Michael Brockers Re-Signs With Rams; Ravens Deal Nixed

APRIL 4, 3:03pm: Brockers’ deal with the Rams is now official. This marks his third contract with the team that drafted him.

MARCH 27, 1:48pm: Brockers’ three-year deal carries a base value of $24MM and could be worth up to $31.5MM via incentives, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com tweets. A good chunk of the incentive package – $4.5MM – is based on realistic playing time milestones that he should bank, so long as he stays healthy. Brockers, as Rapoport notes, has not missed a game in the last three years.

MARCH 27, 9:24am: Michael Brockers isn’t going to the Ravens after all. On Friday, the Ravens announced that the deal is off. Then, Brockers did a U-Turn – he’ll return to the Rams on a three-year deal worth up to $31.5MM, as Ian Rapoport of NFL.com tweets

It’s a similar deal to his would-be Ravens contract, which was reported to be worth $30MM over the course of three years. However, it’s worth noting that the Ravens were set to give him $21MM fully guaranteed and the locked-in dollar amount of Brockers’ new Rams deal is not yet known.

Brockers was set to join forces with newcomer Calais Campbell and incumbent interior force Brandon Williams in Baltimore. Then, earlier this week, the Ravens got skittish about his medical situation. Unable to examine him with their own team doctors due to the coronavirus epidemic, they had Brockers examined by an outside doctor. The exam raised potential issues with Brockers’ ankle, the same one he injured late last year.

Even though he doesn’t have gaudy sack totals, Brockers has been a solid defender against the run for L.A. For the Rams, it’s a significant item crossed off their to-do list. The Ravens, meanwhile, are in a bit of a tough spot. Before deciding on Brockers, the Ravens were in the mix for Ndamukong Suh and other notable D-Lineman, but Suh and most of this year’s impact free agents are already spoken for.

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25 comments on “Michael Brockers Re-Signs With Rams; Ravens Deal Nixed

  1. bumpy93

    wow. big loss for the Ravens. They traded wormley away b/c they didn’t need him no more after brockers agreed to come to Baltimore. they might need to pull off a trade now, or package some of the many draft picks they have in an attempt to move up for a DLman

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Who said they paid more?

      If baltimore offered 30 mill with 21 mil guaranteed and Rams offered 31.5 mill they probably offered less guaranteed money like 15-20 mill.

      Overall amount doesn’t matter. They could have offered him 100 mill over 3 years with 5 mi guaranteed and only be on the hook for maybe 20 mil total when all is said and done..

      • king beas

        Overall total when it’s 1.5 million might not matter due to the fact he probably wouldn’t have reached year 3 for either teams contract but in you’re beyond unreasonable explanation he’d be getting 33.3 a year.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Next up, the Ravens will announce Josh McDaniels as their new coach…

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        Quick! Look! That thing that just flew over your head? It was a joke!!

        • Jcool90

          Yessir well be alright, yes but we just signed Wolfe. Somebody they wanted during the season I I member reading. But well be okay. Who’s ur team?

      • GMB 883

        Your right because after Belichick sets up the Pats for their next run, he will retire and Josh McDaniels will be the HC. He’s already the highest paid Coordinator in NFL. No reason to coach the Ravens plus John Harbaugh is not going anywhere. He’s a pretty good coach along with his brother Jim at Michigan.

    • king beas

      Ravens didn’t want someone they feel has a bum ankle…they went 14-2 last year don’t act like the organization isn’t run well

      • dynamite drop in monty

        They going to have room for that WELL RUN ORGANIZATION banner??

      • imindless

        @King beas but your team lost to a one trick pony wild card team lol…. playing in one of the worst divisions in the league they got exposed. Not beating kc. Mahomes > jackson all day and all night.

          • imindless

            When you realize lamar jackson is the second coming of michael “can’t win a chip” vick.

            • mgrap84

              So the defense not being able to stop the run was Lamars fault? Typical excuse

        • kylewait89

          They lost because guys dropped balls and the Ravens struggled to stop the run…literally all year. They added Campbell who is better than Wormley by leaps and bounds. They got rid of Pierce who was out of shape and kept Ellis along with having a future replacement in Dayton Mack. So now they can focus on best player available. The lie you tell yourself is that Jackson isnot capable. People,said he couldn’t pass heading into the season and proved he progressed. What’s gonna happen when they add more talent to help him?

          • mgrap84

            They just all love to use that excuse. I just laugh at those people. He’s been hearing it his whole career too. His first season he was in half the season. This year was almost night and day with him in the way in passing. This was also his first full season with the weapons he has and i believe he is a play making WR away from taking the next step. The defense is going to be far better this year and so is Lamar. They can keep hating all they want. Correct me if im wrong but didn’t Mahomes win an MVP the season before he won the SB??

  3. mgrap84

    They must have called the Orioles on this one. Anyone in Baltimore who is a fan of the Orioles and Ravens know all to well about “failed physicals”. Hell a few seasons ago the Ravens did this with Ryan Grant. They pulled his contract and signed Crabtree. So maybe they are on the verge of bringing in someone else. Is it Clowney? Maybe, but i could also see them spending that money on Matthews and another player.

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