner trade.
    What I think they will do is draft a DT (Kinlaw) and have him start over Thomas. Then trade either Armstead or Ford, most likely Ford to get some picks later in the draft (maybe a 2nd and a 3rd).

    My guess Dee Ford and a 6th to the Eagles, Bills or Titans for a 2nd and a 3rd

  5. Yep it is

    Ford has had one decent season since being drafted because of injuries. The Chiefs traded him for a 2nd and signed a difference maker in Frank Clark. Clark showed up huge n the playoffs and Super Bowl and didn’t wander off sides in the most important game.

  6. OG_03

    Didn’t John Lynch just come out yesterday in a teleconference and say no they are not shopping Tartt, Alexander, or Ford but confirmed they are shopping Goodwin????

  7. CT Oriole

    Tartt was a probowl safety until he got hurt in that Ravens game, and their defense went down hill until he came back.

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