Dolphins Trade 26th Pick To Green Bay, Packers Take Jordan Love

The Packers are making a surprising splash. They’ve traded up with the Dolphins to get the 26th pick, and are using it on Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

We’ve been waiting for some fireworks, and this certainly qualifies. Green Bay is setting up for the post-Aaron Rodgers era, and it’ll be very interesting to see what Rodgers thinks of this selection. The Packers gave up pick 136 in the fourth-round to move up four spots from 30. The Pack apparently “secretly coveted” Love in the pre-draft process, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets.

The Packers made it all the way to the NFC Championship Game last year, but it wasn’t Rodgers’ finest season statistically and he’ll turn 37 in December. Rodgers is under contract through the 2023 season, and he isn’t likely going to be too happy about a first-round rookie breathing down his neck.

It’s a bold move by GM Brian Gutekunst, and one that will take several years at least to be able to evaluate. Rodgers and others were hoping the team would draft a second receiver behind Davante Adams, but obviously that wasn’t the plan.

Love was a polarizing prospect, with many defenders and detractors in the analyst community. Viewed as a potential top pick after a dominant sophomore season where he averaged 8.6 yards per attempt with 32 touchdowns and six interceptions, he took a big step back in 2019.

In his junior campaign at Utah State, he averaged only 7.2 yards per attempt with 20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Clearly that wasn’t enough to scare off the Packers. There had been some talk that the Dolphins might take a tackle with their first pick and look to add Love later on, but obviously they ended up going with Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth pick. Love won’t be the Packers’ starter in 2020, but he’ll create a lot of drama and headlines right away. Buckle up in Green Bay.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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123 comments on “Dolphins Trade 26th Pick To Green Bay, Packers Take Jordan Love

  1. hOsEbEeLiOn

    Dolphins gave up the pick for barely anything. The 30th and a 4th rounder? Seems a little light esp for taking a QB.

    Rodgers is going to be pissed! Could of gone OL to replace Bulaga or receiver to pair opposite Adams.

  2. afsooner02

    So upset with this waste of a pick….pack have given up on rodgers last few years….so stupid. And traded up to draft a future bust

  3. HalosHeavenJJ

    Wow. The boats on the other page shows the Dolphins taking Swift.

    Getting a year or two to learn under a master worked well for Rodgers. I tend to trust GB here.

    • Green bay had two QBs over the past 3-5 years that were supposedly athletic, talented, etc. Both are gone. When Rogers leaves, Gutekunst and LaFluer won’t be far behind.

      • I can’t stomach Rodgers he’s unreal overrated built by nfl officiating but why we he demand a trade? He’s still the starter and he’s old as dirt, I’m sure he understands the pick, and I am so happy they didn’t draft him a skill player or oline help so we can see another season of him gettin worse goin to be great BLOW PACK BLOW

        • rbthomps

          Rodgers should demand a trade to NE. Belichick is smart (smart enough to pass on Love), and he needs a younger QB like Rodgers, now that 42 year-old-as-dirt Brady is gone. Belichick and Rodgers could pick up where Belichick and Brady left off in NE, and win for years. If Belichick had Rodgers, NE wouldn’t have to draft Jacob Eason tomorrow, and NE could draft Denzel Mims instead.

  4. bootyboy

    This is a great move. I’m a Packer fan and I know for a fact we got our guy. Rodgers won’t be pissed as this is the same set up as when Rodgers was drafted and sat behind Favre. GREAT MOVE BY THE PACKERS!!

    • bryzzo_2016

      Haha, you know for a “fact”?!? None of the experts seem to agree, but hey… nothing wrong with being a meatball homer.

      • imindless

        Bryzzo_2016 let me know when bears can make playoffs. Your team mortgaged it’s future for a bum like mack and a trash can for a qb like trubisky. Won’t be winning anything anytime soon.

          • cubsnomore

            I think the Bears will cut Trubisky. New England will pick him up and turn him into a star.

        • mcmillankmm

          Bum in Mack? I’m not sure what you have been watching the last few years, but he’s an elite defensive player in the league….but on the other hand, yes Trubisky has been lousy

    • A pissed off Rodgers with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove? Sounds more like the Vikings, Bears, and Lions should be very, very worried.

      • rbthomps

        And don’t forget the 49ers. I’ll bet they’re really worried about the Packers stopping that running game with an overrated QB ? A lot of INTs, but maybe Love’s a good tackler.

