AFC East Notes: Tua, Pats, Diggs

Though Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa has most commonly been connected to the division-rival Dolphins, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe believes the stars are aligning for the Patriots to make a play for the southpaw passer. The Lions — and all of their New England connections — hold the No. 3 overall pick and will have a major impact on how the quarterback dominoes fall in this year’s draft. If Detroit trades down, as many expect, Volin suggests that New England’s No. 23 overall pick along with a mid-rounder and a veteran player like Julian Edelman could be enough to get a deal done. The Patriots’ ties with Alabama head coach Nick Saban would also help give the team a little more insight into Tagovailoa as a player and as a person.

Let’s round up a few more AFC East rumors on another stay-at-home Sunday:

  • Volin’s proposal may be a little far-fetched, but if Tagovailoa starts to slide on draft day — after all, the Dolphins may not be entirely sold on him, and Matt Miller of Bleacher Report says the 2018 Heisman runner-up is the No. 3 or 4 QB on some teams’ boards even if he is completely healthy — then the Patriots could be in play, per Doug Kyed of
  • One way or another, Mike Reiss of says the Patriots will draft a rookie signal-caller. While he does not rule out a dramatic move for a player like Tagovailoa, he also says the team could once again target a mid-round prospect and is eyeing FIU passer James Morgan.
  • WR Stefon Diggs sounded like a man who wanted out of Minnesota for awhile, and he finally got his wish when he got traded to the Bills in March. However, his displeasure with the Vikings had more to do with his role in the offense than his contract; he signed a five-year, $72MM extension last summer, and he still has another four years to go on that pact. Still, the contract looks fairly team-friendly in the current market, so Buffalo GM Brandon Beane was recently asked if Diggs is content with his deal. Beane side-stepped the issue, saying simply that Diggs is “happy to be in Buffalo” (Twitter link via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News). It would indeed be rather surprising to see the Bills rework a contract that has four years remaining.
  • Rich Cimini of confirms that Jets guard Brian Winters, who was presumed to be a cap casualty not that long ago, will remain with the Jets and will compete for a job in training camp. Cimini says that if Winters does not win a starting role, he will likely be asked to take a pay cut.
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29 comments on “AFC East Notes: Tua, Pats, Diggs

      • Lars MacDonald

        Also, NE is really high on Stidham and think he could be a great QB.
        Secondly, they have needs all over their offense, so they wouldn’t do this.
        And, when is the last time NE moved up in the draft like this?

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          Well, keep in mind it’s been a while since they’ve had many concerns about the QB position…

    • mcmillankmm

      I don’t think they’ll need to move to #3 for him…expectation is Tua will slide

        • UberSTCrew

          If the Dolphins don’t take Tua at 5, there is a good chance he slides to 7 or even 9. I highly doubt that any team in the top 4 is taking him or any team is trading up for him.

    • kevin

      it’s funny how they say pats can get a great deal for them giving up crap for the 3rd pick but others they say have to give up 2 firsts and then sum and they arnt even low in the draft lol . pat wr is old still good but on back end and not worth much in a deal like this . and a mid rd so like a 3 the pats 3 well that’s a joke lol

  1. bhd360

    I have to imagine moving from 23 is going to cost more than that.

    At the same time though I would have assumed the Texans could have gotten more for Hopkins so who knows

  2. I give no fox

    What a joke. The #3 pick is worth 2200 points, the pats could trade all of their picks in the first 4 rounds, a 1, 3, and three 4s and still be way 1k short of the value. An aging Edelman is not worth the equivalent of the #14 pick this year.

    • mcmillankmm

      Yeah, probably would need to include their 2020 and 2021 1sts but not sure Detroit will be looking to stockpile future picks given Patricia is going to need to finish .500 or better to keep his job

      • I give no fox

        My apologies, I used pro football reference for the trade chart and they listed teams picks. It looks like the pats comp picks after rd 3 are listed as 4s on their site. Regardless, the point remains that there is not enough value based on widely accepted trade values

  3. chieflove42

    I think to trade up that far they’d have to give up a lot more. at least 2 cases of toilet paper and a gallon of hand sanitizer

  4. ziggy13

    That’s the stupidest trade proposal I’ve seen since somebody pitched the idea of Hopkins to Arizona for David Johnson a 2 and a 4. wait a second…

  5. fba0017

    Ben Volin has always sucked surprised he has a job. He just wants clicks and to be talked about on social media.

  6. All American Johnsonville Dogs


    No. No 23 a mid round pick and Julian edleman isn’t enough for the No 3 overall pick. Dumb trade idea.

    It will take.
    The No.23 pick, a 3rd or 4th rounder this year
    Next years 1st rounder or next year’s 2nd and 4th
    Young player like Yodny Cajuste (2019 3rd round pick) or Hjalte Froholdt (2019 4th round pick) to help their OL.
    And Derek Rivers.

  7. turkmurpson

    If they trade up to the third pick, why assume it’s for a QB? If they like Stidham, he’s the guy. They need a starting LB or OL too. Did I mention WR? Although NE would collectively die if they use #3 on a WR given BB’s track record of drafting receivers. Lol.

    • Katsuro

      For Tua? While I believe Stidham should have the chance to lead this year, I would certainly not pass up Tua if the opportunity arose and the price was acceptable.

      Too bad Hooman isn’t a Patriot, I would love to see announcers try the “Tagovailoa to Hoomanawanui” connections

  8. Ramon Garciaparra

    I don’t think the patriots could go from 23 to 20 with that package never mind to three. Seriously. Edelman led the league in drops last year and who knows what he is without Brady.

  9. afsooner02

    That writer obviously left off about 4 other high draft picks on that patriots move from 23 to 3. (Unless he feels Detroit is about to be coached by Bill O’Brien?)

  10. petersdylan36

    The reason this trade proposal doesn’t work is the comps.
    Look at what the chiefs gave up to go from 27 to 10 to get Mahomes.
    The chiefs traded the 27th pick, their third round pick, and their first round pick from next year.
    The eagles traded up to get Wentz from number 8 to number 2.
    They trade the 8 overall pick, third round pick, fourth round pick, and a future first and second round pick.
    The falcons moved up from 27 to 6 in 2011, which might be the best comp here.
    They traded the 27th pick, second round pick, two fourth round picks and a future first round pick.
    If the patriots want to move into the top 5, it’s going to take this years first and next years first, plus some extras

  11. jetup12

    And after that trade Mart Patricia returns to Little Sisters of the Poor High School as quality control coach.

  12. This crazy trade deal is founded in the notion that Bob Quinn is infatuated with the Patriots players and that he’s an idiot, so this move has no chance to… Oh, hmm maybe he’s got something here.

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