Eagles Eyeing Quarterbacks In Draft?

During the pre-draft process, the Eagles have been doing some due diligence on a number of quarterbacks expected to be late-round selections in the upcoming draft, according to Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports, and he expects the team to come away with one. Mike Kaye of NJ.com examines four potential fits and what the fallout of their selections could mean for the other backup quarterbacks on the roster like Kyle Lauletta and Nate Sudfeld.

While no Day 3 pick would be expected to compete for the team’s starting job, held by Carson Wentz, his extensive injury history makes questions about the team’s backup a particular concern for the defending NFC East champs. Of course, Philly may be less focused on replacing Lauletta and Sudfeld and more so targeting a raw prospect who can develop next season on the team’s practice squad.

The 26-year old Sudfeld is entering his fourth NFL season but has only thrown 25 career passes. Just a 6th round pick out of Indiana in 2016, Sudfeld at one time, developed a decent reputation with some speculating he could be a starter elsewhere down the road. In fact, the Eagles applied a restricted-free agent tender on him just last offseason. However, this year as an unrestricted free agent his market was not quite as lively and he returned on a one-year, $2MM deal.

Lauletta was selected in the 4th round by the Giants in 2018, but general manager Dave Gettleman and co. waived him after just one season on the roster. The Eagles signed him to their practice squad last season, but their long-term vision for his role remains unknown. With such little proven talent behind the oft injured Wentz it makes sense that the team is looking at bringing in some competition.

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32 comments on “Eagles Eyeing Quarterbacks In Draft?

  1. crosseyedlemon

    I’m sure Eagles fans are thrilled that the hunt is on for another Koy Detmer.

  2. DarkSide830

    please not again. as much as i dont like Sudfeld and having a pocket Jimmy G would be great, its just not worth it, even if said player is better than Clayton Thorson.

      • KingRyan227

        Foles can’t seem to get it done all season foles is an average qb at best he has moments but highly inconsistent his history at losing starting jobs speaks for itself

      • Afk711

        Oh please. Foles tore up the Pats but thinking he is anything more than an average QB is comical. He played terrible in 3 playoff games with the Eagles (ATL, CHI, NO). He isn’t that good.

        • DarkSide830

          so he wasnt great against three good teams and that makes him bad? For one, that Bears D was great, the Saints are always an all-around strong team, and it really didnt matter anyway in the Falcons game. 3 bad games with understandable reasons to struggle do not a bad QB make.

          • rgreen

            Eagles didn’t beat the Bears,the Bears lost that game.Parkey couldn’t hit a fg.

      • rgreen

        Foles has played 16 games in a season a whole zero times,and has held down a starting role through a full season never.

  3. abssamanta

    Tbh, yeah we need to use our picks on more important positions. As much as it would be good to develop a QB behind Wentz, I think Sudfeld and Lauletta are fine for now. Let’s see how these 2 progress for a year or two more and then we can get another QB or something like that. I mean I’d hate to waste a pick on a Clayton Thorson like player again… Don’t they ever learn…

  4. 13Morgs13

    As a eagles fan I’m open to this. We need to develop a young back up QB

  5. martevious

    They can’t shut-up about Wentz’s injury history…it’s reality. The Eagles are never going to be great with Wentz at QB because of that.

  6. phillyballers

    People have short memories. This is par for the course. Andy Ried took a QB every year he thought there was value in the position. Doug P is no different. They add a QB to the mix if he is high on their board with a 2nd round grade and available in rounds 3-7.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well, if your scouts are giving a player a 2nd round grade and he is available in round 7 then you really have something to worry about.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        You beat me to it! I was gonna post, “Oh look! Here it is round seven and there’s another QB with a round two grade available,” said absolutely nobody ever.

      • king beas

        49ers had kittle as the best te in the draft and took him round 5 maybe at qb it’s a reach but it does happen

      • Didnt the jaguars just a couple drafts ago pick up a pretty much consensus top 5 player for that year in Miles Jack in the 2nd round … and in that same draft one hell of a defensive lineman in Yannick? Thats one draft and i think most teams would love to have either of those guys right now especially with jack being moved to his real position.

    • DarkSide830

      im surprised this hasnt happened yet, but my guess is he is holding out hope he can start. id like him as a backup.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I don’t think he’s no longer a starter. Most NFL teams now either have their franchise QB, have a player or two that are young and competing or they have some direction.
        Don’t think there is any starting roles available especially after the draft.

        Flacco would be a good back up for the Eagles because he’s experienced he won a SB and is a SB MVP similarly for Foles who was Wentz back up.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Hard to imagine Joe accepting backup pay of about $6M which is probably in the range the Eagles are willing to spend. Of course Bradford or Sanchez could probably be be had for that price.

          • phillyballers

            Hard to imagine Joe getting that much or more. There’s no pay for past performance.

  7. Polish Hammer

    Wentz has played in 56 of 64 games in his 4 seasons, missing only 8 games after shredding his knee and breaking his back, two injuries he tried playing through. Sounds soft to me…SMH

    • crosseyedlemon

      Wentz has actually missed 13 game starts if you include playoffs and the Eagles have a 10-3 record in those games he missed. His team mates have made him look more indispensable than he actually is.

      • Polish Hammer

        So 10-3 without him and yet they made him look indispensable? Could you possibly contradict yourself more?

    • DarkSide830

      that’s the point – he fully missed a chunk of games, but played injured through the rest. you dont want your franchise QB playing injured.

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