  5. MBarry

    Everyone was pissed when Rodgers was selected too; that turned out just fine. Love the pick here! Gotta trust in the CheeseHead gods!

    • Polish Hammer

      Difference was Rodgers had the ability to go at the top of the draft and he slid out of his control while Love is a huge reach. He was drafted several rounds in front of where he should’ve been. But enjoy your pick, time will tell if he was the right guy at the right slot.

      • hOsEbEeLiOn

        Swing and a miss from the polish hammer.

        A lot of mocks had him as a late first round pick with teams trading back into the 1st round to grab him in the 20s.

        All but one CBS sports mock had him as a 1st

        Most mocks that didn’t have him as a 1st had Herbert and/or Tua falling to the teens……I don’t take those mocks seriously cause no way Herbert and Tua were going to drop our the top 10.

  6. cowman707

    What is more likely to happen… Rogers demands a trade, Packers sign Antonio Brown, or the Packers just draft more late round wide receivers who suck?

    • Michael Chaney

      They’ll draft three late round receivers that are basically Jeff Janis clones

  7. fedupnfldan

    More social engineering going on. for you fed up packer fans who see what is really going on!

  8. rbthomps

    I’ve been a Packer fan for 50+ years. I cannot recall ever feeling so disappointed in the team. Jordon Love is the worst draft pick of all time. The Packers actually traded up and gave away picks to get a QB that no team ahead of them wanted, and who will not step on the field for 4 years, if ever. CBS NFL Draft website just gave you a very generous “D” grade for that pick – – “D” for dumb, or is that too obvious? The Packers can still get Jacob Eason in the third round, and then have Love carry his equipment bag. Love and his 17 INTs would have made the difference against the 49ers in the playoffs, right? Can Love catch passes? Stop the run? Tackle? Pass block? What a waste of a pick. LeFlore is an idiot. Aaron Rodgers wants to play until he’s 40? Not for the Packers. Rodgers should demand a trade. I cannot root for Packers anymore. What a bunch of Velveta Cheese-Heads. Brutal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MikePLV10

      Hahaha.. I bet this is the same comment you made when Rodgers was drafted!!! Unreal.. I am not happy about the pick either but this was a little dramatic!!

      • bdpecore

        A little dramatic? This guy called it “the worst draft pick of all time”. Lol Does he not remember passing on Barry Sanders and Deion Sanders to select Tony Mandrich? And calling it a bust based on his 17 interceptions is like saying a MLB pitcher sucks because of his win-loss record. Has he forgotten Farve holds the all time INT record?

        • rbthomps

          You’re right. Second worst draft of all time. Should have picked Deion Sanders. I was busy playing MLB and forgot about that bomb.

        • Priggs89

          Comparing a MLB pitcher’s W/L record to a QB’s interception total makes absolutely no sense, at best.

        • thebfr21

          people need to go watch His interceptions… His decision making is terrible his arm strength is terrible… Jordan love isn’t worth a fourth round draft pick

      • rbthomps

        Not true. Rodgers was a highly rated QB who fell all the way to 28. In 2004, Packers were 10-6, lost to Vikes in playoffs, and appeared to be in decline. They were 4-12 in 2005. Rogers looked like a good pick in 2005.
        In this draft I would have taken Burrow, Tua, Herbert or Eason, if available. Do you wonder why Belichick traded down when he could have taken Love? He’s probably laughing at GB in his basement. – and they are desperate for a QB.

      • ron swanson

        No one would’ve been surprised if Rodgers was the first pick in that draft. And they didn’t have to trade up to get him. And QBs weren’t routinely playing to 40 and beyond like they are now.

      • bryzzo_2016

        Cheesehead homers need to stop comparing Rodgers to Love. Different front office, obviously different players. There are a LOT more bust QBs drafted late in the 1st round than ones that end up being Rodgers.

        • If Bryzzo had half a brain he would realize that Packer fans aren’t comparing Love to Rodgers. They are comparing the situation the team was in at the given time. Reading is hard for some.

    • sportznut1000

      (Im a niners fan, not a greenbay homer) Everyone on here besides rbthomps is ignoring the fact that Barring an injury or trade to Aaron Rodgers, Love probably will never start a game in a packers uniform before his rookie contract is up in 4 years and they have to pay him more than teddy bridgewater just got paid or let him walk. This isnt 2005 where brett favre was on his last legs, or this isnt peyton manning post neck surgery or 43 year old tom brady. The nfl rules continue to favor QBs and we have to assume Rodgers has at least 5 more seasons in him, Packers will have love under team control for only 4 and i have a hard time believing rodgers retires before that. Drafting someone to sit on the bench the next 4 years just in case the guy above them gets hurt, is not something you do with a 1st round pick. I have to think packers ownership might strongly consider trading rodgers in 2 years if they are happy with loves development

      • Jaysthoughts

        Sportznut is correct. There is the 5th year option that could keep him there when Rodgers is 41-42, but why havr they not given Rodgers receivers, running backs, o-lines or defenses? They have one of the best qb’s in the league and have mostly wasted it.

