Core Surgery For Brandon Aiyuk

Arizona State wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk underwent core muscle surgery this morning, as Mike Garafolo of tweets. The potential first-round pick has been dealing with the issue for some time and decided to have the operation since offseason activities are likely to be postponed. 

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It’s a bit surprising to hear that Aiyuk was able to get the operation since elective surgeries have been put on hold in most parts of the country. Still, the protocol varies from state to state and Aiyuk was able to get his surgery out of the way.

In most drafts, Aiyuk would be a shoe-in first-round pick. This year, due to the wealth of talent at the position, he’s considered to be a borderline candidate for the top 32. Regardless of where he goes, Aiyuk appears to have serious pro potential – his ability to line up outside or in the slot is also a big plus for teams.

The Nevada native transferred from Sierra College to Arizona State in 2018 and put himself on the national radar with a huge 2019. Last year, he led the Sun Devils with 65 catches for 1,192 yards, good for an average of 18.3 yards per reception, plus eight touchdowns. He also impressed in the return game by averaging 16.1 yards per punt return and 31.9 yards per kickoff return.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “Core Surgery For Brandon Aiyuk

  1. ziggy13

    Not gonna lie, little annoyed by this as someone with a condition the could potentially become an emergency depending on how things go. But hey, not dying yet so the surgery is “elective”

    • Im not sure core muscle injury is life threatening or emergency need since he has been dealing with it for a while.

      Also you do realize he will have a weaker immune system after surgery and more susceptible to getting sick or contracting a virus? I guess there is no risk right now of contracting anything though. Not like there is a deadly viruses out there or anything.

      • ziggy13

        my comment was stating that it is irritating seeing an athlete getting to have “elective surgery” for something that is in all likelihood never going to become a life threatening issue when there are people (like myself) with medical conditions which left untreated could become much more serious

        • myaccount

          As pointed out before it’s state to state. He just got lucky with his home state or where he resides. The healthcare system here is screwed up.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Well considering core muscle surgery, hernia, takes 30-45 minutes and you go home same day, most the time…. of all procedures they’d take I’m sure this one is one that takes least amount of time and the reason they took it is cause there was gonna be no hospital stay afterwards.

      If it required a hospital stay, this link doesn’t say if it did or didn’t, then they’d probably postpone it.

      Non elective surgeries that require hospital stays are probably the main ones being denied. Ones that aren’t being denied are probably non elective ones that are quick and don’t require a hospital stay.

  2. Thomas Bliss

    Wonder if this effects his draft status. I had him 2nd round anyway but if he falls to the 3rd or 4th it could be a steal.

  3. bumpy93

    He still goes in the 2nd RD IMO. I could see the raiders drafting him depending how the 1st Rd goes for them

  4. JoeBrady

    The optics suck, but a lot of these high-level specialists have their own suite and their own medical team. If someone was going to die because Aiyuk took their ventilator, that’s different.

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