Dolphins Take Tua Tagovailoa

The Dolphins ended many months of speculation, and finally got who they hope is their future franchise quarterback. Miami picked Tua Tagovailoa fifth overall on Thursday night.

There was a lot of talk that the Dolphins could go offensive tackle with their first selection, but it turns out that was a smokescreen. The team has been linked to Tagovailoa for over a year, and it was widely speculated that they tanked the 2019 season with him in mind. Tagovailoa’s devastating hip injury at the end of his Alabama career threw a wrench into things, and uncertainty about his medicals caused some teams to downgrade him.

In recent weeks momentum started to build for Oregon passer Justin Herbert, and there were reports that some inside the Dolphins’ building preferred Herbert. It’s possible that was all a smokescreen as well, and things ended up right back where they started.

Tagovailoa has apparently gotten great reports back from his doctors, although his exact timeline for returning to full-speed is still unclear. The Dolphins also have Ryan Fitzpatrick on the roster who can serve as a mentor and fill in just in case Tagovailoa isn’t ready for Week 1. In addition to his troublesome hip, Tagovailoa has also dealt with wrist and ankle injuries in the past.

If he can stay healthy, the Dolphins might’ve finally found their guy. Miami certainly won’t be tanking in 2020, after they spent big in free agency on guys like Byron Jones and Kyle Van Noy.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 comments on “Dolphins Take Tua Tagovailoa

  1. I give no fox

    Looks like the front office pulled it off. Got their guy and didn’t have to trade and made everyone think they were jumping up to 3. Well played. Welcome aboard Tua

    • mgomrjsurf

      Should be like in NBA after their next 2 Dolphins picks if not trade and lets say Lions like all 3 guys could call Miami offer 3rd pick,Stafford and so on.

  2. hOsEbEeLiOn

    I would of gone Wirfs once Giants took Thomas

    But Dolphins must of felt Tua is going to be a franchise QB.

    I have my doubts- Leinart, Tebow, Chris Simms, Kellen Moore come to mind more recently- but good on the Dolphins for not trading up.

    • jonnyzuck

      the only thing those guys have in common is that they are left handed QBs, there’s no reason why left handers can’t succeed at QB

      • hOsEbEeLiOn

        He also has John David Booty, Aj McCarron, Greg McElroy, Brodie Croyle in common. Alabama isn’t really known for producing elite QB talent.

        So between being a lefty and being from Alabama I have doubts.

  3. xpackyank

    Such a polarizing prospect. Incredibly talented , raised in Bama pro system, shades of LH Russell Wilson, just worry about the durability

  4. of9376

    The Rosen trade looks pretty silly now for Miami. Hope they can flip him for a 7th.

    • JohnTheNBAFanatic

      Yeah Dolphins absolutely WASTED a 2nd rounder on that guy and the Cardinals were lucky to trade him for that when he had solid value.

  5. Bluesman99026

    Hmmm…lefty Alabama QB….well above average indeed… Mr. Ken Stabler. Sr year was one of the best teams, dominant.

  6. Bluesman99026

    Hubcap….love, love the T. Rex reference….loved Marc Nolan….also love the fact there is someone else “long in the tooth” here. Unlike folks who say….remember back in the day when, (insert a recent memory)….like …when Lynch a seahawk…haha

  7. Bluesman99026

    Stupid auto correct….Marc Bolan ….awesome guitarist
    And when lynch WAS a ….

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