    • brewers.rule1978

      As Tom Cruise would say, “You’re glib.”

      How can you be a fan of 50+ years and say that was a horrible pick if you have any kind of pulse on players’ current values (which you don’t since the other guys tore apart your claim Love wasn’t a projected 1st rounder/top 5 QB in this draft). If you’re old enough to remember the pre-Holmgren years then you’d know that planning to continue success is KIND OF important for Green Bay.

      Further, if you had any pulse on what’s overrated, our own team played above their heads last season a bit. We were a good team but more like 11-5 or 10-6 not 13-3 & one player from winning a Super Bowl. Did you even WATCH them the last 3 years or so? Gutey overhauled this roster the best he could and did well but there’s still a TON Thompson messed up in past drafts he’s fixing. Rodgers is older than Favre was when this happened to him so we need a replacement in the wings NOW given his injury history & age. It’s not about one game, it’s about the franchise continuing to succeed the next 10-15 years in dominating the North & creating something that outlasts Rodgers.

      I’m 42yo & got to see this team turn around and there’s no way I wanna go back to the horrid 80’s or 70’s just so we can get ‘one shot.’ Go choose another team if all you’re gonna do is down them at everything they do. Incidentally, were you one of the people saying they stunk all year long like PFF despite winning over & over too? In that case, I hope you never dared to enjoy any part of the playoff run we DID have last season.

      • rbthomps

        You’re right. The rest of the league that passed on Love is stupid.
        I hear we’re taking Tom Cruise in the 2nd Round.

      • rbthomps

        “Terrible move by the Packers. Aaron Rodgers told me last summer he wants to play until he’s 40. They needed a receiver. They needed defensive help. Sitting behind Rodgers will do Love well, but not going to do the Packers well. You’re on the cusp of getting to a Super Bowl, get Rodgers some help.” GRADE D (Pete Prisco)

        • brewers.rule1978

          Yeah, you got me. Pete Prisco is a God and so is your Messiah Bellichick who drafted ZERO QB’s yesterday and is going into the season with Stedham as his cure. Guys like TJ Lang and Tyrann Matthieu who actually played the GAME said it’s a decent draft for them.

          You happen to see which team got the consensus ‘top grade’ in the draft? Vikings. How many Super Bowls they win? Yeah, zero. How many times have they been anointed division winners only to fall on their face as GB wins it over and over? Go back to your Patriots fan club because you are NO ’50+yo Packer fan’ and we don’t need you on the bandwagon when we win the division again this season.

        • brewers.rule1978

          And the genius quote by Prisco re Rodgers playing until 40yo. That’s ~3 years from now which..also happens to be what’s left on his contract and, as all draft experts said but apparently smarty Pete didn’t know himself, Love is going to take about that time to fully develop. Gee, what a coincidence to have a good young QB ready to take over when the other is ready to move on. Didn’t seem to work before when Favre left and 12 took over huh? Just hang up your Packer fandom & go join the Bears fans already because your analysis is apparently as deep as ol’ Pete’s is. Some of Pete’s stupid takes:

          Bortles > Cousins (Bortles is currently unemployed)
          “Bortles has more playoff wins than Kirk Cousins. … And he played big in the big moments in that Pittsburgh game [in last year’s playoffs],” Prisco said. “Kirk Cousins hasn’t played big in a big moment late in the season.”

          Grades for Seattle’s 2012 draft class (part of the 2014/2015 core that went to back to back SB’s):
          C for Irvin, B for Wagner, D for Wilson

          Reasons he picked the BENGALS to win the 2013 Super Bowl, Andy Dalton (priceless):
          “People talk about his arm strength? That’s garbage. His arm is plenty good. They were second in the league in 40-plus-yard plays last year. His arm is plenty good enough,” Prisco says. “People forget that the guy threw 27 touchdown passes last year and he’s thrown 47 in his first two years, and think that he’s some kind of bad quarterback.”

