Lions Deny Backing Out Of Texans Trade

It wouldn’t be a true NFL Draft if there wasn’t a bit of drama between two teams. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle tweets that Texans head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien was “furious” at the Lions for backing out of a trade.

According to McClain, the Texans “had a deal” to send the No. 90 pick to the Lions. Detroit ended up backing out at the “last instant,” and cameras caught O’Brien’s visible frustration. Houston ultimately kept the pick and settled for Florida linebacker Jonathan Greenard.

Predictably, Lions general manager Bob Quinn has already said that he was never close to a trade with the Texans.

“Listen, we talk to a lot of teams,” Quinn told Kyle Meinke of (via Michael David Smith of “When we’re not on the clock, we talk to a bunch of teams, and it’s not just myself. We’ve got four or five people that make calls, so I’m not sure what that was about. But we didn’t have a trade.”

As Smith points out, Quinn and O’Brien were both on the Patriots staff between 2007 and 2011.

Mike Florio of writes that the NFL makes it abundantly clear that a trade isn’t finalized until it’s made official. Trade talks are currently made even tougher thanks to the unconventional draft setup.

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13 comments on “Lions Deny Backing Out Of Texans Trade

  1. crosseyedlemon

    The Lions saved O”Brien from making one more in a long string of bad decisions and all he can do is complain…lol.

  2. rycm131

    How come no one is talking a about all the teams that got hacked? The Giants got hacked at #4. That’s not the player the wanted (obviously). The 49ers appear to have been hacked on both picks. Can someone report the facts please!

    • hOsEbEeLiOn


      The lizard people replaced Shanahan and Lynch. Aliens replaced Judge and Gettleman.

      911 was an outside job. Covid was created so men’s junk would fall off. The earth is shaped like Peyton Manning’s head.

    • dave frost nhlpa

      The Giants messed up when they had their winning streak. Washington took the player they wanted!!!!!

    • crosseyedlemon

      @rycm. I don’t think you find the well run organizations crying about how the cards fell. They accept what is and work hard at improving. Sometimes a player you drool over turns out to be a huge disappointment and a guy you took as an after thought exceeds all expectations.

    • lmao as a Giants fan, that pick had Gettleman written all over it. Thomas was the one with the lowest ceiling but was viewed as the safest pick. Almost no one had the Giants taking him and he was projected to go 10-15th.

      So, slightly unexpected, slight reach. That’s Gettleman to a T.

  3. TheBlueMeanie

    If the deal didn’t include Deshaun Watson to Detroit, I don’t care. ;)

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