Dolphins Rumors: Herbert, Tagovailoa, Thuney

With ~24 hours to go until the NFL Draft, the Dolphins have succeeded in their mission to confuse everyone in the football world. Here’s the latest on what the Dolphins might be thinking at No. 5, plus more from South Beach:

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11 comments on “Dolphins Rumors: Herbert, Tagovailoa, Thuney

  1. rkmarx

    As a Pats fan and a Thuney fan, it’s clear that he won’t be on the team next year. I’ll be surprised if he’s on the team this year. If the Pats get a nice 2020 pick for him from the Dolphins, that’s a win!

      • rkmarx

        Not sure why the Bears would do that, but throw in a 5th rounder and you’ve got a deal. I’ll call BB to let him know.

  2. rkmarx

    I also find it funny that people believe the Dolphins are trying to confuse people. They’re clearly just confused themselves. It’s the Dolphins.

  3. hOsEbEeLiOn

    Pass on Thuney. Draft is deep at oline and wr.

    Take oline with your 1st 2 1st round picks. Take swift with your 3rd 1st rounder. Take receivers in the 2nd.

    Thomas at #5, Austin Jackson at #18, Swift at #26, Tee Higgins at #39, KJ Hamlen at #56. Take a center in the 3rd round since Karras is on a one year deal.

    Build the offense up. Roll with Rosen in 2020. He either proves he can be the guy with a better oline better rb better receivers or the dolphins suck, pick early next year like #1 or #2 in 2021, take Lawrence or Fields and have pieces already in place on offense for them.

    Taking oline may not be flashy and dolphins fans may not like waiting another year, but it’s a marathon not a sprint. Dolphins aren’t a QB away from competing.

    • saluelthpops

      I agree. The QB position is flashy, but why not load up in the trenches? I wouldn’t mind seeing the first 3 or 4 picks used on OL and/or DL.

  4. king beas

    I agree with the first two picks and the rosen/tank idea but hate the swift pick. Go with the Michigan center at 26 and rb round 2. Swift isn’t the clear best back and rb isn’t a position that’s been worthy of a 1st round pick with the amount of stud backs taken later in the draft

    • downeysoft42

      I fully agree to go full 2 year tank mode 100% but I just don’t think you can sell 2-3 wins to a team who just spent a lot of money on defense (I think) and not improve qb with the 5th pick. I just don’t think you can justify to a fan base spending money and draft capital and not drafting or signing anything. It would give them the chance for Rosen to play which he needs but I just don’t think you can justify it, vs taking tua an o linemen and my actual perfered 3rd pick of dobbins and letting them develop together.

  5. wrigleyhawkeye

    I’m too busy trying to figure out what’s going on with his right hand in this picture that I can’t read article.

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