          But you go on quoting his fantastic takes and more of his draft genius pals because literally NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING about how ANY of these kids will turn out.

    • Your comment is spot on. When Love gets his chance on the field in the NFL, we can all revisit this discussion. You either get it done on the field – or not. I don’t believe he will. Only time will tell. If I am correct, Green bay will be back to the team of the 70s and 80s (consistently winning nothing) and Gutekunst and LaFluer will be packing their bags.

  9. What a slap in the face draft for Rodgers lol. McCarthy takes arguably the top WR after years not getting the pack weapons with their top pick and now the pack trading assets to grab Rodgers successor

    • rbthomps

      It just came to me. Belichick traded down instead of taking Love, when NE needs a QB. Did he realize that Love was overrated or did he surmise that the Packers would fall for all the hype and take Love, leaving Aaron Rodgers mad as hell, and available for a trade tomorrow?
      At the very least, McCarthy, Belichick, and the 49ers are scratching their heads about the Packers.

        • driftcat28

          I’ll absolutely welcome Rodgers to NE with open arms. But if not I like James Morgan being drafted

        • brewers.rule1978

          Yeah, because Bellichick is the smartest guy in the room who signed Antonio Brown and a myriad of other free agents like Josh Gordon who were total disasters. By the way, how’s N’Keal Harry doing setting the world on fire in New England. Oh wait, that’s right, he’s not along with the 10 or so RB’s Bill’s drafted that were average at best. Go root for the Patriots, Packers don’t need what you call fandom, rbthomps.

            • brewers.rule1978

              Because that’s what it all boils down to as usual. Remember to stay on here when Bellichick goes 0.500 at best with Stedham at QB after he passed on ALL the QB’s you mentioned he would somehow snatch up.

  10. jorge78

    Why is “yards per attempt” a thing when it should be “yards per completion?” Can someone please explain that thinking to me!!??

    • augold5

      What stat like do you think is better…

      QB1: 5/23, 150 yrds, 2TD
      QB2: 18/24, 150 yrds, 2TD
      QB3: 8/14, 150 yrds, 2TD

      QB1 has the best yr/comp, but the better stat line is QB3. The less plays it takes to gain the most yards, theoretically the better

  11. dust44

    Rodgers is 37… And is only signed till 2023… Love was rumored to b inside the top 10. How was this such a bad pick?

    • rbthomps

      Doubtful the Bengals, Dolphins and Chargers ever considered taking Love over Burrow, Tua or Herbert in the top 10 rounds. And other teams that need a QB now, (unlike the Packers), all passed on Love. in the first round. I guess they didn’t believe the rumors. (1) Jax needs a QB, but they made two draft picks – a CB and an Edge Rusher, rather than Love. (2) NE needs a QB, but turned up their nose at Love and even traded back. (3) Tampa’s QB Brady is 42 years old, yet they drafted an OL, and traded for Gronk. (4) Drew Brees is 41 yrs old, but the Saints drafted an OL.
      On the other hand, Rodgers is only 36 years old, but the Packers panicked and took Love. NE, New Orleans or Jax would likely draft Jacob Eason tomorrow, even if Love were still available.

      • rbthomps

        And worst of all, the Packers burned a third round pick to move up and draft Love, when it wasn’t necessary. No one in front of them was looking for a QB. Was there an entry level exam for the job of Packers GM? Probably no addition or subtraction questions.

        • rbthomps

          Maybe we could trade Love and our second round pick for Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick (MIA), Gardner Minshew (JAX), or Taysom HIll (NO) – wait, we already had Hill and cut him.

        • augold5

          Burned a late 4th, most dont make the roster and if they do are role players. The only exception was Blake Martinez

      • brewers.rule1978

        Let’s see here:
        1) Jacksonville-you really gonna hang your hat on their personnel decisions as showing what SHOULD be done?
        2) NE-gone over it. Bill is rebuilding everything & doesn’t think he has to pay a QB to do it which he’s going to find out is wrong.
        3) Tampa-why in God’s name would they draft one when they’re doing exactly what you’ve said to do & go ‘all in?’
        4) New Orleans-did you happen to notice a guy named Taysom Hill Payton already said is the future QB there; you should because Thompson let him go & the Saints snatched him a few years back

        Where are you getting all this Jacob Eason love from anyway? Jalen Hurts is ranked ahead of him on most boards. Is that the only other QB you know or what?

          • brewers.rule1978

            Nice job avoiding the fact that your initial claim of all those teams supposedly needing QB’s passing on love is completely, totally, and utterly foolish and WRONG.

    • sportznut1000

      Dust44 – he is “only” signed through 2023, thats 4 full seasons left. Guess how many years 1st round draft picks are fully guaranteed? 4 years. So unless the packers want to give Love a 5+ year contract, rodgers and love will be a free agent at the same time

  12. Priggs89

    To everyone attempting to say this is just like the Rodgers situation – you do realize that Rodgers was actually a good, talented QB that was in the middle of a free fall after being talked about as the potential #1 pick, right? That’s not even close to what happened here.

    • Matthew Heywood

      Never mind there was an article and a posts on said article on this site just a few days ago and all the packer fans said to not to take a QB in round one. Now here they are changing their minds? Bunch of hypocrites

      • afsooner02

        Was against it then, hate it still. Next to mandarich in 89 this is the second worst first round pick in packer history. Just a flat out stupid decision.

      • Heywood –
        Have you read most of these comments? A few fans like it, not all. Get a clue, dude

      • brewers.rule1978

        ‘Hypocrites?’ Is there a SINGLE team in the NFL that telegraphs their draft moves and succeeds doing it? I’ll wait….. And do you honestly believe Gutey or anyone at HQ gives a crap what a poll on here says they should do?

        They let the draft come to them. That’s it. Jefferson was a guy they liked at WR and he was taken as were a lot of others. Yes, they could have taken Queen but they don’t value LB’s, never have and the draft is deep at OL they can wait on. You don’t wait on a QB who could be a franchise one & it didn’t cost much to go get him.

  13. augold5

    For everyone clamoring about a WR, who should have they grabbed at 30(if they stayed)? No one fell. The Packers have been historically good at drafting 2nd rd receivers (Adams, Nelson, Cobb, Jennings). Why would this yr be any different, especially is a deep class?

      • augold5

        They are both tall redzone threats thats have a hard time separating. We have a tone of similar types on the roster. Not saying they wouldn’t be an upgrade, but Rodgers has never done well with WRs like that. Hamler, Shenault, and T. Johnson could all easily be around later in the second, and would fit better with the offense. Gutey has shown he’ll be aggressive to get the player he wants, who is to say they wont trade up in the second. My point is, lets not grade a draft on one pick

        • Matthew Heywood

          Except the packers are built to win now and this is a move for the future that helps them none now. Add in the pressure put on this kid to be the next great packer QB will be huge. This will be a pick that will be debated for years especially if this kid doesn’t pan out

          • augold5

            They were going to need to draft a high QB soon. Most years you have to draft one in the T10 to get a franchise guy, so if a guy falls into the 20s and you feel he’s got the talent to succeed, why not? Rodgers has shown he is fragile and in decline. His down field throws have been more inaccurate than years past and he’s 36.5. I personally would have rather had Patrick Queen, but I think ppl who are saying this is the worst pick ever are WAY over doing it. Any QB the packers get next will have that pressure. The smart way of acclimating to that pressure is preparation, and he’ll have 2 yrs to prepare.

        • afsooner02

          As opposed to a future bust qb who won’t see the field until 2023 at the earliest? I’m not doubting there won’t be other decent WRs available, this is just such a wasted pick when the team has soooooo many other glaring needs…not just WR.

          • augold5

            I think its far too early to claim “bust”. Why 2023? Rodgers cap hit significantly decreases after 2021. After which Rodgers will be 38. Brady and Brees (Pocket Passers) are the only QBs to show success following age 38 seasons, other than a reclamation year by Favre that was more spite imo, and Favre is far more durable. Why would a fragile QB that relies on broken plays and downfield throws age well?

            • afsooner02

              It’s all too early to claim Rodgers is washed up and “fragile” and unable to play to 40, but that’s not stopping you.

              Love is inaccurate as hell, had a terrible junior season when the pressure was on him to succeed after a good sophomore season and did most his better work vs terrible teams in the mwc or wac or whatever conf usu is in.

              • augold5

                Saying Rodgers is fragile is objective. He had two injury plagued seasons in the last 3 yrs. Have you been watching the same games I did last year? Almost every metric says regression and the eye tests showed many missed throws. Thats fact based, not an opinion. Love lost his entire offense roster after his sophomore season. I’m not saying he’s a for sure franchise qb, but he’s not a bust before he plays a snap.

                • afsooner02

                  All of that is opinion…sorry and not factual in any way other than he was hurt one year due to a cheap shot. Much like my thoughts on love. ARod is our starter for a while and Love will sit for at least 4 years before seeing any pt.

                    • afsooner02

                      Barring injury to ARod….he’s not playing anytime soon. Unless the pack dump Rodgers. Which given this boneheaded pick, I can see them now doing.

              • You are failing to mention that Love lost almost his entire starting offense go graduation between this sophomore and junior seasons…don’t you think that may have played a part?? Hard to put up big numbers with no talent around you…just look at Rodgers himself last year

  14. cmtaylor98

    Would you feel better if they turn the 2nd & 3rd round pick today into, Michael Pittman Jr & OJ Howard? The Bucs need to trade him, and the packers need a TE who can actually play, I think he could be Jared Cook for the Packers.

  15. beerncheese

    Not what we fans wanted. Obviously they need help at OL, WR, ILB and DT. But if GM thinks Love is a great bet for our next QB it makes sense. We weren’t going to fill all of those other needs with one pick. Should be interesting

  16. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Great move by the Packers.

    Ignore Rodger’s delicate feelings and do what is best for the team.

    Just like when they ignored Favre’s delicate feelings.

    • Matthew Heywood

      This is a team built to win now and this pick doesn’t help that one bit do try bd keep up

      • forwhomjoshbelltolls

        That was the exact same argument as to why the Packers should not have drafted Rodgers. They had Favre and they were built to win now (then).

        Was drafting Rodgers a mistake?

        • Priggs89

          The “win now” Packers team went 4-12 the year after they drafted Rodgers.

          Again, Rodgers was looked at as a potential #1 pick that slid to the back of the first round. That’s not what happened here. They traded up and reached when they could’ve filled a need with this pick, not traded a later pick, and drafted a developmental guy later on.

        • Matthew Heywood

          Except you are also forgetting that Farve was talking about retiring for a few years and kept telling the team later and later that he was coming back which factored in taking Rodgers . Who also was a projected # 1 pick not the fourth or fifth best QB in his draft

  17. crosseyedlemon

    Rodgers has a had a great run but the Packers are smart to be looking for a replacement now rather than waiting until he regresses to the point Phillip Rivers has. Don’t know if Love can be the guy but they have to try someone. If Rodgers isn’t happy with the situation, hard cheese. He’s become almost as high maintenance as Cam Newton with a similar ego to placate.

    • Priggs89

      The difference being he can still throw a football – something Cam has never been able to do well.

  18. sportznut1000

    whats the ceiling here if Rodgers doesnt get hurt? This is basically just an insurance policy pick which is awful to use a 1st rounder on. Rodgers under contract for 4 years, Love guaranteed 4 years. What happens in 4 years when both are free agents? remember when the patriots drafted jimmy g in the 2nd round as an insurance policy for brady? Who left the team first? Thats because a few years later, jimmy g was going to be a free agent and the pats had to decide if they wanted to pay a backup qb 20+ million a year. They were lucky to get a 2nd rounder in return mostly in part because Jimmy G started a few games. What happens if Rodgers doesnt get hurt and Love never starts? 3 years from now when Love is nearing free agency, the packers will have to either trade love for at best a 2nd rounder, or resign him to 20+ million a year, even though he has possibly never started a game. Is that what you would call good use of a 1st round pick the year after you made the NFC championship game?

  19. thebfr21

    biggest waste of a draft pick… Unreal… Anybody on here please go look at Tim Boyles highlight tapes watch his arm quickness his accuracy and his decision making and then go watch the tapes of this pile of turds Jordan love… And tell me who you would rather have if Aaron Rodgers went down! Sure isn’t going to be a week armed slow arm motion Jordan Love!!! How do you pass up on a wide receiver that can make an immediate impact or a linebacker that can make an immediate impact!!! so pissed off today it’s unbelievable!!

    • rbthomps

      OMG – 3rd string QB in round 1 (Grade D) and a 3rd string RB with poor hands in round 2 (Grade 2).
      Leflore and Gutey will be on academic probation.

  20. JD Candello

    So whats Rodgers draft price next year week before the draft if he plays a healthy above avg season this year?

    1st and a 3rd? I mean he will have a cap hit of (36-2021) (39 for 2022) and 28 mill for 2023 at that point (Can get outta last year for only 2.5 mill if it looks like wheels are falling off…..Its Rodgers but those are some insane cap hits….maybe a 2nd and 4th only?

    • rbthomps

      They should make that trade for Rodgers now and go with Love the Stud in 2020. That way we’ll be picking first in 2021 Draft.

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